Godly Sword Arts
5 Dragged Along
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Godly Sword Arts
Author :Soaringnemesis
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5 Dragged Along


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After Lin Fang had sat down in a chair in the interrogation room, the guard began asking him questions.

\"You're a village boy. Why would you be trying to enter a city only for the higher classes?\" The guard was clearly looking down on Lin Fang because of his dirty clothes and country bumpkin attire.

\"I was invited to the Beast Trainer Academy. Here's the invitation,\" Lin Fang was angry about not being respected and decided to see if the Beast Trainer academy's name had any influence. As soon as he took out the invitation, the guard gaped, and did not say anything except for, \"I'm so sorry for disrespecting you, young master! Please, spare me from your wrath!\"

The other guard outside dragged the sobbing one out of the room and said, \"You're free to go now.\"

Lin Fang walked into the city and realised that he didn't know where the beast trainer academy was. He tried asking some others, but all he got was a dirty look from them and they walked away from him quicker. Looking around at the huge, bustling city around him, he wasn't sure when or even how he was going to find the academy. Maybe, just maybe, in a few days-

Lin Fang's line of thought was interrupted when an old man in the crowd of people said, \"Hey, do you need help, young man?\"

Lin Fang, after having been lost in the city, was glad to find any source of help, and said, \"Yes, do you know where the Beast Tamer Academy is?\"

\"It's the building over there,\" said the old man. \"By the way, since you're going there, would you mind helping me deliver something?\"

Lin Fang, grateful for the old man's help, said, \"Sure. What do you want me to deliver?\"

\"Just a letter. Don't open it and deliver it straight to the central offices. Oh, right, would you mind showing me your invitation letter and tamed beast?\" Lin Fang, hearing this, showed him the letter that he'd gotten as well as Flame. When Flame appeared, gasps appeared from around them as shouts of \"It's a dragon!\" and \"Ohmygod it's so CUUUUUTE!!!!!!\" were heard.

The old man gasped. \"No... it cannot be! The prophecy... has it come true after all this while? Quick, come with me to the academy. There's no time to explain.\"

Lin Fang was grabbed by the surprisingly strong old man and dragged along at an insane speed. In just a few seconds, they had arrived at the academy and Lin Fang was surprised to see the guard at the door salute the old man and say, \"Vice-Headmaster Li! Please enter!\"

The vice-headmaster, paying no attention, kept running at an insane speed until he reached a pavilion. There, he opened the door before going inside along with Lin Fang. After closing the door, he sat down and told Lin Fang to have a seat too.

The vice-headmaster asked, \"How did you come to be in possession of this dragon? Tell me!\"

\"It appeared suddenly one day!\" Lin Fang was annoyed that everyone seemed to be asking him the same questions upon seeing that he had a dragon.

\"Well, it's good that you've appeared here then. Maybe our academy will finally be able to be revived to its former glory. Let me tell you something...\" Vice-Headmaster Li began telling a story.

\"A long time ago, Beihe Beast Trainer Academy was the premier Academy in all of the Primordial continent. There was one, and only one reason for that. It was the only academy that bred dragons as tamed beasts. However, resentment eventually grew among the other academies, and they plotted against the Beihe Academy. The Academy endured all of it for several hundreds of years, but eventually, it was brought low by a sneak attack from the Baihu Academy. While the powerful upper management of the sect was gone on an important journey, the other sects planned an attack with all of their forces to destroy the dragon nests and eggs and to kill the dragons. When the upper management returned, they found the sect at only a shred of its former glory and all of the dragons dead, lain scattered across the ground, bleeding, with grievous wounds over their bodies. It was a truly savage sight. The upper management was furious, but without the dragons, they could do nothing to the other sects. That was the story of the Beihe Beast Trainer Academy,\" the old man finished. Lin Fang was shell-shocked. So this was the story? The Academy which he and his mother felt was so prestigious was actually almost the least prestigious one in the whole continent?

\"So... why did you bring me here?\" Lin Fang, although he was shocked, he still didn't understand why Vice-Headmaster Li brought him here.

\"Right... You see, there was a prophecy written by one of our seers just a few years after the sneak attack. It read:

One shall come with only a dragon near,

Fear he shall spread, young shall he be,

Saviour of all things you hold dear,

The World's eyes shall open to see,

The divinely blessed son that heaven will rear.

After that prophecy was written, everybody furiously searched for the person that was described. However, there was nobody. That was a few hundred years ago, and to think that now, the person described would arrive in front of me!\" Lin Fang, upon hearing the story, was shocked again. The system had also created a backstory for him? Wasn't this too much like those other VR games where each person was given a prophecy that they fulfilled by playing the game?

\"But... I also have other beasts. The prophecy said 'only' a dragon near,\" Lin Fang was nitpicking now.

\"You have other beasts? Show me!\" Vice-Headmaster Li's face had a wide smile on it now.

\"We have to go outside though. The others are quite big,\" Lin Fang said. However, in his head, he was thinking, \"Ahhhh! Why did my stupid mouth say these things?! Now I have to show him all the other beasts I caught!\"

Lin Fang, showing none of this on his face as they went outside, started showing the other 5 beasts that he'd tamed. \"So I have an Azure Clawed Tiger, and I also have...\"

With each beast that he showed, the expression on Vice-Headmaster Li's face got brighter and brighter. It seemed that he was getting younger with each word that Lin Fang said.

When Lin Fang finished, Vice-Headmaster Li said, \"Great! Our academy will finally be revived! Let me tell you something, usually, someone can only contract 2 beasts! You, however, managed to contract 6! This is extremely extraordinary! Quick, come with me but put the dragon away. Too many people have seen it already and we need to keep it secret to prevent it from spreading. I'll take you to the student registration area and get your registration for you.\"

Going to the registration area, Lin Fang observed the academy. It was easily the largest area of land in the city and the atmosphere was extremely refreshing. The Vice-Headmaster and Lin Fang soon arrived at the registration building, and were about to enter when someone said, \"Stop! What gives a village boy like you and an old man the right to enter this building? This building is for students only!\"

Lin Fang turned around to look at the Vice-Headmaster, who just shook his head, which seemed to indicate that this was a test for Lin Fang and that Lin Fang had to solve this problem himself.

Lin Fang, trying his best to appear imposing, said, \"I have an invitation to join the academy.\"

The older boy laughed. \"Hah! Where could a village boy get an invitation? Show me!\"

Lin Fang whipped out the invitation and the boy who was being arrogant immediately froze on the spot. \"W-Wang Fenghua?! How did you get an invitation from her?! She's the cold beauty of the peacekeeper squad! It must be fake!\"

Suddenly, both of them felt a cold aura cover them, an aura that Lin Fang was very familiar with.

Lin Fang and the older boy: \"Wang Fenghua?!?! Why are you here?!\"


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