2 reborn in a new world
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Author :bilu619
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2 reborn in a new world

Deep in the forest called shadow forest of this world near a beautiful water fall lake lade a boy of 14 to 16 years of age slipping near the lake he had a crimson read hire and fare little tan skin with bare rip upper half body and a white cloth covering his lower half this boy was Jon.

As Jon started to wake up his head hearted and he said "dame man do I have a hangover or what I had the weirdest dream ever" as he as he tried to seat he notices his body was a lot shorter and that he is in the middle of the forest .

Jon "so that was not a dream after all I did die and met that binge and now I am in a ne world"

Jon lad back agine looking at the blue sky as a big smile creeped up on his face holding up his hand he says

Jon " I Jon ling shall reach the havens and seize may seat as the strongest of this world and whoever stands in my way shale test the cup of biter defeat from this day onward starts my journey to the top"

Ad just then he heard a robotic voice in his head

A.I [host a has a message from ruler of all do you wish to read content]

Jon "is that the A.I and the binge as sent me a message 'haa!!' Yes I would like to accept plz"


{ hi lilt Jon I wanted to tell you in to wat world I have sent you to this world name is called big dipper and it is one of the 50 mortal world of this universe , this universe is divided in to 3 separate realms being mortal realm , immortal realm, and god realm , and I have installed a sub command- access in your A.I with all the information you will need about the world you are in the stronger you get the more information you get to access. And as a gift I gave you u a present a storage ring there is a cultivation manual called the origin god and few clothe in there since your on layer short of naked and all}

A.I [confirmed dose host wishes to access available outraised information of the world he is currently in??]

Jon "yes plez"

A.I [ world big dipper: one of the 10 saint rank world in the mortal realm and 5th in strengthen. the mortal world cultivation system is divided in to 3 big realms being : the mortal realm, the xiantian realm, and saint realm . the mortal realm is divided in to ( body refining, qi gathering, and core formation ) . the xiantan realm is divide in to ( mortal core , earth core and heavenly core) the saint realm is divided in to ( saint , saint master, saint lord, saint king, saint emperor) with each sub division having 10 lvl. Tis world is dividend in to 3 continents each continent majorly occupied by one race 1(beast continent, majority magical bests, minority demi humans), 2( fairy land ,majority demi humans , minority humans), 3 the biggest of the continents star fall continent and host is currently on has ( 70% humans ,20% demi humans, 10% magical bests), the beset pales is ruled by the beast pales, the demi humans are ruled by the consuls of the world tree, and the stare fall is divided between two big empires. Liyous empire to the west and the and the tang empire to the east, both having allot of vassal kingdoms under there rule and 4 big sects (jade pales sect, sword pales sect, the war god haul, and the heavenly cloud palace. The jade palace and the sword palace sect being in the Tang Empire and war god haul and heavenly cloud palace being located in the liyous empire this is the general information that i can give the host for any ting eals host must go oute and gather information on his own]

Jon " I gas that's fare, this much is also good having the general knowledge is good"

Jon "A.I where is my relative location now?"

A.I [you are in out skirts of the shadow forest in a hidden pocket world that that the ruler of all made (you can leave this place when you reach the pike of body refining), this place near one of the the kingdoms ruled by the thang dynasty the shi kingdom and this forest is occupied by rank 1 to rank 4 magical bests and]

Jon looked at the rig he was gifted by the binge with a little bite extend he walked over to the lake again to look at his features he look looked 15 to 16 years with red crimson hire and golden eyes with rip body with no fat so ever and fairly tall height of 6.2 fit .

Jon "dame am I handsome or what!!"

Jon "A.I can you show me my stats"




Cultivation: None

Strength: body refining (3) "{cause of fanalis race boost}

Passive ability: heal lvl 0 ( all physical injuries will heal an can hell slowly at a steady rate)

Passive ability: god hand lvl 0 (all attacks lower than the lvl of the user are ineffective)

Active ability: sharingan lvl 0 (currently in active till cultivation is started)

Active ability: creation magic lvl 0 (currently not active till cultivation is started)

Active ability: Gandalf lvl 0

Skiles: non

Cultivation manual: origin god (grade unknown)


Jon looked at his stats and was satisfied with what he got so far and in the men time he needes to stare cultivating to get access to all of his ability's so that he can increase his strength and chances for survival in this strength base world survival of the fittest and all.

Jon "this life is going to be fun"

Jon "A.I can you tell me how the cultivation manual works"

A.I[ IT is separated in to in to 3 scriptures host has host have access to only the first one the origin liking scripture part , would host like to start with first parte?]

Jon" yes please"

A.I [confirmed downloading it to host mined]

Jon state near the lake and started to digest the in formation of the first of the origin god manual since he wish for an energy that can mimic other forms of energy it was the best to cultivate it using the he can gather energy of any kind and convert it to his form with ease so he started to direct his birthing and the flow of energy in his body started to circulate faster and faster ad his body started to hit up and started swatting a little bit the stim started to rise from his skin as his cultivation rose his already strong body was gating stronger and after a 1 hour he broke through first but he did not stop there e continued till his body started to heart and within just 4 hours he broke to lv 3 body refining it was at this point that the pain of his body become too much to bear and he was laid flat on his back he rested for one hour before the pain subsided and sat bake up again and asked is A.I for there is the improvement of his strength.

