Godly Sword Arts
6 Challenged!
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Godly Sword Arts
Author :Soaringnemesis
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6 Challenged!


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\"Wang Fenghua?! Why are you here?!?!\"

She smirked and said, \"I'm here to make sure that you, Dao Ban, aren't going to try to do anything to the boy I invited.\"

\"W-what? You really invited him? And as an inner circle member?\" Dao Ban said, flabbergasted.

\"Yep. And the person you called an old man? He's the Vice-Headmaster of the academy,\" she said, smirking once again.

After she said that, his face went white immediately. Someone who was invited by the cold beauty of the peacekeeper squad and had the support of the vice-headmaster wasn't someone he could bully. However, he was still angry about being embarrassed, so he said, \"Who cares? I, Dao Ban, challenge you to a magus battle to first blood on the first of next month!\"

Lin Fang was confused. What was a magus battle? It sounded something like magic, but he didn't know any magic. Suddenly, a prompt popped up in his vision.

「As you tame beasts, your magus level increases naturally. You are entitled to one magus skill per level. You have three magus skills available to claim. Tame more beasts and complete system quests to become more powerful!」

So this was what it was? Well, since he had the system on his side, he wouldn't need to worry about the battle. He would just need to capture more beasts and complete more quests. Speaking of quests, he needed to check if there was a new one available to him.

\"I accept your challenge!\" Lin Fang said. After he said that, the vice-headmaster just shook his head and sighed. \"Ah, the foolishness of youth.\"

In just a few minutes, his registration was finished and he was officially an inner circle member. He was then accompanied to his new residence within the academy grounds by Wang Fenghua and Vice-Headmaster Li.

He was then left to his own devices. He touched the gem and felt the strange sucking sensation again. He was brought to a grey system space where his stats showed. The \"Quests\" tab was glowing. He tapped on it and saw:

\"New Quest: Magus Training\"

\"Description: Collect your three magus skills and learn them. After doing so, train at least two of the skills to the major success stage.\"

\"Quest Success Rewards: 10x Beast feed, Auto magus skill training feature, 500 EXP.\"

\"Quest Failure Penalties: -1 Lvl.\"

Lin Fang said, \"The rewards are getting better but the penalties are getting worse as well. I guess I just shouldn't fail this quest. Accept the quest and claim magus skills.\"

\"Quest accepted. Magus Skills claimed: Dragonfire, Self-transformation, Cyclic storm.\"

\"Dragonfire: Allows the user to throw, breathe, or conjure the fire of dragons for use. 10 Mana per second/fireball. Cooldown: 5 seconds.\"

\"Self-transformation: Allows the user to transform into an animal of their choice and to use the skills of that animal. Variable amount of mana required based on size and strength of animal. Cooldown: 3 hours.\"

\"Cyclic storm: Summons a lightning-filled whirlwind that can attack or block an attack 3 times. 100 mana. Cooldown: 1 minute.\"

\"Your current mana pool size is 100/100 mana (+5000 mana from tamed beasts). Mana recovery speed: 10 mana per second (+500 mana per second from tamed beasts).\"

\"Current Magus spell training stage of all three spells: Major accomplishment. Next stage: Minor success.\"

Lin Fang said, \"How do I train the skills?\"

\"Use them,\" the System replied.

Lin Fang, hearing this, exited from the system space and decided to ask if there were practice grounds in the academy. However, just before he could exit from his residences, he heard shouts of, \"Resource distribution day! All inner circle members please come collect your monthly allowance!\"

Lin Fang, walking out, saw the person who was shouting this holding a basket.

The person asked, \"Are you an inner circle member? If so, show your badge and collect your resources.\"

Lin Fang showed his badge, took his resources, and asked, \"Hey, where are the training grounds?\"

\"Follow this road for a while. You'll see the training grounds,\" the resource distributor said.

Lin Fang, followed the instructions and soon arrived at a place where students were practising their magus skills.

He found an empty spot and decided to start. However, just before he could cast his first spell, someone laughed at him. \"Hah! Look at that peasant boy trying to cast magic!\" The people at his side all started laughing at Lin Fang and waited for him to make a fool of himself.

Angry, he cast his first spell, using the instructions that had been implanted in his mind by the system. \"Draco Ignis!\" He ordered the fire to take the form of a dragon and strike the target.

As the dragon made from fire emerged from his palms, the people who were laughing at him shut up immediately and looked at him in awe. Giving a flap of its wings majestically and opening its maw as if roaring, the dragon arrived at the target in the blink of an eye and struck it, setting it on fire.

\"Oh my god! Did he just cast the Dragonfire spell? I thought only elves and dragons could do that!\"

Then, after hearing those words, he decided to use the transformation spell to transform into a dragon. Before he cast it, a system prompt popped up.

「Maximum sustainable size: Drake. Mana consumption rate: 500/second. Are you sure you would like to set the spell to this setting? Note: Spell preserves clothes.」

Lin Fang chose yes and started casting. \"Humana Draco Transmutatio!\"

Instantly, right after he cast the spell, scales began growing on his arms, legs, and body as his body expanded and his feet and hands turned into sharp, lethal claws and as his head turned into that of a dragon. After his transformation, the students that had said that only elves and dragons could cast the spell were flabbergasted yet again. The kid that looked like a peasant was a dragon? No dragon would let their child wear those dirty clothes, right?

Lin Fang let out a roar. Inside, he was panicking. He thought, \"Argh! I've gone too far with my spells! Why did I do it in a place where everyone could see?!\"

Suddenly, a very familiar cold aura covered him. It was Wang Fenghua yet again. She cast a spell and spoke to Lin Fang, \"Why are you here, dragon?\"

\"I'm Lin Fang, not a dragon. Look, I used a transformation spell, alright?\" Lin Fang spoke. His words were words to Wang Fenghua, but to the rest of the people that had surrounded them, his words were roars.

Wang Fenghua was astounded. So Lin Fang had a baby dragon with him because Lin Fang was a dragon himself? So her thoughts previously were true? Lin Fang did bear the egg of a dragon because he was a dragon! If Lin Fang had been able to hear these thoughts, he would have spit out blood and fainted since this was just too ridiculous. Look, lady, I meant that I used a transformation spell to transform INTO a dragon, not to transform into a human!!! And what do you mean I bore the egg of a dragon?!

Lin Fang cancelled the transformation spell and became a human again. Wang Fenghua seemed slightly less cold, but maybe that was just him.

Lin Fang was once again escorted back to his residence by Wang Fenghua and told to not use such fancy magic in public again.

Wang Fenghua said, \"If you want to do your magic, do it in the private training rooms. Those cost only 1 silver beast orb per hour.\"

Lin Fang was appalled by the way she talked about the silver beast orbs as if they were pennies. \"Only?! I only have 2 of them!\" He had gotten one from the system and another from the monthly resource allowance.

\"Oh! Wait, really? I thought... you know, that you were the son of a dragon? You should be rich, right?\" Wang Fenghua had a confused expression on her face.

\"What do you mean 'son of a dragon'?! I'm the son of a human and a human, ok?!?! I'm not rich, 20 silvers, the money I have on me, is half of my family's SAVINGS!\"

\"Oh. Well, you can have some of my silver beast orbs then. Here,\" Wang Fenghua said as she handed him a sack full of them.

Wang Fenghua left Lin Fang's house. From that day on, Lin Fang's name was spread around the school along with the phrase, \"He's a dragon but he dresses up as a peasant!\"

Soon, after two weeks, the time to battle Dao Ban had arrived.


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