Godly Sword Arts
3 Invitation!
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Godly Sword Arts
Author :Soaringnemesis
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3 Invitation!


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\"W-whoever you are, come out! I'm not afraid!\" After saying that, Lin Fang was shaking in fear. Flame ran behind him and cowered, using Lin Fang's body as a meat shield.

\"Hmph. You've sure got some guts to address me like that,\" A female voice said from somewhere around him. A few seconds after, a woman emerged from the forest. She was incomparably beautiful but also incomparably cold to him. \"I am a Beast Trainer Academy peacekeeper. Who did you steal this dragon from?\"

\"Nobody! It's mine,\" Lin Fang said. He was quaking in his shoes and feared what would happen and regretted his decision to have been out hunting with Flame on this day.

\"Really? I don't believe you. Where could a simple peasant like you get a dragon? If you keep lying, I will cast a mind search spell on you. Tell me the truth,\" she said. Lin Fang realized that he was well and truly screwed now. He could only hope that the system would hide itself from this mad woman since if the system was discovered, numerous countries would fight over his body.

\"What I said was true!\" Lin Fang protested strongly. However, she still began casting the mind search spell. Lin Fang's vision faded to black and his body weakly fell under the ground. Flame, sensing that something wrong was happening, tried to wake Lin Fang up by nudging Lin Fang's body with his snout.

What Lin Fang hadn't realized was that the woman had only cast a sleep spell on him. In reality, the woman actually used another spell to communicate with Flame and ask him some questions since the spell she had mentioned she was going to use on Lin Fang was extremely illegal to use. As she began, her expression softened until she no longer looked like the cold, unforgiving lady from before and instead looked like a gentle person.

\"Hey, little guy. Who's your owner?\" The woman asked, bending down.

Flame, speaking and being understood for the very first time, said while pointing at Lin Fang, \"Him, but he never understands me when I try to speak to him.\"

The woman asked yet another question. \"Who hatched you?\"

Once again, pointing at Lin Fang, Flame said, \"Him. I know he hatched me because he was the very first scent I smelled from inside the egg.\"

The woman was bewildered. Since unborn dragons could smell scents from the inside of their eggs starting from the instant that the eggs were laid, they would remember the scent of the female dragon that hatched them and the first person or dragon to touch the egg. \"Do you remember the scent of the female dragon that hatched you?\"

\"No, the only scent I know is his,\" Flame said.

She was bewildered yet again. Was it possible for a male human to bear a dragon egg? No way! But how else could the only scent this little dragon knew be his? Unless he managed to create matter out of nothing, it was impossible. The only remotely plausible explanation was that he had laid the egg. If Lin Fang, unconscious, had been able to hear these thoughts, he would have puked blood. Bear a dragon's egg? Bear your mother! Who said I bore a dragon's egg? Matter was created, ok? The system gave him to me! Lin Fang would have cursed all eighteen generations of her ancestors.

After she asked Flame a few more questions, she lifted the sleep spell on Lin Fang and allowed him to wake up. She moulded her face back into the cold, uncaring version of herself, stood up, and before Lin Fang woke up, wrote him an invitation letter from the Beast Trainer Academy for him to join as an inner member.

Lin Fang woke up, groggily, and said, \"Where am I? Ah! It's that scary lady again?! Run!\"

He frantically looked around for Flame before realising that he was licking the woman's ankles, and to his further surprise, the woman did not look like she wasn't pleased!

The lady said, \"My name is Wang Fenghua. Here is an invitation letter to the Beast Trainer Academy in the northern city of Beihe. It should only be a few days from the nearest village. Sorry about bothering you. I have to leave now.\" She tossed the invitation letter at Lin Fang, which he caught. While looking at it, he didn't realize that the lady had quickly left, unable to continue putting up a cold demeanour. After she was about 50 zhang away, she let out a shriek that she'd been holding in for a while.

She screamed, \"I saw a dragon! My elder sisters are going to FREAK when they realise what they missed by sending me out here to take their places. It was so adorable!\" After she finished shrieking in happiness, she quickly flew back to the Beast Trainer Academy.

Lin Fang, however, had no idea what just transpired and was grumbling about how ladies had no compassion anymore and about how Flame was a glutton and didn't even try to protect him. He noticed a flashing interface in front of him that he'd missed when he had completed the quest.

「Level up! You are now level 3. EXP required to level up: 1/400 EXP. Skill Points received: 5.」

\"That's nice. What about this invitation that she gave me?\" Lin Fang looked down at the invitation, and saw \"BEIHE BEAST TRAINER ACADEMY INVITES YOU TO BECOME AN INNER COURT MEMBER!\"

\"Well, at least she gave me some compensation. Let's go back, Flame,\" Lin Fang said. He grabbed Flame by the stomach and, ignoring the cries of distress to being treated so casually, tore the return scroll. In a flash of bright light, he teleported back to his house.


Back at his house, Lin Fang was met with his mother's screams. \"WHY ARE YOU AND THE DRAGON COVERED IN BLOOD?! WHERE DID YOU GO?!?!\"

Lin Fang answered, \"Sorry. I went hunting with Flame and we killed one beast. Also, something less important is that I got an invitation to the Beihe Beast Trainer Academy to be an inner court member.\"

Immediately, upon hearing that Lin Fang had gotten an invitation to a Beast Trainer Academy, her attitude changed completely and she said, \"Oh! You got an invitation! Come on, tell mother how you did it. When are you going to go?\"

\"Uhh... In two days, I guess...\" Lin Fang said. He was confused. Was the Academy a big place? He didn't know anything about the world he was in since he was pretty sure that it was his first day in this world.

\"Great! Tell me, what do you want to eat? Mother will cook anything for you today!\" Lin Fang was stunned. How come his mother's attitude had taken a U-turn and changed to be extremely accommodating? Wasn't this too quick of a change?

\"I want to eat fried rice,\" Lin Fang answered, and Flame nodded too and pointed to his mouth.

His mother said, \"Great! I'll make you two the best fried rice you've ever tasted in your life!\"


Like this, Lin Fang finished his final two days at home with his family. He was packed and ready to go.

\"Goodbye, mom! Goodbye, dad! I'll come back and see you!\" Lin Fang, although he'd only known these parents since two days ago, was slightly crying as he said his goodbyes. Flame was in his dimension. They exchanged farewells and Lin Fang left for the Beihe city Beast Trainer Academy without much fanfare. He felt that he would miss the home cooking, although he was excited to explore his new world and tame as many beasts as he could with his system; after all, in his previous life, he had wished to be a beast tamer that could tame any beast he wanted to tame.

He soon headed past the village boundaries and onto a well-travelled road with nothing but a change of clothes, two home-cooked meals, and ten silver, which was about half of his family's savings. His heart warmed at the fact that his family would go this far to support him. He would arrive at Beihe in about two days. During these two days, however, he would have nothing to do other than enter his dimension and interact with Flame for fun.


After two days, the wagon had arrived at the gates of Beihe. The walls towered overhead into the skies, and soldiers manned the walls. The grand gates were open and two guards were stationed at either side, checking the entering and exiting traffic.

\"Stop your cart! Come with me, young man,\" one of the guards said after spotting Lin Fang still in his dirty village clothes in the cart. He dragged Lin Fang out of the cart and into an interrogation room to the side of the gate.


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