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Floor 101: A Sword Art Online Fanfic
Author :LRLBooks
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2 The Meeting

@@Kazuto realized it was time to meet Asuna and the others in Alfheim Online. After he ate his breakfast, Kazuto went upstairs. He put on his Amusphere.

"Link Start!"

After logging in, Kazuto spawned in Asuna and his's house. Everybody else was already there. "Hi Kirito!" Asuna immediately said.

"Hey" Kirito responded

"Sit next to me, Kirito." Asuna said.


Asuna rested her head down on his shoulder. Suddenly Kirito realized everyone was staring at them.


There was Lizbeth, Silica, Sinon, Klein, and Agil.

"Um" Kirito said.

Asuna huffed and said "What's wrong with that."

"Oh,nothing." The others responded.

At first, they started talking about normal things, like how life was going, and their plans to meet up later in GGO. Then Agil has something to say. "There's something going on in the news recently"

"What?" The others said.

"According to files found in Argus's building, there might be a hidden floor in Aincrad that we didn't know about.

"WHAT!!" They all said.

"Well the files state that there is a Floor 101"

"No way"

"Everybody wants to complete it, except that there is no way to play SAO all over again."

"What about the SAO version in the seed? Akihiko Kayaba created it, so maybe Floor 101 is in SAO in the seed." Kirito said.

"Maybe" Agil responded.

"Well, anyway I have to go study for exams. See ya!" Lizbeth said as she logged out.

The others decided they should log out too. They all said their goodbyes. Then everyone logged out.



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