Deleted Book 22
18 Push and Pull
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Deleted Book 22
Author :xincerely
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18 Push and Pull

"What are you doing here?" Weihao's voice was so cold and terrifying, Yuxi felt a shiver past by her.

"Well, you fool, I'm at an auction ring. What else do you think I'd be here for?" Suying rolled his eyes, and crossed his arms. He looked intimidating, with his face and eyes fiercer than a lion.

But Weihao was never the type to back down. Nothing in this world scared him, not even Commander Moyao.

"You know what I meant." Weihao nearly growled out his words. His grip on Yuxi's small wrist tightened inconsiderably.

In fear of her wrist breaking from the intense hold, Yuxi tugged on Weihao's sleeves.

"Wei-ge, you're hurting me." She softly whispered. No one else besides Weihao and Yuxi heard the exchange.

He immediately loosened his grip and glanced back at Yuxi's hand which was red from the squeeze. Guilt settled into him. He had unintentionally hurt his little Mei-mei.

Yuxi didn't care, but Weihao most certainly did.

In her previous life, Yuxi was used to the torment and abuse of her cousins and aunt. A tiny bruise was nothing to the girl whose entire rib had once cracked from a severe beating.

"Are you alright? Does it hurt a lot? I'll ask Grandfather to call forth the best doctor in town and-"

"I'm fine, it's only a tiny bruise. Don't worry about it." Yuxi's gentle voice interrupted Weihao's nervous rambling. He bit his bottom lips and stared at her with conflict.

"Let's go home. It's almost time for lunch." Yuxi urged as she grabbed his sleeves. She was trying her best to distract Weihao from causing any unwanted problems with Suying.

[That boy is so much trouble.] Yuxi internally grumbled to herself. She noticed the way Suying always provoked Weihao as if he wanted to fight her older cousin.

To Yuxi, Weihao was a gentle boy. She didn't know the rumors that surrounded him and the things he did on the battlefield. To naive little Yuxi, he was a kind older brother.

"Okay, lets go home before grandfather scolds us." Weihao instantly agreed. He didn't want to waste his time on inferior things.

Just as he grabbed Yuxi's hand, a voice cut through the air.

"What about the horses?" Suying interjected. He was growing envious at the way Weihao was effortlessly able to touch Yuxi and grab her attention.

Yuxi didn't even spare Suying a second glance and this realization bothered him more than he liked it.

Yuxi turned her head at the sound of the boy. He jumped off his horse and with a guiding hand, took both horses in her direction.

"The horse you brought is too small, weak, and dangerous. I brought the best of the best for you. It's the strongest horse here and extremely well-built." Suying proudly declared as he handed the reins of the black horse to Yuxi.

He felt his lips twitch when the girl blankly stared at him. Her eyes, clear yet unreadable, traveled to his eyes, his hand, and then his horse. He couldn't help but feel intrigued by the unmoving girl.

Unlike the girls that always fawned over him or use sickly sweet voices to gain his flavor, Yuxi was different. She was so nonchalant in the presence of the future heir of the Han fortune that was larger than the Chen family.

"Please give me the reins of my horse." Yuxi finally said. She felt Weihao's hand lightly squeeze hers.

He was happy she didn't accept Suying's offer. Most people would have, it really was a good horse.

"Your horse is too skinny and on top of that, it's severely rebellious. It won't have any use." Suying said, a smile blooming on his face.

[So she's playing hard to get.] He internally pondered.

There was rare little girls who already knew the arts of getting a man.

To him, it was a push and pull relationship. They'll pretend to not want it, but after some convincing, they'll always accept it.

Suying thought Yuxi was this type of girl. So when she finally came over, he felt his heart leap with joy. But the happiness was short lived.

With her head held high and eyes firm, Yuxi walked past Suying's black horse. She went straight to her chestnut horse.

He felt his entire body go to shock.

"Let go of my horse."

Suying narrowed his eyes and stared at her request.

When he didn't let go, Yuxi frowned. "Young Master Han, please release-"

"Why don't you like the horse I brought for you?!" Suying suddenly yelled, his thunderous voice startling Yuxi. She flinched at it, her eyes going wide with fear.

Weihao was quick to pick up the reaction. His eyes darkened considerably, a desire to kill suddenly washed over him. The bastard dare yell at his Mei-Mei and frightened her!

Yuxi could feel her body freeze in shock and fear. She was always scared of loud voices. It reminded her off her previous life in the past.

Her aunts, female cousins, uncles, and the perverted government official's wives would always yell at her before and during their beatings.

"You bastard! Who do you think you are to yell at her!" Weihao's stormed towards Suying and grabbed him by the collar. The tension was thick in the air and they were beginning to garner attention.

The Han guards immediately pointed their swords at Weihao whose shadow guards was quick to back them up.

It was a frightening scene to behold. Gleaming swords pointed in both direction, men in black with armors that looked like soldiers more than they looked like guards. But it was easy to tell who had the upper hand.

The Hans were family that served the Royal Court, Han Suying's father was the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, the Chen Family had a hand in anything and everything that had to do with the military. Their guards and soldiers were far more superior than any other family.

"Don't touch me, you scum!" Suying hissed, pushing Weihao's hand away. But Weihao's grip was unwavering and fueled by the anger, he didn't back down.

"Let go of me this instant or else I'll cut off this hand of yours. Just because your family controls the military, you can't rebel against the powerful Hans. Now let go of me." Suying attempted to push Weihao away.

Suying was shocked to see how much stronger and powerful Weihao had gotten.

Within the three years that they haven't seen each other, Weihao's abilities were far more superior than Suying who had spend more days being a scholar than a soldier.

"A group of soldiers can effortlessly overthrow a few scholars." Weihao threatened, his eyes getting darker.

With a snap of his fingers, Suying's guards were immediately surrounded by more of the Chen family's shadow guards. They were cornered.

"Yuxi doesn't need your pathetic horse. Stay away from her, do you understand?" Weihao hissed, a dark and menacing look on his face.

"And if I don't?" Suying smirked, his eyes still fierce.

He didn't care about being surrounded with nowhere to escape. As long as he could provoke Weihao and get a reaction out of him, that was all he wanted.

"Your head will fly." Shoving the boy to the ground, Weihao stared down at him as if he was nothing but scum.


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