Deleted Book 22
17 Weaker
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Deleted Book 22
Author :xincerely
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17 Weaker

The auction went off for a while, until they were down to the last few horses. Horses of different color and size had came and gone, but none caught her interest.

"Oh my, that horse..." Rufen commented at the sight of the new horse that walked into the field.

The horse had a beautiful chestnut coat, with a white mark on its forehead, and white hoofs that looked as if it had stepped in snow.

The things that stood out the most was it's extremely thin frame, the rib cage that were prodding out, and the visible whip marks on its body. There was clear signs of abuse.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the fastest horse of tonight's show! Because of her extreme speed, she gave our captors a lot of trouble..." The announcer began just as the horse was lead closer into the field.

The horse was extremely stubborn and feisty. Even with two men pulling on her rein, it refused to walk. The horse tried to bite and trample the men roughly handling her.

Not many people wanted such a disobedient horse and on glance at it's thin legs and sickly body, the people immediately lost interest.

Yuxi, however, didn't. She saw the relatability between herself and the horse. Even after it was malnourished and weaken from beatings, the horse's eyes were still strong and defiant.

"Wei-ge, I want that horse." Yuxi whispered to Weihao. She leaned closer to him in hopes of grabbing his attention. Unknown to Yuxi, Weihao's attention was always on her and nothing else.

Patting Yuxi's head, Weihao smiled down at her.

"500 gold." Weihao stood up, immediately seizing the chance of getting the horse that Yuxi wanted.

"1000 gold." It was the same boy that brought the most expensive horse.

"2000." Weihao narrowed his eyes at the declaration of the competitor.

The people were shocked. Such a skinny and rebellious horse was selling for this much?!

The auctioneer was greatly pleased and happy at the amount of money he was making today.

"I can top that price-" The boy stopped talking when a man whispered into his ears. Sitting down, his face was pulled into a deep scowl.

Weihao smirked at the boy's loss.

"2000 gold going once, twice, and sold to the man in green!"

Happy at the purchase, Yuxi giddily turned towards Weihao and hugged his arm. He immediately hugged her back.

From the perspective of the servants, it was a normal brother and sibling adoration. But to the onlookers whose gaze never left the attractive siblings, they saw something else. The mysterious boy that brought the expensive black horse looked at the embrace with hatred and envy.

- - - -

"Here you go, sir." A stable boy nervously handed the reins to Weihao.

The horse immediately rebelled and reared her head back. Stomping furiously on the ground and biting at the reins, the horse looked like it was ready to run off.

"Thank you." Weihao handed the money to the stable boy.

The pouch that Weihao gave was enormous, and it took two men to hold it properly.

He has a wry smile on his face. Staring at the rebellious horse, he let out a sigh. He didn't know why Yuxi would want such a thin and weak horse, but he wasn't the type to question her choices.

Reaching to grab the horse, Weihao was startled when it suddenly charged off in the direction of Yuxi. Its thundering hoofs and speed had the intentions of running away, but the horse was too blinded by anger to see Yuxi.

Yuxi stood by the entrance of the arena, nibbling at her steamed bun. Her eyes were watching the arena, but her mind was elsewhere. She was too busy daydreaming to hear the approaching sound of danger.

"Lady Yuxi, watch out!" Rufen screamed, running towards the frail girl. Her heart was speeding as fast as the horse and her eyes grew wide.

She was a fast girl, but her legs weren't fast enough to cross the long distance between her and Yuxi.

Suddenly, a shadow ran past Rufen at crazy speed which moved faster than wind.

A boy on a black horse was quick to interfere the collision by forcefully taking the reins of the rebellious horse and yanking it harshly. The rebellious horse immediately slowed down.

Once again, Yuxi couldn't see the face of her savior.

The black horse was not only fast and muscular, but it was also very tall. The boy was sitting on his horse, capturing the ray of the sun that seemed to only shine on him and no one else.

Yuxi had to shield her eyes to look up at him. The sun was simply too blinding.

When he finally jumped down from the horse, Yuxi finally got a better glance at him.

"Suying...?" Yuxi slowly said, confused at his presence.

"It's very nice to see you again, Yuxi." Suying immediately greeted her with a friendly smile.

His smile wavered when he saw Yuxi's attention was elsewhere.

Her eyes were scanning for Weihao. He was storming towards Suying with a dark and dangerous aura. He was furious.

A tiny fraction of the anger was towards the horse, but the majority was at the presence of Suying.

Weihao knew he didn't mistake the symbol of the Han's, a golden snake wrapped around a shield. He recognized Suying when the most expensive horse was brought.

"I believe this rebellious creature is yours." Suying walked towards Yuxi with her horse's reins in his hand.

The horse jerked its head and stomped on the ground, refusing to walk with the boy.

"It's too rebellious and dangerous. The one I brought for you is much more obedient and of superior breed."

Yuxi blinked at Suying's words. Her eyes trailed to the other black horse in his hand. It was the same horse that was sold for the highest price. She didn't realize the familiar voice belonged to Suying.

"Mei-mei!" Weihao called, once he had reached her.

Grabbing the small girl, he immediately swayed her behind him. Weihao was furious, his Mei-mei almost got hurt and her savior just had to be Suying.


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