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His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy
Author :FrozenAngel
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"Mother, father, what are you doing here?" Zhong Feng asked.

Chu Ling and Zhong Tian looked at him with the usual exasperation. They had always tried to get their children to be closer to them and call them 'mom' and 'dad'. For their older daughter, it was difficult because she had not been home for the latter part of her childhood.

When Mian'er had returned, things had been a little awkward since she had become a grown-up. Moreover, she had joined Zhong Industries right after returning to Supreme City. Even though their relationship was good, it was not close enough for childish affection.

As for Zhong Feng, he had never called them fondly even when he was a child. He had always been a little gloomy, and his personality was cold and distant. It was already good enough that he did not call them Mr and Mrs Zhong.

Still, Chu Ling could not help feeling a subtle desire for closeness with her children.

"Can't we come to visit you at home? In any case, we came to see Hu Lei not you." She replied in a moody manner as she looked at her son.

Zhong Feng looked at Hu Lei as she rubbed her little brother's head and confirmed that she had not been wronged. Unfortunately, this made Chu Ling and Zhong Tian feel even more annoyed, even though they knew that he had basis for making a bad assumption.

"And who is this good child?" Chu Ling decided to turn her attention to the boy.

Murong Fai heard these words and immediately turned to the elders that he had ignored.

"Good evening, Uncle and Auntie." He said in a soft and cute voice.

With his small body and his large adorable eyes, he looked younger than his fifteen years. Moreover, he had not had a lot of interactions with people while living in the Murong household, so he looked quite innocent and naïve.

This had always peeved the Murong family. For instance, the Murong elder who he had called grandfather had always tried to toughen him up, but he had never succeeded due to various challenges. On one occasion, he had hired someone to make Fai go through military exercises, but Murong Fai had become extremely sick due to the strain of the process and the harsh conditions.

He had also brought Murong Fai to interact with age mates in the social circle to train for a future in the company. Unfortunately, he had been unable to get along with them, and they had ended up calling him the 'retarded sickly waste'.

All in all, he had never had a good time with the elder, but he had somehow remained sweet and guileless.

Hearing that voice and the address, Chu Ling's heart softened.

"What's your name, child?" She approached him.

"I am Murong Fai." He said clearly.

Chu Ling could not help reaching a hand to rub the soft cheeks. Unlike the young Feng'er, this boy did not shrink away in displeasure. Zhong Tian also looked at the boy favourably, even though he had heard the scandal that surrounded the child.

Seeing this instant adoration, Hu Lei felt a little jealous. She was obviously cute and adorable, and her heart was pure like a mountain spring. Why had these people been biased against her? Zhong Feng saw her petty thoughts and his lips stretched into a little smile. He walked to her and pulled her into him arms. He kissed her head, uncaring about his parents.

Immediately, Hu Lei let go of her small grudge. Who cared about their thoughts? She had won the beauty. She cuddled closer to him.

After a while, Chu Ling and Zhong Tian decided to go home after inviting the cute child to visit them. They even seemed reluctant to leave him with Hu Lei and Zhong Feng. It seemed that if they had a choice, they would have taken him with them.

"Why are you so likable?" Hu Lei pinched the cheeks of the young boy firmly.

"I can't help being cute." He said while trying to escape her claws.

After a little playing around, Zhong Feng cleared his throat and indicated for Hu Lei to broach the core matter that they were facing. She, once again, felt a little nervous as she faced Fai. She told him to sit down and then took a deep breath.

"Fai, you might have heard rumours by now that Murong Cheng is not your father." She said.

"I knew that already." The teenager replied with a rare adult expression. "I always heard a lot of people whispering about it in the house."

Hu Lei could not help but marvel at his mental fortitude. If it was another child, they would have probably made a scene after hearing such matters.

"Actually, your father was a man called Hu Ming. He was also my father." She said in a soft voice.

"So, that means that little big sister is actually my real sister?" He asked in a shocked manner.

"Yes. I am sorry that I did not tell you about it sooner. But Lu Liang is your only legal parent, so she has the final say in your life."

There was a little darkening in those bright eyes at the mention of his mother. In the little boy's mind, he actually wanted to hear that Lu Liang was not his mother. After all, she had never treated him well. She had always used him to carry favour with the horrible elder Murong.

Still, the darkness cleared after a while. "I am glad that you are my big sister."

Hu Lei felt a little relieved that he did not seem to blame her, but she also wished that he would at least act a little wronged. It might ease her guilt a little.

"What happened to our father?" Murong Fai asked.

Hu Lei hesitated a little. "He passed away some time ago."

"How did he die?"

"Well, we were travelling, and there was an accident. He did not make it."

Murong Fai could see that Hu Lei was hiding other things behind her sad unusual eyes. Even though people thought that he was foolish, he was very astute. It was just that he did not know how to express himself properly like a grownup, so people always assumed that he did not know anything.

Hu Lei looked at the boy whose gaze seemed deep just like Hu Ming when he was lost in his thoughts. She smiled a little at the thought. "Do you have another question?"

"Yes. Can I change my name?"

Hu Lei felt that he was too precious and laughed. "Of course. What do you want to be called?"

"Hu Fai! I want the same name as little big sister!"


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