1 The Virtual Dagger
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Author :NattyNatnat17
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1 The Virtual Dagger

Dade's POV:

" Alright class, today we will discuss about Hackers. "

Our boring teacher said starting the class and also starting his lecture, while I started to loll over my seat's armchair and used my right hand as support for my lazy head.

Oh how I wish to have the power to control time, so that I could quicken the hours I'm wasting inside this wretched university. If a college degree wasn't necessary to find a decent job, I wouldn't be here right now.

I have better things to do than to stay inside this room and listen to a guy who just read words out loud from a projected power point presentation. You call this teaching? Pathetic.

" Which one of you can tell me what Hackers are? What do they do? "

Mr. Alfonso, our Advance Programming instructor asked looking around for someone foolish enough to fall for his trap. After a few seconds, one of my classmates raised his hand. He stood up after being called by our instructor.

" Hackers are people who uses computers to trespass and destroy, or steal unauthorized data from computer servers. "

My fellow classmate answered with an assured and confident look which made me let out a smirk, his answer was pretty shallow. That answer isn't enough for someone like Mr. Alfonso.

" Wrong answer, Mr. Vinieza. That will be a deduction of 5 points in the next quiz. "

Our instructor quickly said and smiled playfully. My classmate shook his head in disbelief as he sat down on his chair.

This is how strict and complicated Mr. Alfonso is. Even though your answer is somewhat correct, he will still consider it as incorrect. I've heard rumors about him that he doesn't take his job seriously as an IT instructor, and I'm starting to think that those rumors are true. One thing is certain though ..

He's one bipolar guy ..

" Hackers are personalities who invade local or foreign computer servers and either steal private information from it or destroy it completely, hackers finds weak spots on server's security systems so that they can trespass inside the server without getting caught. "

He corrected Mr. Vinieza's answer as he started walking around the classroom like any normal teacher would.

See? If you think about it, my classmate's answer was correct. Our instructor just elaborated his answer. Haha.

" Sir, isn't my answer correct? "

With disappointment written across his face, the mentioned student stood up again.

" If I said it's incorrect, it is not correct. Understand Mr. Vinieza? "

Our instructor coldly insisted as tension began to fill the classroom. He looks intimidating, but I know he becomes an incompetent fool once you beat him in reasoning. It's tested and proven. Hehe.

" Ye-yes sir. I'm sorry. "

My poor classmate apologized with his head down unable to face our instructor.

" As I was saying, there are two common types of hackers. The black hat and the white hat hackers, but there are ten types of hackers overall in the modern era. Types of hackers are distinguished by colored hats. "

Mr. Alfonso continued his lecture like nothing happened.

Just get this over with already! I already know all these things!

" White hatters are also known as ethical hackers, these types of hackers usually helps companies or people in improving security on their servers. White hackers mostly works as an IT security or tech support in modern companies. "

White hatters are basically people who waste their skills in hacking to help insignificant people for money. What a shame ..

" Black hatters, on the other hand are also called crackers. Like mentioned earlier, they find weak spots in securities of unauthorized servers to attack it and either steal data or information, or to destroy it completely. Most black hatters are hackers who hack banks and important credit card information. "

I noticed that he became serious while talking about the black hat hackers. He is obviously emphasizing that black hatters are bad guys.

Which is true ..

" So if you students dream of becoming a hacker one day, become a white hatter and help other people instead of becoming a virtual burglar. "

He added with authority in his words. It's kind of rare for him to give advice to his students.

" Sir! I'll definitely become a white hatter! "

Another classmate of mine stood up with enthusiasm, and talked like she can become a hacker if she wants to. Haha.

It's easier said than done my dear classmate.

" That's the spirit! Ms. Julieza. Because as the computer era progresses, us white hatters are getting outnumbered by black hatters every year. Black hatters are nothing but criminals to our modern world. We need to work together to stop them. "

I secretly smirked after hearing his short and lousy speech, he thinks it's that easy to stop the black hatters ..

Hacking isn't just a crime, it's an art. If you're not creative and wise enough to understand the tricky virtual patterns, then you would just be fooling yourself.

They can't stop us with words alone ..

It's kinda funny thinking that the enemy they are cursing about right now, is here inside this very classroom ..

Little do they know that anytime, my virtual dagger could stab their server's throats ..


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