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"Where the hell am I" said Jon trying to remember what happened to him the last thing he knew is saving those children from the school bas falling from the bridge. he was a first responder rescuers and was a bit of an adrenalin junkie that is way he loved his job it provided excitement plus he could help a lot of people in need he was awarded with many honorary medals got a lot of tank you letters but in his legs got stake in the buss set when he rescued the lass passenger arcos of the white shift then the buss free fall in to the a canyon the las ting he sow is the blast heat for the exploding tank coming an consuming him all an now he was in tis seemingly white room

"ohh you finally are here. you have don quite well for your selfie in this life haven't you I am rarely impressed by the dead's of a mortals but you are definitely amongst the top five and that is very high parse coming from me be happy mortal you have collected a lot of karma and u can ask me"

Jon was stand what huge man sitting in the thrown said and was now shore that he did in his las job but he did not feel bad and only sad that he will not get to fell that exalted any more so he asked the binge

Jon "are you god'

Bing "you cool call me what eve r you like mortal but I am the king of all ad ruler of all"

Jon "so what is gone happened to me next"

Bing " well you have a choose one pass one and go on to haven two reincarnate in a world of you choosing with 3 wish of your choosing "

If Jon had a body right now he will be drooling of fanboying right know as he thought "calm don man this is happening man this is to good" after a wile of thinking he asked the Bing

Jon "the wishes can be anything right?"

Bing "yes but you have to be very specific about it"

Jon "then I pike the two and my first wish is to have 5 lvl base abilities"

Jon "first if I put conditions to the then ability will it make it stronger and make the them beater to use in sad conditions"

Bing "yes but it depend on the max power the ability if it is fiction then it cannot pass that lev of it's max potential in it world of originated and if it's a made one you came up with then the stronger you make it the harder it becomes to riche it peak"

Jon "then I wild like to put a leveling up base of mastery in all of them of the ability's and condition of use level brake with consequence to some of the abilities"

Bing "you can do that but how hard to level it up depends on the ability"

Jon " ok my first ability is going to be god hand of Hercules from fate max of 5 levels start at lvl 0 any attack lower than my level is nullified and ineffective at lvle1 gain 3 lives and gain the resurrection

at lvl 2 gain 6 lives and instant damage nullification of privies attacks at lvl 3 gain 9 lives and additional immunity to any attack that killed me before cannot kill me again and finally at lvl 4 gain 12 lives and any attack capable of killing me can only take on life can only one life"

jone "and the condition for activation from lvl1 to 4 is dyeing and every life is restored within 3 day from the loss of that life and for 0 to 5 is dominate ability means all ways active. second the ability has the limit bark condition can only bring it to the next level for 1 hour and after that the ability stops working for one 30 day comas back at lvl 0 and thane returns to its privies level in 3 days in travel for each level and cannot use limit brake again till it reach the you were it was before"

jon " my second ability heal(absolute) max same at 5 same to god hand at level 0 regeneration at lvl 1 rapid regeneration and heal at lvl 2 limbs and organs regeneration an heal at lvl 3 poison and caress resistance at lvl 4 I in case of reality manipulated erased from existence invokes god hand and rewrites reality and reincarnate"

Jon "condition for activation is damage from lvl 0 to 3 and for the self-healing, the ability is a dominant one and only activation base for heeling others. And the las lvl 4 can be activated through limit brake for this ability only invokes god hand at the lvl 4 and using without reaching lvl 4 in both heal and god hand using limit brake penalty is for both to rates to lvl 0 for 30 days then regains its original level in 3 days interval as for god hand same as before"

jon "may 3rd chose is sharigan and an activaton base ability max 5 lvl

at lvl 0 pike base form sharigan, all abilities of base form sharigan at lvl 1 eternal mangakue sharigan, Tsukuyomi and koamsukami at lvl 2 eternal mangaku sharigan, kamui and time dilation like madra at lvl 3 eternal mangaku saringan , amatirasu and inferno style

at lvl 4 renigan , all pahts and saskes cool teleportation "

jon "get skeletal Susanoo at lvl 1 half body at lvl 2 and full body tru Susanoo at lvl 3 and using outer path cost life from my stoke and can only exchange life for a life meaning depending on lvl of god hand the amount of use per day and at lvl 4 both eyes look like sasukes renigan "

Jon " my 4th and combination projection magic of shiro and true magic Dindayal of nothingness it is a 5 lvl max, activation based and can only critter non organic materials and energy consumption depends on what is made"

"at lvl 0 can only create without magical property's at lvl 1 imbed weapons with magical properties and conditions

at lvl 2 law imbed weapons and materials with proper tis and condition

at lvl 3 divine and demonic imbed weapons and tings at lvl 4 space and time manipulation capable weapons and things

Jon "the energy consumption depends on the lvl of my energy and what is being made, if energy supply is not sufficient extra catalyst supply is needed"

Jon "and 5th Gandalf the ability ty to master all weapons or I believe it to be a weapon to its peak at lvl 0 mastery of all non-magical weapons and knowledge at lvl 1 mastery of all magical weapons and knowledge at lvl 2 mastery of all law imbed weapons and knowledge at lvl 3 mastery of all divine and demonic weapons and knowledge at lvl 4 mastery of all space and tine weapons and knowledge"

Jon "condition is weapon must be in physical contact, it is an activation blaze ability ,and once in contact all information's of how it works skills used with it and manufacture and how it can be improved so for later with enough energy it can be recreated using 4th ability"

Jon " that is my first wish"

Bing "mortal you are greedy one but those conditions at list makes it easier ok granted what is your second wish"

Jon "my second wish is the ability to cultivate an energy compatible with a all ( ki, chakra, nen, mana, haki, etc ) and with peak affinity to all elemental and capabilities of said energy types . With a cultivation manual

Jon "my las wish is an A.I helper capable of analyzing and decoding formations and arrays to learn how it used and how to counter and has a library canting all ninjutsu genjutsu and tayjutsu , ki technics, "

Bing "ok now that long ass list is over where do you want to reincarnate?"

Jon "in a fantasy world of cultivators realms can I choose my race to be a human fanalis from magi"

Bing "your wish have been granted make a good show for me young mortal"

This was the last word that Jon herd be for a white light took all over him an lost his consciousness

Bing "what an entrusting one hope you do good in this life as you did in your past one"


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