3 first battle in the new world
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Author :bilu619
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3 first battle in the new world

Jon was jumping from tree to tree like an agile monkey with tremendous speed he was haven so much fun with his new found strength with a big smile on his face shouting yahoo and laughing when he hired the A.I in his mined warning him that he was getting close to the area that rank 1 and 2 beset mostly occupying so he should slow done and took aware of his surrounding

Jon heeded to the advice of the A.I and slowed down and ad looked around him either caution he did not wanted to be ambushed and get injured for being careless on his first day out of the safe zone he was in. and just right about then he stumbled in to what looked like a black bear but it was two times bigger and had six lags instead of four and it was currently munching on what looks to be a poor unlike person. And just after a while the bear spotted him and started growling at him and forgetting the carcass of it pray and devoting all his attention to this new comer cause his instincts ware telling him to be wary if Jon. Jon was not all so calm ether he as asked the A.I the rank of this bear and it told him that it was a rank 2 initial equivalent to a qi cultivator lvl(2) and it was called the iron claw bear known for it sharp fang and claws . Jon's overall strength was equally to that of an elite lvl qi cultivator and that of normal lvl 2 qi cultivators.

Jon jumped down to ground form the tree and stood few mater away from the bear and the bear to it as a challenge and roared at him and it jumped at him with surer speed Jon was shocked stepped back as fast as he could and the bear only managed to graze his chaste armor. Jon did not expected for something that big to move that fast in his in life. If he wants to win in this battle for life then he has to give it no less than 100% of his focused.

He activated his sharingan and took out two kunays and a short thin blade. Jon cultivation may have been lower but tanks to his fanalis race trite and training he is on pare just his speed alone with someone at qi lvl3 or pick initial qi cultivator so he had a little advantage in sped and tanks to his sharigan he can preserve every movement of the bare much more clearer than before he was not going to take another chance like before and being almost cleaved in half by those sharp claws.

Just as the bare was about attack him again he used the flash step to appear behind him and stab it in the heart from the bake side. Though he was not shore of the anatomy of this world animals he assumed since it looked like a bear it would not be that much. He did hid not like to prolong the fight and more than he needed to. But what surpassed him was as the blade only greased the bake of the bear it did not penetrate through it only grazed him and then deflected bake it was like hitting solid metal. The bare was surprised when his targeted was gone so suddenly and felt a sudden Sharpe puncture pain on its back, it viciously turned around swapping his huge claws at Jon. Jon quickly backed away from danger and sent two kunay straight to the bear's eyes trying to blind it. But it swept another arm at it blocking and deflecting the kunyas away. The beset was angered and also felt treated after this small clash with this human and know he was formidable. And Joe was surprised at how thick and hard the bare skin was that even with his strength and the sharpness of his blade that was made of strong carbon metal alloy only managed to leave a scratch.

Jon "man that is some though ass hide it would seem no normal weapon are capable of pricing you "

A.I [ it species are known for having one of thoughts skin since they are in tuned with metal element normal weapons are non-useful on them the you must use other menaces to cause it damage or have weapons made from spirit metal at the very list]

Jon "tanks for the comment" Jon then looked at the bear

Jon "let see how you do with this and if you skin is tough enough to handle haiku infused weapons"

The iron claw bear " garrrrrrrr!!!!!"

Jon "YES!!! That is the sprite s show me the what you got"

Jon channel his hakii in to his blade making it more stronger and sharper in the proses and using flesh step and moved forward aiming to cut the tendons the bare making it immobile and then deliver the finale kill shot. Aiming his blade firs at the left ankle of the bare. This time it went through skin and cut the muscle and tendons of his left leg but it did not in separate the lag completely

Jon "TISK! I still have way more practice to do if I want to master hakii, that shod have cut clean through"

The bear screamed anguish and anger it was being humiliated buy this human who came out of no ware to its territory and know its left lag was badly injured. The bear's hair stud with silver luster and it screamed at Jon charging at Jon with no regard for its life. What surprised Jon was its speed and overall strength had increased by allot and he was barley dodge it using flash step.

Jon was now on the defensive and the bear was mowing through rocs trees and anything its way to get to Jon. Jon asked his A.I what happen to it

A.I[ It would seem it has activated it blood line power and increasing its power by tow folds and it can use its bloodline Skiles ( silver slash and silver needle spray)]

Jon "silver what? And what know????"

