Godly Sword Arts
2 Danger?
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Godly Sword Arts
Author :Soaringnemesis
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2 Danger?


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「Rewards received. Please check your inventory for them.」

「New quest available. Quest: Capture 5 creatures. Would you like to accept the quest?」

\"Accept!\" Lin Fang was once again overwhelmed with happiness. Suddenly, the door of his room opened and there was a gasp.

\"B-Big Brother Fang! Why is there a dragon in your room?! Aaaaaaaaahhh! It-it's coming towards me! Save me!\" His sister, whose name he still did not know, hid behind him as the curious dark red coloured dragon tried to sniff her.

\"What's all the commotion in here? Why is there a dragon?\" A stern-faced woman, presumably Lin Fang's mother, walked into the room.

Lin Fang was at a loss for words. How was he supposed to explain the sudden appearance of the dragon? \"Uhm... it... appeared suddenly when my sister left the room.\" His face was flustered when he explained this. As he said that, the dragon had finally managed to sniff his sister, who shrieked once the dragon touched her. Then, seeming to realize that the dragon meant no harm and was just curious, she bent down and used a hand to pet it. Afraid of her, the dragon ran away from her hand.

Lin Fang's mother said, \"Tell me the truth. Who did you murder to get this? We're a poor family and can't afford to repay whoever you got it from.\"

Lin Fang tried to explain that it was really that way, and in return, after having realized that what Lin Fang said was true, she just gave him a piercing look and said, \"Whatever then. Take good care of it, don't let it die, and don't let others see it for now. They will accuse us of thievery and try to take the dragon from us.\"

\"Ok then, mom,\" said Lin Fang, after which his mother and sister left the room. He then noticed another prompt.

「Quest: Capture 5 beasts.

Quest description: Every beast tamer has their roots. You are an insignificant figure, but you will become one of the mightiest. To start off your career, capture and tame 5 beasts within 30 days.

Quest time limit: 30 days

Quest Success Reward: 10x beast bondage contract (These contracts can only be used on system provided beasts), System shop unlock, 1x Golden beast orb, 3x Silver beast orb, 200 System points, 20 Skill Points, 300 EXP.

Quest Failure Penalty: This quest will be re-issued at the cost of 10 System Points per re-issue.」

\"There's a penalty? Well, I guess that makes sense since all the games I've played before have one,\" said Lin Fang, slightly disappointed.

Suddenly, another prompt popped up.

「You have one skill draw and one item draw available.」

Lin Fang said, \"I'll claim the skill draw first.\"

A new interface appeared before him, where there were four categories. The Normal category took up the most space, the Rare category the second most, the Ultra-Rare only took up a little bit, and the Legendary category was just a sliver among the other sections. The wheel began spinning, and Lin Fang was chanting, \"Legendary, legendary, legendary...\"

Unfortunately for him, the wheel stopped just short of the legendary section and landed in the Ultra-Rare section.

「Congratulations! You have won the Ultra-Rare skill \"Instant Tame\"!

Skill Description: This skill, at level 1, allows you to have a 100% chance of taming any beast up to level 5. Using this skill costs 50 MP. Skill \"Tame beast\" upgraded to \"Instant Tame\".」

「You have one item draw available.」

\"Claim,\" Liu Fang said.

The wheel once again appeared in front of him and started spinning. When it stopped, it stopped on \"Legendary\".

\"Yeah! I knew that me chanting legendary earlier was useful!\" Liu Fang said. \"What's the item?\"

「Congratulations! You have won the Legendary item \"Dot-matrix printer\"!」

\"What? A printer is a legendary item? Bulls*it. I want a refund!\" Lin Fang said, angrily.

「Item description: This printer can print 1 scroll of any type (up to 5 levels above current level) for free every day, and every scroll printed after the free scroll will be bought with System Points, and the price will vary depending on what scroll is bought.

Current printable scrolls: Beast bondage scroll, Return scroll (10km radius from set location), Random teleportation scroll (10km from current location).」

\"I can refund the printer for you right now if you want,\" said the system.

