Godly Sword Arts
7 Absolute prodigy
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Godly Sword Arts
Author :Soaringnemesis
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7 Absolute prodigy


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Lin Fang walked to the stage where the battle would be held. When he arrived, he found a crowd of people all there to see \"dragon\" Lin Fang. Dao Ban was already on the stage, and seemed to be haughtily staring down at everybody there. Lin Fang stepped onto the stage.

He said, \"Dao Ban, let's start.\"

\"Hah. Seeing as you're so weak, I'll let you have the first move,\" Dao Ban arrogantly said.

\"Are you sure about that? One move of mine will win the battle.\" Dao Ban nodded and scoffed at the poor village boy. Ridicule immediately emerged from the crowd, saying that Lin Fang was too arrogant. \"In that case, I won't be courteous,\" Lin Fang said.

Lin Fang, immediately after saying so, cast the Dragonfire spell. Once again, like what had happened at the training ground, streams of fire from his palms combined together in midair to form into a white-hot dragon. Lin Fang decided to put on a show, so he made the dragon ascend into the sky, do an aerial backflip, and then zoom back down to attack Dao Ban. Dao Ban, seeing this, quickly put up a shield, which was quickly broken through by the fire dragon. Then, he hastily constructed another one. Suddenly, right as the fire dragon was about to hit his face, a hand reached out and caught it.

\"My disciple concedes, please give me some face as the department head of-\" The new voice was cut off as Dao Ban shouted, \"I don't concede! Who said that I'm...\"

His voice faded away as he saw the back of his master facing him.

Lin Fang said, \"Alright. However, he must hand over the next three months' resources. This was promised when he challenged me.\"

\"He's lying! I would never do that!\" Dao Ban shouted.

Even though many in the audience knew what a blatant lie this was, they didn't dare to speak out for fear of being sent to detention by Dao Ban's master.

\"Oh, now that you've lost, you've become a spineless b*stard? Weren't you so cocky before?\" Lin Fang was mocking Dao Ban.

Dao Ban's master said, \"Please give me some face and not collect upon this debt.\"

\"He promised it to me, so I must have it,\" Lin Fang said. In his previous life, he hated people who lost and owed something but refused to pay what they owed.

\"In that case, I'm afraid I must send you to detention for 2 weeks to reflect on the grave sin of lying and trying to kill your fellow students,\" Dao Ban's master said, clearly knowing who was in the right but still siding with his student.

\"Who dares to bully my disciple? Is it you, old Bing?\" Vice-Headmaster Li's voice rang down from above.

\"Ye-I mean no! No! I was not trying to bully your disciple! Lin Fang over there, he claimed that my disciple had promised three months of the monthly resources to him if my disciple lost! How outrageous is that?!\" Dao Ban's master was flustered now that a true big shot had appeared.

\"I don't find it outrageous at all, actually. After all, I also personally heard him promise that,\" Vice-Headmaster Li said.

Dao Ban's master's face turned black as he was forced to turn around to his disciple and say, \"Since you agreed to the conditions and even the vice-headmaster here heard it, you must follow the agreement and hand over your resources for the next three months.\"

Lin Fang said while laughing, \"Dao Ban, you must really feel like a pirated copy[1] now, huh? Trying to act strong in front of me when I'm clearly stronger?\"

Dao Ban's face turned black and he vomited a mouthful of blood from the anger.

Lin Fang then spoke again, \"But of course, you can't be blamed for that, since your mother was the good copy but she ended up making a pirated copy[2] of herself! Also, you shouldn't be sad about your name, it definitely suits you very well!\"

Dao Ban vomited another mouthful of blood and directly fainted from anger. His master, not daring to offend the vice-headmaster, just glared strongly at Lin Fang and then left with Dao Ban.

Vice-Headmaster Li said, \"Come with me. I need to have you show me one of your spells that I heard about from Wang Fenghua. Something about humans, dragons, and transformation?\"

Lin Fang was again yanked by the arm with VH Li and they soon arrived in the same place that VH Li had told him the story of the academy in.

VH Li said, \"Show me the spell!\"

Lin Fang nodded and cast the spell. \"Humana Draco Transmutatio!\"

Again, right after he cast the spell, scales began growing on his arms, legs, and body as his body expanded, his feet and hands turned into sharp, lethal claws, and his head turned into that of a dragon. VH Li had a weird expression on his face. He muttered to himself, \"Well, are you a dragon or a human?\"

Lin Fang tried to ask, \"Can I change back into a human now?\"

However, all that came out of his mouth were roars.

VH Li said, as if understanding his words, \"Alright, turn back into a human.\"

Lin Fang cancelled the spell and VH Li asked him a question. \"Is your real form a dragon or a human?\"

Lin Fang said, \"Human, of course.\"

VH Li had an even stranger expression on his face now, and Lin Fang asked, \"Are you ok? Why do you have that expression on your face?\"

\"Yes, I'm fine. If you're a human, how come you have the aura of a dragon when you transform?\" VH Li was confused by that.

Lin Fang couldn't explain the real reason, that he had a system which gave him the skill, so he answered with a fake reason and said, \"I think it's just the skill that does that. Also, I'm not sure about this, but I think I can transform into other beasts but the bigger the beasts are, the more mana I use every second.\"

VH Li, although not showing it on the outside, now thought about how much of a monster Lin Fang was. At Lin Fang's age, VH Li had still been a student who had been an outer disciple and didn't know any magus skills except for the basic and weak fireball spell.

「Quest \"Magus Training\" completed! Rewards will be distributed.」

After this, Lin Fang was brought back to his house and told to not accept any other challenges until at least the half-year examination. At that point, he was told that he could use as much flamboyant magic as he wanted and he could show off his tamed beasts as well. For the time being, he was told to behave like a normal student, attend classes, and use the private training rooms.

During the classes, he learned about the history of the continent that he was on and also some other much weaker and easy to master magus spells than the ones he had.

After training for a whole weekend, it was time for class.



1: Dao Ban means pirated copy in Chinese pinyin.

2: A play on words. Means that the mother had all the good genes and passed the bad ones to Dao Ban.


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