Deleted Book 22
7 Entire Car
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Deleted Book 22
Author :xincerely
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7 Entire Car

Ladies weren't expected to run in such a rushing manner, especially ladies of wealthy families. Yuxi who was confined within cement walls for so long, clearly didn't know this rule.

The minute she stepped into the city was also the same thing she had caught the attention of a few townspeople.

There were only a few rich and noble houses in Leijing, and none of them had a Young Miss with soft, porcelain features, but daring and fierce eyes.

Wealthy ladies were expected to ride in carriages where their feet should never touch the ground. It was rare to see a girl like Yuxi, dressed in a fancy and well-tailored hanfu with a few hairpins in her hair, walking around without a care in the world.

Dressed in spring colored clothes with two tiny buns in her hair whereas the rest was let down, she had caught the curious eyes of boys her age and a bit older.

"Stop it, that's enough!" Yuxi's mellow voice rang in the air.

In between the cries of the girl whose face was red from beating, and rags torn and dirty from years of living in the scums, Yuxi's contrasting appearance was a surprise to many onlookers.

The man who had the child by the arm stared at Yuxi. His eyes narrowed on her, taking in her wealthy appearance.

Ignoring the warning bells that went off, he sneered at her. His cracked lips drew back to reveal grimy yellow teeth.

"Unless you want to get beat, screw off you brat!" He threatened, spit flying everywhere.

Yuxi's eyes trailed to the child. The light and hope had long fled the child's eyes, leaving a dark void of emptiness.

The child reminded her of how Yuxi used to be. They were both helpless and defenseless in a world bent on destroying the innocence for their own personal gains.

"How much were the apples? I'll buy them." Her voice remained firm and unwavering.

Her sharp, dagger like eyes surprised the man. His eyes narrowed on her defiant face. Were children capable of such emotions?

"Disrespectful brat! You think you can waltz in here, declare your wealth and expect me-"

"I'll buy the entire cart." Yuxi's chilling voice immediately stopped the man from rambling.

Once again, he takes in her appearance. His eyes narrow onto one of her hairpins which was enough to buy his house and ancestral home, but little Yuxi obviously didn't know that.

She was still naive to the value of her clothes. Thinking it was simple attires, she had walked without a care for it.

After being locked away from society for so long in her previous life, how was she suppose to differentiate wealthy clothes from the poor? To her, it was all the same.

"Disrespectful bitch, how dare you interrupt me?! I'm thirty years your senior!"

The people immediately pitied the man because he had just offended a Young Miss, but a few also chided in agreement. A child shouldn't step into the business of adults.

Yuxi didn't respond and kept a neutral, passive face. It remained unwavering and sharp as ever. There was no emotion in her eyes, making it hard to read what she was thinking.

Mistaking her gaze for a glare, the man dropped the child he was holding. Falling onto the floor with a loud yelp, she landed on her head.

Eyes growing wide at the damage, Yuxi ran forward, but before she could reach the child, a hand had already seized her shoulders.

The man grabbed one of Yuxi's shoulder and just when she turns around, the first thing she saw was the heavy raised hand. But before he could throw the harshest hit towards Yuxi's cheek, a hand seized the man by the wrist.

A boy, the same age of Weihao, stopped the single blow of a man with one hand. He was dressed in a fancy dark green robe with golden etchings on as details.

One glance at the boy and you could tell he came from a very wealthy and influential background.

Because of the glaring sun of summer, Yuxi couldn't see the boy's face. The sunlight was on him, casting a shadow over his face.

"Who dares-" The man stopped his rambling when he takes one glance at the boy. His tan and sweaty face goes pale white as if he had seen a ghost.

Dropping to his knees, he immediately met his head to the ground in a grand bow. It was a funny sight for many onlookers, seeing an enormous and overweight adult bowing to a boy no more than the age of thirteen.

"G-greetings to Young Master Han Suying!" At the very mention of his name, many mummers began. Even in her previous lifetime, Yuxi never heard of the name.

But judging by the reaction of the people and the way their eyes widened at his name, he was a very important boy.


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