Holding to you
18 The Queen anger
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Holding to you
Author :Poetri_cantique
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18 The Queen anger

Earlier, as the law in the palace when The King is planning to consummate their night, the Imperial doctor will need to concoct the old recipe of traditional aphrodisiac to boost the pregnancy and their night. Lee Yeong and the queen drank the potion earlier today as their daily regime.

Yeon Joo hears and understood a little for the traditional formal language used on the language. It was the time for Lee Yeong to consummate the married night with the queen. Yeon Joo got angry to hear the message and stomped Lee Yeong foot purposely until he screamed.

"If you dare to sleep with another woman… I will go back to my parent house," Yeon Joo threaten him.

Before Lee Yeong could answer her sentenced, there was a palace guard from Seon yeo relayed the message to Eunuch Jang.

"Jeon Ha… In the city, there was a huge commotion about an envoy with blond hair people. It's making the people scared of them. We managed to detain them in the city office," Eunuch Jang reported to him.

"Brought them to outside the grand hall and we will find out about their main intention… Ahh… tell to the queen to postpone the date as I am busy at the moment for urgent stuff," Lee Yeong instructed to the court lady who bows and left back to the queen palace.

Lee Yeong left his chamber and Instructed Yeon Joo to stay put inside his chamber. Unfortunately, it made Yeon Joo wanted to know about the intruder. She asked to court lady min to take her to the grand chamber. Court Lady Min stopped her with the instruction from the king and there were no women allowed inside the great hall unless the king permitted. Yeon Joo ignored her and walked out from the king palace.

In the way there, she got caught with the Queen who was really angry as the court lady reported everything to her.

The queen walked toward Yeon Joo and slapped her face straight away. Court lady Min bowed down to the ground straight away begged for the forgiveness.

"How dare you to stop him to spend the night with me," The queen stopped her which made Yeon Joo surprised with her action.

"Listened to me… I will not slap you back but I will make him never visited you. Marked my word," Yeon Joo turned around and helped Court lady Min to stand up to walk away.

Seon Yeo leads the group of westerner groups of 3 male and 3 women in their priest clothes. They spoke a foreign language which no one understands about it. All the ministry gather around to the great hall in a hurry after the king summoned them. There were some of the workers from the government officials who speak fluently in Mandarin and Japanese. They tried to interrogate them. However, the westerners were not responded to their greeting. The palace guards were stood in an attacking position.

Seon Yeo was going to step inside the great hall who got stopped by the queen.

"you are not allowed to step into the grand chamber!!!" The queen stopped her.

"Je Suis francais…. Je ne comprendspas Votre langue (I am French… I don't understand your language)" One of the westerner explained in the French language.

"I do understand… how are you?" Yeon Joo screams in French.

Everyone was looking back to Yeon Joo who got held by the queen and the guard. Even Lee Yeong was surprised to hear the same language came out from Yeon Joo mouth.

"We are not really good… I supposed we landed on the wrong island. They are really barbaric," one of the ladies spoke up.

"Don't be afraid. It just they never see people like you in this era. I will try to ask the king to release you," Yeon Joo spoke French fluently with them.

"Have you meet with our kind of people? We are merchants and want to see China," one of the men explained to Yeon Joo.

"I lived in Geneva for almost 5 years so I learnt French, German and Italy," Yeon Joo told her background while still in the doorstep of the great hall.

Every minister in the Grand Hall looked at her. They talked among themselves for Yeon Joo ability to speak the weird language. They were scared and amazed at the same time. The King was amazed by all the hidden ability of Yeon Joo.

"My King… They are merchants who got lost. They supposedly were going to Ming but got down to this country. They are from Europe. Would you release me so I could become your translator?" Yeon Joo asked him.

"released her… asked them what is their main purpose to come to our land?" Lee Yeong instructed in the hall.

"Jeon Ha… this is way far from normal… I am the queen and I couldn't join the politic inside the great hall but you allowed that wicked women to step into the great hall and join the politic. What else she is going to do?" The Queen pleaded in front of the ministry and the king. She actually tried to put pressure into the king for cancelling the night with her. The main problem is the aphrodisiac tonic started to work up. The Queen started to sweat on her forehead and shaking.

"Jeon Ha, the empress is correct… It is writing in the law that women can't step inside the great hall to join the politic," the prime minister pleads for his daughter. He could see from his king face that he is really upset with his daughter. all his plan will go disarray if he didn't back his daughter up.

"quiet… I will not allow her to come inside if any of you as competent as her. Can any of you talk to the foreigner here and give me satisfaction answer?" Lee Yeong threw the parchment to the floor due on anger. He saw Yeon Joo talked with one of the foreigners and he feels something wrong in his body. He feels the heatwave started to blur his mind. He needs Yeon Joo right now.

"You never know if it was not her trick Jeon Ha…" The queen gives a misleading statement to cloud the ministry judgment. Yeon Joo is really angry to hear her theory. She almost wanted to leap on her and slap her face.

"HO Oh…. Are you the king or I am the king…. Locked them up and dismiss the court until tomorrow morning," The King stood up and leave the great hall to his chamber.


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