Jake's Warps
1 Jake“s Warps
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Jake's Warps
Author :Owen_Hersha
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1 Jake“s Warps


I woke up after falling asleep in my food at dinner. I had never been a good sleeper at night but somehow i could fall asleep anywhere there was not a bed. I looked up and looked at my mom, half asleep.

MOM-"Jake, how late were you up last night?"

JAKE-"Ummm like all... night..."

Yep I was going to be in trouble for sleeping once again, this happened quite often. I would, instead of sleeping in a bed at night, sleep throughout the day whenever I could.

MOM-"Thats it tonight your going to take some melatonin to help you sleep!"

JAKE-"Well if it helps me sleep sure."

MOM-"Good if I were you I would get to bed early to catch some early Z's if you catch my drift."

JAKE-"Ok welp imma go to bed can I have that melatonin?"

MOM-"Sure hon here you go."

I grabbed my water glass from the dinner table and swallowed my pill with one gulp. I went straight to bed but my dreams were... well... Lifechanging

I got in my pajamas and crawled into bed already drowsy and fell asleep. In my dream I was floating in space when I looked about 100ft infront of me I saw a light. I started swimming towards the light and as soon as I got about 50 feet closer the light started to change, It started to look like a... like a man? I stopped getting closer and just stared into the light.

LIGHT MAN DUDE-"Don't stop come closer I need to tell you something."

JAKE-"Who are-"

LIGHT MAN DUDE-"I am desitny and I need to tell you something important."

JAKE-"So what is it?"

DESTINY-"Come closer and I will tell you."

I got closer and as I did he put his hand out, I got close enough and grabbed it.

DESTINY-"By taking my hand you accept the power into your life, you will see what I mean soon, now WAKE UP!"

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE-click, grooooan.

I woke up thinking about the dream, I actually thought about it all day until the bus ride home from school. I wasnt tired at all but I suddenly fell asleep. I awoke In the same bus I was just in, except it was still moving despite there being no one in the bus except the driver who seemed to made of light... I made my way up to him and he started talking.

DESTINY-"Remember me from your dream, well I guess this too is a dream."

JAKE-"So...Uh... Destiny right? Why do I keep Seeing you?"

DESTINY-"Well, you met all of the requirements so you got a gift."

JAKE-"What gift?"

DESTINY-"Well im suposed to make you figure it out but, whenever you turn fifteen and I think you can handle it, I choose to give you a power thet fits your, how should I say, Destiny, then you get the power."

JAKE-"But my birthday was... was five and a half months ago!"

DESTINY-"Well alot of things have to go into consideration you are one of four contenders and you each have unique gifts that I have given you."

JAKE-"What gift was given to me?"

DESTINY-"Now you are asking the right questions! Your gift has a name along wtih the other two, yours is port."

JAKE-"Port? what are the others?"

DESTINY-"Theres Port and tiim we havent got the last canditate yet."

JAKE-"Port and Tiim, I wonder who the others are, I need to find them sooner than later."

DESTINY-"You will meet them eventually."

JAKE-"So how do I use Port what do I do?"

DESTINY-"Im sending you Ast-"

And then I was woken up by my bus driver

DRIVER-"Yo kid you missed your stop do you want me to drive you home?"

JAKE-"Oh sorry yeah that would be great,12 cherry street."

I got home that night and thought, was what I saw real or just a dream? I was soon to find out, I got off the bus and walked on the short path to the door. About half way there I colapsed on the ground and had another dream, but this time I was floating above my house. my house had no roof so I could see my mom look out of our front window, run outside and say "Oh my lord honey our son!" and promptly run out and shake me awake. I was slightly awake to the point that I could see what was happening but then I heard it.

MOM-"Oh my lord honey our son!"

She woke me up and asked if I was fine, I said yes, got up, and went to my room locking the door. I looked on my bed to see a cat, sleeping. But the cat was pitch black and had what seemed to be lights on it, It looked like space. It opened its eyes and its eyes were glowing white!

JAKE-"Your eyes... Oh no your one of destinys friends arent you! Go I dont want anymore of this!"

CAT-"Jake is asking me to leave and I am telling him that I must stay to train him."

JAKE-"Wait TRAIN! I dont want to be trained, who are you!"

CAT-"Jake is telling me he does'nt want to to train, then he is asking my name and I am telling him my name is Astral Cat."

