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Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of underground world
Author :BAJJ
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115 duping grin

[Yue International Enterprise, Seraphina's office]

Seraphina was done with all the preparations for tomorrow's event. After checking everything for the last time, a satisfied smile formed on her lips.

Riggs, on the other hand, was comfortably slumped to her office sofas. He was too comfortable that they might mistake him that it was his own office.

Suddenly, Seraphina was reminded of something, she murmurs.

"Hey, what do you think happened to that island after we left?" Her voice was audible enough to reach the reposing Riggs on the sofa. Riggs pondered for a while before speaking,

"uhh, probably nothing?" Since Seraphina revealed to him that Gavrill Petrov was been taken care of by Leon, he was absolute that he won't make a move for the time being.

After all, god knows what that Leon has done to Petrov even if Seraphina ordered him to not kill the guy. Which is what Leon hated the most -- not exterminating his mark.

Seraphina kept her silence for a moment as if she was deep in her thoughts. Just now, part of her was unease even though she was also doubtless about Leon's capabilities. Even so, why does she feels… disturbed?

For reassurance, Seraphina pulled an odd-looking phone from one of her desk storage. She unhesitantly called the only person in the contact list. After a ring, the line immediately went through.

"Moshi Moshi~! Boss, do you know the saying: fear makes the wolf bigger than it is?" X's youthful voice greeted Seraphina with an odd saying afterward. Seraphina's lips twitch because X actually read some life sayings for him to flaunt.

"So you think you're bigger than me now?" Seraphina dissed.

"Oh… Boss, how could I? I may have a big appetite but I'm also one of the lucky people who doesn't inflate immediately." X defended proudly taking her words in a literal meaning.

Seraphina had a sudden headache even with her numb body. Massaging her temples, she spoke in defeat.

"Can you check Isla de Paz situation?" Seraphina went down to her main concern before she even lost track of the purpose of her call.

"Isla de Paz? Where is that?" X inquired hearing the unfamiliar island. He was somewhat used to this female voice his boss was using so he doesn't actually pry about it anymore.

"Uh, boss, if this is urgent, I need its basic information, for example, its coordinates." X spoke in a matter of factly tone.

After all, the world is vast and even though his boss gifted him a very, out of this world device which broadened his hacking skills, he could not complete her request within a few days.

"It's far but not too far east china sea. There is a small man-made island called Isla de Paz. I need a drone shot from there. Send Rex since there is no way you can use god's eye without infiltrating the NASA's satellite. I don't plan to alarm the authorities." Seraphina explained followed with her orders. It is the best solution she could come up with because she already had someone formidable targeting her and being too bold with the government would be a pain.

"Alright." When X agreed without further instigation, Seraphina hung up the phone. Glancing at the dubious person perched on the sofa, she arcs her brows.

"Uh, boss? What was that for?" Riggs interrogated.

"for my peace of mind." Seraphina flatly answered before diverting her focus on the stack of documents lying on the side of her desk.

When Riggs heard her reasoning, his brows unconsciously knitted. It was unusual of Seraphina to send Rex just to check an island she stayed a month ago. While he was pondering, a light knock from the door disrupts the silent office of hers.

"Come in." Seraphina nonchalantly answered without turning her head to the person who came in.

"Madam, a call from the Han Corporation was received this morning. They wanted to make an appointment." Henry Man plainly informed her.

"Then make an appointment. Why ask me?" Seraphina apathetically answered without giving much attention towards Henry Man. To her, it was probably about the incident last night. Henry Man kept his silence for a while before speaking again.

"They wanted to meet you today." If it was others, Henry Man would not waver even if they wanted to make a sudden appointment with his current boss --he'll definitely reject them. Since Seraphina specifically ordered him that she wants her schedule to be strictly arranged -- No sudden interruptions if not necessarily.

However, Han Corporation is the leading, biggest company and most powerful family in the entire country. Also, their international connections are also impressive. So Henry Man needed to inform her beforehand.

Seraphina when she heard the request from the particular company, her interest was piqued. Truly, people, especially from the top of the social ladder, don't wait. Seraphina rubbed her chin as if she was pondering.

"Hmm. Sure. But tell them I'll ask for an extra charge." After she spouts her orders, a smug grin formed on the corners of her lips. Riggs and Henry Man who's seeing her smug grin was rendered speechless.

Henry Man: "..."

Riggs: 'why do I see her duping grin?'


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