A.I [congratulation host for officially starting on the rode of cultivation, hosts cultivation has improved his strength would host like to see?]

Jon "yes"

A.I [name: Jon ling

Race: fanlise

Age: 14

Cultivation: body refining (3)

Strength: body refining (6)

Passive ability: heal lvl 0 ( all physical injuries will heal an can hell slowly at a steady rate)

Passive ability: god hand lvl 0 (all attacks lower than the lvl of the user are ineffective)

Active ability: sharingan lvl 0 (can be used now (one tome, when inter lvl 4 two and lvl 7 three tomes))

Active ability: creation magic lvl 0 (can be used now)

Active ability: Gandalf lvl 0 ( mastery over all cowmen weapons)

Skiles: non


Jon " at least I can stare train a lots of staph A.I what can train with these amount of energy I fell like I am 10 time stronger than just use before "

A.I [sorry host since you are in these world you are beholden to some of its rules at list at the minimum amount and since you are still at the body refining stage and do not sufficient in flow and storage of your unique energy since all of it go to your body to refine it to its pick conditions so these amount sufficient to only activate your abilities at the minim level so I sagest host focus host on tayjutsu and body strengthening techniques like hakii since it will make your attack and defense stronger]

Jon "figures noting is so easy not that I would of like it to be so easy in the first place"

Jon was very disponed he wanted to do cool state already and the world will not let him but he did not let that stop him he made the best with what he have and started a though training regime

After three months passed

Near a beautiful le water fall lake there was a young man who looked 15 to 16 seating in a louts positon as stim rose from his bare skin and he was none other than Jon within three months of intense training of martial art , haki, tyjutsu, and cultivating is his origin god manual he was now at body refining (lvl 9) if the world knew that someone cultivated this fast with so few short of time to would have gone crazy to look for him some to recruit him some to interrogate him and tell them his secret and some just striate up too kill him either out of jealousy or thy cannot afforded something un of a loos canon interfere with their loge schemes and was. Jon did not know how much danger he was in just for an anomaly like him to exit in this cruel world that does not give the week a chance to survive and was right know just all of his focus was to brake to lvl 10 of body refining. His strange was staidly increasing and just after a wile there was a small brats of wind with him as the center he stood up from his positon and take a formal boxing positon and threw a butterfly solid striate punch and followed by a lowed " wooshaak" like sound a his punch produce d a sonic boom and the wind pressure from his punch produced gales of wind traveled to a tree nearby and hitting and cleaving hole through it like drill the hitting a big rook behind it shattering and then disparage together

Jon was a very skilled fighter in his past life he could take on five toughs with no problem at all and now with all taring he did he was in hand to hand combat roved him to new heights he never thought possible in his previous life now he was at list 30 times stronger than he was in his previous life. He laid back on the soft grass to take a rest looking at the lake and clear blow sky. he had groin a little attached to this palace and it was his home and starting place in this world he could not help himself to be a little sentimental. And now he was planning to leave this place to stare his adventure. In his training here he focused three thing other than his cultivation which was taiyjutsu, armament haki, and the flash step he did not do training for weapons since his ability "Gandalf" takes care of that. With every 3lvl he crossed his sharigan was evolving ad now it had three tomoe in each eye.

Jon " A.I can you tell me my states and progress"

A.I [name: Jon ling

Race: fanlise

Age: 14

Cultivation: body refining (10)

Strength: qi circulation (1)

Passive ability: heal lvl 0 ( all physical injuries will heal an can hell slowly at a steady rate)

Passive ability: god hand lvl 0 (all attacks lower than the lvl of the user are ineffective)

Active ability: sharingan lvl 0 (full awaking of base sharing.)

Active ability: creation magic lvl 0 ( can now repair and create materials known or analyzed )

Active ability: Gandalf lvl 0 (mastery over all cowmen weapons)

Skiles: category enhancement skills (flash step: mastery 30%, armament hakii: mastery 30 %, tayjitsu mastery 40%) category manipulation skils ( stan: mastery 10% , hypnosis: mastery 5%

Jon " dame that was though, at list know venture a little in to the forest and look how worthy may strength is compared to this world standards, and some pure soul to be my test subject "

Jon stood up from and took some new cloth form his gift storage ring ad using his creation magic he modified them to look like "archer fate heroic spirit emiya" with a longer red jacket with a hoody. And made a small utility bag raping it around his waist and a thin short blade wit a sharp age mad of Carbone steel and finally a mask for his face that red and white ad markings of a of western dragon face. He did this one to look cool and two he wanted to protect his identity and do all the cool state in this costume .

Jon "with this I can be cool and it works a s an insurance in case I fall out with some unsavory characters"

Aad just like that the legend begins in the in that will shook the mortal world to it core the legend of the "crimson dragon".


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