Coincidence Or Fate
144 Will You Give Me A Chance
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Coincidence Or Fate
Author :kristlie
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144 Will You Give Me A Chance

A few days have passed by since Angelique returned from Venice. She kept herself busy with her upcoming tour.

"Ange, let's take 10." Said the instructor.

Angelique collapse on the ground from exhaustion, she grabs the water bottle Annie handed to her, "Thanks."

Annie did not say a word but was worried about Angelique. Since they returned Angelique kept herself busy as if she was running away from something.

"Ange, by the way. You have an appointment with your editor," she said

"Ah— Thanks for reminding me Annie, I've almost forgotten about that," she smiled

"Also, will you be alright tomorrow?" she asked

"It's fine, just spend time with your daughter," she said

"Just call me if you need me," she said

"Alright, everyone let's start," the instructor said

"Gotta go," Angelique said all hyped up as she headed back to the stage.

As Annie got her stuff ready to leave, she took a last glimpse at the girl working hard up on the stage. All she could do was sigh in disbelief how badly the girl was trying to hide her feelings.

It was after lunch when a man came to visit Angelique.

"Jamie, what are you doing here?" She asked

"I just got out from work and I was hoping if you can join me for a cup of coffee?" He smiled

"Of course I love too." She smiled back as she grabbed her coat and stuff

As they step outside of the concert hall, Jamie paused as he removed his scarf and wrapped it around the girl.

"You better keep yourself more covered and warm," he said

"Thanks, Jamie," she replied, "Anyway, where are we heading…"

"You'll soon see." He replied as they walked along London streets.

Angelique and Jamie were happy walking down the streets when they notice from they were being followed by reports and as they took pictures of them.

"Sorry Jamie," Angelique said noticing them.

"It's fine, I'm used to it." He said since they've followed him from time to time since he spent quite some time which Angelique causing quite a story wondering what their relationship is.

"By the way, did your surgery went well?" She asked

"Yeah, it was simple…" he replied

"Show off," she smiled

"What?" Jamie said causing Angelique to laugh

After a couple of minutes of walking, they finally arrived at the coffee shop. Inside the shop was filled with different cute house pet, from rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, and different birds.

"Jamie this place is awesome," Angelique said with sparkling eyes.

"I know you'll like it here," he replied as he helps her removed her coat and scarf.

"It's wonderful, a total paradise." She replied

"I'm glad you like it," he said

As they headed to the second floor, they were seated on the carpet as Jamie went over and grab a puppy for Angelique, " Here…"

"Ah- it's so cute," she said

"Stay here, I'll go order our food." He said

Angelique stay put as she played with the puppy, as she checks the puppy collar for its name. Her expression change seeing a familiar name on it. She put it away as her mind wonderful off but only for a second when the puppy suddenly licked her fingers.

"Are you trying to cheer me up?" She said holding the puppy in her arms.

The puppy did not respond but continued to lick and chew on her fingers.

"He used to have a puppy like you," she said

Angelique continued to stoke the puppy as it continued to play around with her fingers. Not long when Jamie returned with their orders.

"Are you alright?" He said noticing her deep expression

"I'm fine, this little one just reminds me of someone." She said

"Oh- here…" Jamie said as he handed her coffee and a treat for the puppy.

The two enjoyed the pleasing afternoon together as more animals approached them. Things went well as they caught up with each other affair in life.

For Jamie, it was a great opportunity to bond with Angelique and slowly win her over. After realizing Scott intention over Angelique and his confused feelings for Jordon. He can't help but try his best to win her and not lose to them. Despite the fact that they are his friends and he has rejected Angelique's feeling quite a lot, he felt for some reason that she might still have the slightest feeling left for him.

"Hey, Ange…" he said

"Yeah?" Angelique said whilst playing with the cat and puppy.

"Do you think I have a chance in you?" He said

"Nice one Jamie, weren't you the one who kept rejecting me." She laughed not glancing back at Jamie

"What if, I court you?" He asked

"Jamie, it isn't April yet you know…" she laughed

"But I'm serious," he said

When Angelique turned around to face Jamie, she was starstruck when he saw his serious expression all over his face. She became mute as she did not know what to say.

"Ange, will you give me a chance?" He said

But before she could answer Jamie, the moment was cut off when Angelique's phone suddenly rang, " Hello?"

"Jamie, I'm sorry… I forgot I still have an appointment with my editor." She said

"It's fine, I'll walk you there." He said not repeating the question he asked earlier.


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