Lin Fang quickly shook his head frantically and said, \"No! No refund! I want this printer! Don't take it back!\"

「Would you like to summon the printer?」

Suddenly, just after Lin Fang said \"Yes,\" he heard a scratching noise coming from below. The small dragon had once again begun pawing at him in a desperate attempt to get noticed.

\"What do you want, little guy? Hmm, I need to name him. I think I'll name you... Flame.\" At Lin Fang's mention of his new name, Flame seemed to be pleased. Then, as if in response to his question, Flame pointed towards his mouth.

\"You want to eat?\" Flame nodded.

\"Ok, what about after we eat, we go hunting later?\" To this suggestion, Flame quickly shook his head and hid under the bed. However, Lin Fang quickly bent under the bed and grabbed him. Flame waved his limbs around angrily as if trying to threaten Lin Fang for grabbing him. Lin Fang paid no mind to this, however, and just put Flame back on the bed.

To try to soothe him, Lin Fang said, \"You can eat the meat that we hunt.\" Then, Lin Fang looked up to the ceiling and silently asked with a black face, \"Why is the dragon a glutton?!?! I thought dragons were supposed to be fierce, but this one just decides to hide under the bed at the first mention of needing to do something!?!?\"

\"Come on, I'll put you back into the beast dimension. I'm also a little curious about what it looks like after you were bonded to me,\" Lin Fang said as he unsummoned the dragon and touched the gem.

He entered the beast storage dimension and was stunned to see the dragon's habitat. It was a 4 sq km plot of land, and he was more stunned to see that he was effectively the god of the world inside the dimension. He immediately pinpointed the location of Flame and found him frolicking in the grass and curiously exploring everything. Going back to the menu of the beast dimension, he found an \"Upgrade dimension\" button that displayed a price of 100 System Points to upgrade every habitat and all newly created habitats to 9 sq km in size.

\"This seems like a good deal, and I have plenty of system points left, so I'll just upgrade it,\" Lin Fang said as he clicked the upgrade button. He saw Flame's habitat expand suddenly to a way larger habitat, and exited from the menu. He used the printer to print a random teleport scroll for free and a return scroll with the location set in his room for 1 System Point. Armed with the scrolls, he tore the random teleport scroll and was immediately teleported with a flash of light.


Luckily for Liu Fang, he was teleported to a relevantly safe region of the Beast Mountains, just a bit higher than the foot of one of the mountains. There were beasts from Lvl 1 - Lvl 10. After arriving, he was disoriented and heard a growl coming from in front of him. Hearing the growl, he instinctively used \"Subdue Beast\" and was delighted to hear \"Lvl. 5 Azure Clawed Tiger subdued\" from the system.

Then, he used \"Instant Tame\" and tamed the beast. It appeared in his system space immediately. Lin Fang continued to tame beasts.


Half a day and several close calls later, Lin Fang said, \"Finally, I've finished the quest!\"

「Quest complete: Capture 5 beasts. Rewards will be distributed.」

Lin Fang summoned Flame. \"Do you want food now?\" he asked, to which Flame quickly nodded and pointed at his mouth with one of his claws.

\"Ok then, let's go kill a beast,\" Lin Fang said.

After searching for another half hour, he found a Lvl. 3 beast which he subdued and then told to kill itself. After it killed itself, Lin Fang used Flame's exceptionally sharp claws to slice open the skin of the beast. Flame then happily cut out a portion of meat for itself, and then started eating.

Lin Fang, seeing Flame eating and not caring about him or what he would eat, said angrily, \"Hey! What about me? Can't you help me cut some out and breathe some fire on it and cook it?\"

Flame shook his head but eventually walked over after having been stared at angrily by Lin Fang for a minute, cut a section of meat out, and roasted the meat. He then handed the meat to Lin Fang and then, seeming to be sulking, sat down and resumed eating his own meat.

After eating, they were satiated and almost couldn't eat. Suddenly, Lin Fang felt a very strong and dangerous aura cover him.


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