Gay is too OverPower
1 Gay Power Level
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Gay is too OverPower
Author :Godloloftme
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1 Gay Power Level

Gay PL 1= City Buster

Gay PL 2= Continent Buster

Gay PL 3= Star Buster (Low, Middle, High)

Gay PL 4= Solar Buster (Low, Middle, High)

Gay PL 5= Galaxy Buster (Low, Middle, High)

Gay PL 6= Universal Buster (Low, Middle, High)

Gay PL 7= Multiverse Buster (Low, Middle, High)

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Gay PL (Infinity) D Powers

Chapter1 :3

Superman prime mission have eaten the sun and now he can't get stronger lol :)

Goku came in and turn ssjb 20x KK but no sht and died no ultra instinct because he stoopid ;(

Superman prime million stronger than all gokus combino :0, But Ultra Instinct Goku came but is mastered so no time limit and rekt superman 1 million with a flick of his finger :9...

Sonic fans would like A-Sonic is op 11D :/??? And he stronger bc he recreate universe :/ pls...go fk urself this never happens fking sonic fans...yeah MUI GOKU FK SONIC AND HE DIED :( RIP SONIC THE HEDGE HODGE D:

DEATH NOTE fans would like write name :/ name? Goku or carrot :/ also needed full name :/, and don't gimme that death eyes bs, even if write it only for humans and even if it works, goku have a high astral resistance :/ and fk me how do u even kill a God like being? Cars? :/ Organ destroy? Sorry ssjg healed a heart :/. So stfu and also goku can use blow up the planets but even if it not goku bc goku a good guy it would be vegetables jobs :3

Naruto fanboys :/ fkme, why everyone talking about goku vs naurtoverse? Vegeta need one too...vegeta give no fks and just blow it up :)

Also fking gay ppl r gay narutards, sonictards, death note tards are all gay ppl super tards too...

Also Saitama idk bc he have Ebola :(

Also supertardz who think superman have limitless power he not he have weakness fking idiots and lol superman, Saitama, goku all have limitless potential not limitless power fking retards...


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