Deleted Book 22
25 Don“t Leave Me
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Deleted Book 22
Author :xincerely
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25 Don“t Leave Me

In a room far from the open fields was a girl banging on the closet door. Yuxi was using her tiny fist to create noise in an attempt of escaping the closet.

The wooden block that held the closet handle in place was loudly rattling. "Nursemaid, let me out! I want to see Mama and Papa!" Yuxi screamed as she pounded the heavy door.

The loud sound immediately caught the attention of a few Chen soldiers.

"Sir, we have a survivor!" One of the soldiers called out. He immediately ran into the room and saw the shaking closet.

He saw the wooden block and immediately pulled it out of the handle. Suddenly, Yuxi came tumbling out. He breathed out in shock at the sight of the girl.

He took into account her fancy hairpins and nightgown. Some parts of her nightgown was torn, especially the sleeve area. He saw the familiar crest of the Zhao.

"Are you Zhao Yuxi...?" The soldier questioned. A few of them exchanged nervous glances, unsure what to do.

"Step aside." A rough voice said. Immediately, the soldiers parted a path for their Lieutenant to stroll through.

The Lieutenant's eyes went wide at the child. He nearly collapsed to his knee at the sight of the young girl. "Praise the Heavens...You're alive." He breathed out, astonished at the sight of her.

Yuxi was too scared to recognize the man. She knew she had seem him once before and he was probably one of her father's friends, but she didn't care.

"Where's Mama and Papa?" Yuxi asked. Her eyes were wide and tears were streaming down her face.

A heavy silence filled the air. The Lieutenant kneeled down, and dropped his head in shame. Yuxi knew what this meant, and a heavy dread filled her heart.

Before any of the soldiers could react, she had sprinted out of the room.

"Child, wait!" The Lieutenant yelled after her. He immediately got up from his position and chased the girl. He was startled at how fast her tiny legs were.

"It's dangerous to run when there's arrows and swords littering the floor!" The Lieutenant shouted. He was shocked to see her nimble legs jumping and dodging over the people on the floor.

Yuxi was determined to see her parents. Even with the rain pouring down on her and weighing her down, Yuxi was still running. No one saw the turmoil in her head and heart. She was silently chanting and praying to see her parents alive and well. She wanted nothing else but that.

When Yuxi's tiny body broke into the open field, the battle was long over. Every pair of eyes shifted towards her.

Nightgown soaked in rain and blood, hair wet and limp, and lips paler than snow, she was a shocking sight. A few of the soldiers were able to identify her, but the majority remained confused at the sight of Yuxi.

It wasn't until she walked towards the lifeless body of her father, did they all realize who she was.

Yuxi felt her knees wobble at the sight of her paling father. His body had been untied and lowered from the post.

The dagger was still in his heart and the blood hadn't stopped flowing.

"Child, stand back-" The Chen soldier doesn't finish his sentence when Yuxi roughly shoved him aside.

She immediately ran to her father's side. He was lying on a white blanket which was being coated in blood. A pained sob left Yuxi's lips. She dropped to her knees at the sight of her lifeless father.

Yuxi pulled out the dagger from Yulong's body. She saw a piece of cloth attached to the handle of the dagger. Because the rain was heavy, it was hard to see the emblem. But Yuxi saw a long animal that resembled a snake or dragon.

Yuxi paid no minds to the dagger and tossed it aside. All she cared about was her father.

"Papa..." She cried out, touching his lifeless face. His healthy and tanned skin had lost color and his lips were cracked and pale.

"Papa, don't leave me..." Yuxi sobbed. Her shoulder shook with each droplet of tear and soon, she was a crying mess.

"Papa..." Yuxi called out one last time. Her voice was filled with so much agony and sorrow, it was enough to bring the soldier's to their knees.

Surrounding the child, every soldier got on their knees to pay their respect. Taking off the helmet and placing it to the ground, they dropped their head in a silent prayer.

The Lieutenant finally reached the open grounds. He saw his men on the floor and the tiny child who was hugging her father's lifeless body.

He breathed out in pain, but the aching in his heart wasn't a match to Yuxi's heart wrenching cries. He didn't think a child was capable of such strong motions until he saw the tears on her face and heard the painful cries that filled the air.

Taking off his helmet and slamming his sword into the ground, he also paid his respect to the fallen General. He silently prayed for his General to peacefully enter Heaven...and somewhere in his prayers, he hoped for the child's safety and protection.


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