Deleted Book 22
22 Sharing a Maidservan
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Deleted Book 22
Author :xincerely
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22 Sharing a Maidservan

The heavy rain poured onto the floor littered with blood and the dead bodies of the Zhao servants. Thunder rumbled in the distance and the wind knocked over dying trees. It had rained the entire day, soaking the muddy grounds and causing floods in nearby rivers.

The sound of screams and horrified massacre filled the night. There was a rotting and thick stench of blood radiating from the Zhao Manor.

Yuxi glanced down at her bloodied hands. She remembered this terrifying scene. Tonight was the brutal murder of Zhao Yulong and Chen Xiyue whose death will drive the country into chaos.

"I don't know where she is!" A cry filled the air and what followed after it was the sound of sword piercing through flesh.

A sudden impulse surged Yuxi's leg forward. She began to run straight into the direction of the screams.

"Mama, Papa, where are you?!" She screamed, but her voice was silenced by the powerful rain.

With her white nightgown soaked in rain and the bottom covered in blood, Yuxi raced down the open hallways. To her right, she could see everything. The hallway had an open-concept that allowed people to see the well-decorated gardens.

Her beautiful garden was overturned, stones everywhere, wooden lanterns destroyed, and even the fishes were killed.

Everywhere Yuxi looked, she saw the chilling color of red. Her beloved servants all laid dead on the floor, some with swords through their bodies, and others were missing limbs.

"Mama! Papa!" Yuxi cried out, terrified at the scene before her. She was frantically searching for her parents, in hopes of saving them from this chaos.

"My lady, no!" Yuxi's nursemaid was the first to see the tiny child. The nursemaid left her hiding spot and grabbed the small girl.

Hugging Yuxi to her wet body, the nursemaid ran into a destroyed, but unoccupied room. Luckily, the soldiers had already done their damage here. This meant there would be the slight possibility that they won't check this room again.

"Nursemaid, have you seen Mama and Papa?!" Yuxi screamed when the nursemaid placed her into the closet.

There was a flash of pain and sorrow on the nursemaid's face. "You will see them soon..." The nursemaid lied.

She needed to calm Yuxi down. "Please stay hidden in here. Don't make a single sound. Your parents will come and get you." The nursemaid said.

Yuxi sniffled, but reluctantly nodded. Her nursemaid had never lied to her before, so she naively trusted the woman.

The closet door closed and left Yuxi in darkness. She heard the sound of a wooden block being placed onto the closet handle.

When the nursemaid ran far from the room, she had bumped into enemy soldiers. There was an emblem on their armor, but the heavy rain made it impossible to see.

"My, oh my, what do we have here?" A soldier leered. He smirked at the frightened look on the nursemaid's face.

"A pretty little maidservant." Another said.

"We've gotten lucky today. The men had accidentally killed all of the pretty ones. I'm glad one of them remains alive." A different soldier said.

The nursemaid shuddered in fear. She knew the fate of captured female servants. They were either trafficked and sold off to a brothel, or worse, they would remain a sex slave to soldiers. She had heard rumors that women are often shared among hundreds of soldiers and most of them were brutal in the art of making love.

"Let me see the girl." A man stepped forward from the group of soldiers. One glance at his elevated armor, which was of superior material and structure, the nursemaid saw he was the leader of the group.

"She's not a simple maidservant. This is a nursemaid and I'd bet my fortune, she's the one that takes care of the bastard's child." The leader smirked at her petrified expression.

When the nursemaid tried to run, she was cornered by another group of soldiers and when she tried to turn the other direction, another group of soldiers emerged. She was completely surrounded.

The men quickly grabbed her shoulders to prevent her from running. The nursemaid struggled against their hold, but the strength of two men easily overpowered her. The nursemaid rarely performed strenuous or hard labor. Because she was the nursemaid, her only job was to take care of Yuxi and tend to the child's every needs.

"Tell me where the child is and I'll make your death painless." The leader of the group said.

The nursemaid narrowed her eyes at the false promise. Not even the town's fool would believe the man's words.

"Reject me and I'll give you an ending worse than death." The leader chuckled.

His eyes trailed to the soldiers surrounding the nursemaid. The soldiers eyed the woman with lust filled eyes. Their eyes resembled monsters that have starved for days, there was hunger and heavy desire in their eyes.

"My men were trained in the worst environment. They've been overworked and trained to their limits. Its been months since they've seen, touched, and entered a woman. I'm sure all of my men wouldn't mind sharing one maidservant."


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