Deleted Book 22
6 Run Like The Wind
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Deleted Book 22
Author :xincerely
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6 Run Like The Wind

"And that concludes the end of the tour." Weihao turned towards Yuxi with a wide smile.

He was proud and happy of completing the mission that his grandfather had provided him. The boy was always eager to please the Commander. He wanted nothing else, but to follow in the footsteps of Chen Moyao.

"Yuxi thanks Wei-ge." Weihao felt his heart being squeezed at the shy smile of Yuxi.

She had thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and her eyes would brighten energy time she came across flowers. It had shined the most on the training ground, which immediately caught Weihao's attention.

"Mei-mei, do you want to learn how to wield the sword? You looked very interested when we passed the training ground." Yuxi's eyes immediately glistened at the request. Her head bobbed up and down.

Patting the crown of her head, Weihao nodded at the silent request. "As soon as grandpa is not busy, I will ask him to arrange you training lessons." Yuxi immediately nodded again.

She was eager to learn any method of self-defense. The old soul of Yuxi never received the opportunity to bask underneath the bright sun or even know how to defend herself.

"In the meantime, let's go to Leijing. I can show you the Chen ports!" Weihao excitedly claimed, happiness and giddiness evident in his eyes.

The Chen family not only had a hold in the military and rumored royal palace, but their influence also reached to the shipping and trading company. In a few years, this would become their greatest investments.

- - - -

The city of Leijing was beautiful and oddly enough, it didn't smell fishy. Instead, it had the beautiful soothing smell of ocean tides mingled with Leijing's signature honey rice cakes whose scent immediately filled the town square.

The city was bustling with people ranging from foreign merchants to local sellers, servants on errands, ladies of middle-class families mingling with their friends, mothers buying grocery, and children happily running around.

It was a beautiful sight to witness. There were many vendors that sold a wide variety of food, and Yuxi was the first to see her favorite snacks being sold: steamed red bean buns.

Though Yuxi already had lunch a few hours ago, she hasn't eaten anything since then. As Weihao rambled on and on about their Chen ports, Yuxi's hungry stomach revealed a low growl.

"I-I" Yuxi began to stutter in embarrassment but Weihao only grinned at the shy child.

"Mei-mei, did you want some steam buns?" At Weihao's question, Yuxi couldn't help but nod.

Chen Xiyue used to make freshly steamed buns for her family, and the previous Yuxi that died never got to experience something freshly made. She was beginning to salivate at the idea of biting into a soft and freshly steamed bun.

Turning towards the servants and guards that accompanied the duo, Weihao nodded his head towards the vendor.

"I'll buy the buns and be right back, in the meantime, guard my Mei-mei with your life." The servants immediately bowed in response. The shadow guards who kept a low distance didn't say a word, for it was their mission to remain hidden and undetected at all times.

Yuxi watched Weihao stroll off with his pouch of gold coin. The buns would probably cost 5 silver coins, and each gold coin was worth 100 silver coins, but Weihao didn't care. As long as he could fulfill the request of his lovely sister, he was willing to spend his entire allowance.

As she patiently waited for Weihao to come back, Yuxi observed her surroundings. She noticed there was a few kids dressed in rags hidden in the alleyway of the crowded streets.

"Someone catch that girl!" A loud, but out of breath, voice filled the busy town square.

Yuxi turned towards the commotion, her eyes catching sight of a tiny girl running and weaving through the crowd.

In the child's dirty and bony hands were a few apples. There was an extremely overweight and big-bellied man chasing after the child.

A loud yelp pierced the air when the child bumped into someone and fell. The apples immediately flew in the air before scattering and breaking.

The whispers began when the child frantically reached for the apples and just when she grabbed one, a meaty hand seized her wrists. Crying out in pain, the child's entire body was held up by her hand.

The first smack ran through the heavy air, no one daring to take a step forward. The occurrence of thievery done by children was a daily occurrence in any city. The people didn't bother to take a step forward to help the child.

But Yuxi, who was always trapped within her uncles walls and dusty room, had never witnessed such a brutal scene.

The pained cries of the child immediately set her foot into motion. She had an inner turmoil at the sight.

Seeing the helpless child reminded her of herself. When she was abused and thrown aside by her aunt and cousins, she was helpless with no one to help or defend her.

None of the servants or guards expected their Young Miss to run in the direction of the child and before they can catch her, she was already sprinting towards the scene.

Long hair flying, legs frantic, and eyes as determined as a warrior, Yuxi ran like the wind.


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