But before he could processes what the A.I said the bear sharp claws lit with silver light and it swung it at Jon with insane speed Jon used the flash step to back way from there but 4 silver inclined lines of light followed him and where about to pulverize him. Jon drew his bald in front of himself and channeled his whole body with armament hakii to embrace for thee impact. And with a boom sound the attack clashed with his sword and Jon feet were dragged through the ground managing to hold for a while before the force of the impact proved to be more than he can handle and he was sent flaying thorough a tree before slamming to a near bay big rook. Coughing out blood Jon looked at the bear charging at him like a raging boll

Jon " haa silver slash… got it now and not to self, watch out for that one "

Jon jumped from his position avoiding the incoming bear the crashed the big rook like glass, the last attack brook few of jons ribs and dislocated his right arm from the shoulder, he was not to much worried about his injuries since he had his ability heal with in few hours he would be back to his best shape but he cannot take on an attack of that caliber again.

Jon knew if things continue this way he will not survive this battle and he have to be strategic about this so he med up plan to stop the bear movement first cause in this form kipping up with its speed and power is proving to be a huge burden on him

Jon " I hope this works I am on may last lag here"

Jon put his blade to his moth and three another kunays and using the flash step to get himself to the bake of the bear and prepared do the same attack as before but the bear would not be tricked with same move two time and turned fast to face Jon, but Jon just smiled at him and he was counting on the bear turning around to face him or this would not work cause he is not good at it. Jon used his sharingan to Stan him with a illusion and stabbed one kunay in each its limbs at joints killer bee style and then taking his blade to his left arm and proceeded to cut the injured leg this time cutting it clean of the bears. The bear was awakened from the illusion but the Paine rushed through all of it senses and skimmed lewdly in angry and pain , jon quickly backed away he could not finis his attack case the bear awaken from his stand state he wanted to slash at it head and killing it or critically injuring it be he knew better than with a wild animal who has nothing to lose case thy are there most dangers a this stat. accessing his condition jon knew he was running out of energy and stamina and could only do two to three flash steps before running out and becoming a sitting duck this would be the final moment of this bate ether he kills it or it kills him.

The bear looked at Jon with at most hatred and, it's movement was severely hindered tanks to the kunays in his joint and his lost lag and the blood that it was losing did not helped ether he cannot run away nor can he continue to fight all his hope was to finish it with his last resolved attack. Then it gathered its energy to its free arm ad it started to glow with silver light on it

Jon "dam it not this move again"

Jon cursed seeing what his opponent was doing ad trade to cut of his arm before he cod finish his move. But before he could reach him he sow the fare on the bare arm tare in to solid metal spikes as big as big metal nails projecting of of his arm as the bear creep out a little smile.

Jon "fuck me!! I totally forget about his other move" and as he sow what looked like a smile on the bears face he know he was lured in but he was to late ass the metal spike fire on him like little missiles.

Jon used his haki to the fullest of his capability and pushed his energy to the pike, this was do or die moment, facing up on incoming attack he used his sword and his sharingan Increased is perception for hip to spot the incoming metal spikes and tanks to his Gandalf ability he masterfully deflecting and avoiding the attack, it has become a settlement at this point of who has the most endurance and will to was as if rain of fire like bullets and Jon was deflecting and dodging them And after five mints of this constant dodging and deflecting of metal spikes stopped the bear run out energy and its eyes were drowsy from the blood it lost his far lost its Laster and it only looked at jon withe defeated eyes it know that this fight was over and he lost and he will loss his life next

Jon " I … (gugh)…. Won.. (haaah).. This…. Battle " jon said gasping and coughing blood as he looked at the bear. Jon was not doing to hot right now he was covered in blood all over and his mask was broken and his sharigan was off, he had three large metal spikes projecting out of him one in his right shoulder one in his stomach and one in his left leg, his body was shaking and he was no longer covered with hakii , if it was not for his ability heal he would not even be standing making quote marks. He pulled out the spike with his free arm and walked to the bear laying in the ground without energy.

Jon "sorry buddy but this is haw is life if it was you I know I would not be getting mercy and end up as as your next meal I will make it quick so you will not safer much" sad jon and razed his sword ad presided to cat the bear head of.

Jon "dame that was on heal of though one" said jon as he laid backed near the corps of the bare trying to heal himself from this bate. It took a lot out of him and he barely made it.

jon " haaa ... killing is never easy" side closing his eyes for a while to heal all his wounds


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