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Emperor of the Universe
Author :Afloof
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9 Disaster

Qin Lan had just gotten to the competition site, and as he took a look around, he was stunned. The Arena they will be fighting in is just enormous, There was enough space in it to fit a small city!

Something odd, though, was that even though Qin Lan had never met any of his opponents before, he felt an odd sence of fimiliarity towards them, but he quickly wrote it off as simply being a side effect of cultivaitng.

In the middle of the arena there was a stage, and everone was gathered around it, so Qin Lan swaggered his way over there as well. On the stage was an average looking middle aged man, shouting instructions at the contestants.

¨Draw numbers from this box up here, in front of me and the other person with the same number as you will be your opponent. The rules are: No killing, and no use of magical treasures, or weapons of any kind. If you are caught cheating, you will be disqualified. On that notte you can begin drawing your numbers.¨

Everyone formed a line and drew their respective numbers, and talked about what they got. Soon enough it was Qin Lans turn to draw a number. He reached his han into the wooden box, and picked a number at random. He looke at the paper in his hand an on it, it said the number one.

Qin Lan asked around for a bit, and eventually found the other person with the same number as him. It was a short man with brown hair and small eyes. He sttod at about 5 foot 5 so he really was quite small. Looking at him Qin Lan got the idea that he was weak and easy to give up as the man seemed to be keeping away from the others.

After 10 minutes it was finally time to begin the first match. Qin Lan and the short man both stepped onto the stage.

¨Greet each other.¨ the announcer said.

¨Sneasle, nice to meet you¨ the short man spoke first.

¨Qin Lan, likewise¨ Qin Lan said in a humble voice.


Qin Lan made the first move as he dashed towards the short man, and launched a blast of energy at Sneasle. Sneasle seemed to anticipate this, as he sidestepped out of the way, and retaliated with his own blast of energy in the shape of a Roc.

Qin Lans eyes widened and he retaliated with activating the soaring Dragon technique and focusing it on his arms as he put them up to block the incoming attack.


The stage shattered underneath Qin Lan, and a huge cloud of dust appeared. Sneasle tried to look through the dust, but couldn't because Qin Lan used his power to make a large barrier inside the dust cloud, so Sneasle couldn't see inside. Sneasle ran up to the smoke cloud, and launched another attack in the chape of a Roc into the dust cloud, shattering Qin Lans barrier. He inspected the dust cloud, but no one was inside.


Qin Lan emerged from the side of the dust cloud, and in a flash was behind Sneasle, and grabbed both his arms.

"Admit defeat" Qin Lan spoke, his haughty nature fully comming out on display.

Sneasle struggled, and heat butt Qin Lan in the face. Blood flowed down a shocked Qin Lan's nose.

"Good, now I can beat you down. You should've surrendered when I said so." Qin Lan said while glaring at Sneasle.

"Im not the type of man to just give up because someone says so. I'm not that weak willed." Sneasle retorted.

Qin Lan suddenly started laughing.

"Good, now thats the spirit!"

Qin Lan instantly fully activated his Soaring Dragon art. He was quickly covered in draconic scales, and his shirt ripped and his pants tore, as a tail popped out with. Sneasle looked on with total shock in his eyes. In a flash Qin Lan appeared behind Sneasle, and delivered a horizontal chop at Sneasles neck.

In that instant a large crater erupted, and a dust cloud engulfed the entire stadium, shocking everyone watching.


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