Deleted Book 22
4 Expected a Spoiled Bra
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Deleted Book 22
Author :xincerely
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4 Expected a Spoiled Bra

With his head held high, Commander Moyao was the first to step out of his carriage. The servants immediately came forward to greet him.

Commander Moyao surprised his servants when he suddenly turned around to help a tiny child climb out of the enormous carriage.

The shock was only momentary and the servants immediately regained their posture. They were wise enough to know the child's heavy significance.

Commander Moyao was never the type to ride carriages with people, much the less, help a child out of the high steps.

"Thank you, grandfather." Yuxi shyly whispered when she accepted her grandfather's hand.

He hummed in reply, his voice slightly unhappy. Yuxi bit her bottom lips in confusion. She knew she had slightly angered him, but she didn't know why.

When Commander Moyao and Yuxi walked into the Chen Manor and onto the hallways, the servants exchanged nervous glances. They all wore the expression that share the same question of 'did you hear the way she addressed Commander Moyao? She called him grandfather!'

Knowing it was unwise to question Yuxi's way of addressing the man, none of the servants dared to ask a question. They could only hope the truth unraveled itself.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Walking down the winding hallways, Yuxi found it hard to match the Commander's swift pace. He might be old, but his body wasn't weak and brittle. With much longer and stronger legs than Yuxi, Commander Moyao didn't realize how fast he was walking.

Yuxi didn't mind the slight-dragging on her steps. Instead, she stared at the scenery around her.

The hallways were enormous and to the right side, it had an open-concept idea. The right side of the hallway was completely bare of walls and instead, provided a magnificent view of the visual landscape.

Every time the Commander passed a person, the servant would always bow. There wasn't a single one who dared to look him in the eye. Yuxi noticed there was people of different sizes, gender, and age. But they all shared the same question, "Who is the little girl following their Commander?"

Yuxi nearly bumped into the Commander when her eyes were busy studying her new environment. Commander Moyao chuckled at Yuxi's flustered face and gently patted the child's head.

A servant held the door open for them. The servant couldn't help, but stare at the gentle child before her. There was something about this delicate beauty standing before her, but the maidservant didn't know what it was.

"Come in with me, Chunan." Commander Moyao said just as the maidservant was prepared to leave.

"Yes, Sir." She immediately replied and closed the door behind her.

Yuxi stared at the elderly woman before her.

"Yuxi, this will be your maidservant until I find one more suitable for your young age. Shall you ever need anything, let her know and she will thoroughly follow out your wishes. Her name is Yang Chunan." The Commander said.

Chunan had an extremely stern face, and was a woman in her late fifties. When she saw Yuxi's curious gaze, Chunan bowed her head in respect.

The Commander observed the exchange. When he saw no malice in both women, he smiled. "The Yang family has served us for many generations to come. Chunan will not harm you."

"T-thank you, grandfather-" Yuxi stuttered out, unsure of what to say. She was nervously twiddling her thumbs and her shoulders caved in.

"Grandpa." The Commander said.

Yuxi tilted her head. The tiny action resembled a curious little bunny. Commander Moyao chuckled at her formality.

"The title of a grandfather is too formal. I expect you to call me 'grandpa' and I expect no more than that." Commander Moyao said.

When Yuxi's eyes widened in shock, he should feel his smile grow. He was glad to see the child was at the least, very polite and respectful. When he heard tales of how doting Yulong and Xiyue, he had expected a spoiled-brat. But to his pleasant surprise, Yuxi was the opposite of that.

Perhaps this calm and gentle nature was because of the tormented soul within Yuxi. Yuxi remembered the severe abuse she had underwent. The fear of lashing out, raising her voice, or countering the claims of higher-ups, was still very fresh and prominent.

After a long silence of observing Yuxi's amusing expressions, Commander Moyao hummed quietly. He stared at the tiny and weak shoulders of Yuxi, her small frame, and scrawny arm. Leaning his cheek on his fisted hand, he saw how lonely and afraid she was.

'The girl needs a companion...' Commander Moyao thought to himself.

Suddenly, a knock echoed throughout the room.

"What is it?" Commander Moyao asked. He was annoyed his thought was interrupted, but the frustration went away at the servant's message.

"Master Chen, Duke Wen has arrived." The servant announced. He was glad his tongue didn't betray him. When the servant had heard the annoyance in the Commander's voice, he was beginning to grow uneasy and nervous.

"Very well. Let him in after three minutes." Commander Moyao said. He turned towards Yuxi and inwardly smiled at how patient she was.

Instead of voicing discomfort from standing so long, without a task to do, Yuxi was glancing around the room. At first he thought it was curiosity, but then he saw the tactical eyes of a General...To be exact, he saw the eyes of her father, Zhao Yulong.

"Yuxi, go with Chunan. She will take you to your new room. If you don't like it, we can immediately change it to your heart's content." Commander Moyao instructed.

Chunan immediately nodded her head and bowed at his request.

"Yes, Sir." She echoed. Lifting her face, Chunan's hands were tucked in front of her. From being trained for so long, she had the proper posture and etiquette.

Yuxi noticed how uneducated and plain she was, in a sense, she felt unladylike. Yuxi hoped she would one day learn how to elude the same graceful manners as Chunan.


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