JAKE-"So Astral Cat, why do I need to be trained?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me why he must be trained and I am telling him that the cult must be stopped."

JAKE-"Wait what cult, what are you talking about?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking about the cult and I am telling him about the cult who worships darkness. I am telling him they need to be stopped."

JAKE-"But why what do they do?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me what they do, and I am telling him they worship exactly what Destiny is not, and I am also telling you you must stop their practices."


ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me what to do and I am telling him that we will tell where the cult is, I am also telling him that we will teach him his power."


ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me what the hell im talking about and I am telling that he has been given a gift from my master Destiny, and that he must use that gift to save Destiny."

JAKE-"Save destiny? The glowing white dude that was just talking to me?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking if it was the glowing white dude who was just talking to him and I saying yes."

JAKE-"Why cant you do it yourselves?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake asked why cant we do it ourselves and I am telling him that I am a being of alternate space and cannot interact with the physical world."

JAKE-"Well why cant Destiny?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me why cant Destiny and I am telling him that he is a being of a different plane of reality and cannot affect but through others."

I was begining to realize that they litteraly couldnt destroy the cult, they couldnt even touch them. They had to rely on me to destroy it by myself. They would help me along the way as much as they could but I had to be the one to destroy it. I had one last question about the cult and one last question about my supposed "power" that Destiny gave me.

JAKE-"Ok then Astral Cat what would the cult members look like?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me what the cult members look like and I am telling him that they would have a thick black outline and I am telling him that he will be able to feel their presence."

JAKE-"One last question, what is my power?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking what his power is and I am telling him that he can create wormholes at will."


ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me if his power resembles portals and I am saying yes."

JAKE-"FRICKIN RAD! So how do I do it?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking how he does it and I am telling him he needs to rest."

JAKE-"Like sleep?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me if I mean sleep and I am telling him yes."

JAKE-"Ok i guess il go to bed, what will you do while I sleep? like what do beings like yourselves do at night?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking what I do while others sleep and I am telling him that I sleep too, I am also telling him that it is in the ethereal plane, a dimention in which you will become quite fond of. And finaly I say goodnight."

As soon as he said goodnight I woke up in my bed with the cat standing on my chest. It was staring at me like I should know what it was thinking.

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is sleeping, Jake must wake up and get new power."

JAKE-"what time is it, let me sleep in its saturday."

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me to let him sleep in and I am telling him that he needs to save Destiny."

JAKE-"Where do we start?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking where do we start and I am telling him we start with the portal in your closet."


I looked into my closet to see light comming from beneath the door. I got up and walked slowly towards the closet, opening the door I saw what appeared to be a circular door with a green and red swirl and a keyhole in the middle, it was vibrating the floor.

JAKE-"What am I suposed to do theres a keyhole but no k-"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking what he is suposed to do and I am telling him to look down."

I looked down and found my right wrist was glowing green and red in the shape of a key! I cautiously put my hand close to the keyhole. I didnt have to try anymore because the keyhole was pulling me towards it like a tractor beam from some sify movie. my hand reached the keyhole but it didnt start there the glowing key in my arm started moving up my hand, through my fingers and into the keyhole. It was free of my fingers so I backed up and watched the green and red swirl begin to spin and slowly open circlularly to reveal a hue shifting orb about the size of a penny which started to float towards me. It went inside of my chest and I could feel it coursing through me, I suddenly knew how to use this power.

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake has now accepted our gift to him and now I am telling him that the training is complete."

JAKE-"How- how do I know things I didnt before?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking how he knows this power and I am telling him that he has been given astral knowledge."

JAKE-"What is astral knowledge?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking what astral knowlege is and I am telling it is knowledge of something from another plane of existance."

JAKE-"The wormholes?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking if I was refering to the wormholes and I am telling him yes."

JAKE-"Should I try to make one like now?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking if he should make a wormhole now and I am telling him it is his choice."

JAKE-"Il just make one now, just to test."

I formed a circle with both hands and expanded it while thinking of the destination, which was the other side of the room. where I thought and where my hands were two portals appeared! the one in his hands had a green outline and the other red. I waked through the green one and came out the red one!


ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is exclaiming the portals had worked but I am telling him to start thinking about the blood dripping from his face."

JAKE-"wait what are you talking about."

I looked down and saw I had a nosebleed and was dripping up instead of down, it was on the ceiling. I covered my nose and asked the Astral Cat about it.


ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking me what the hell this is and I am telling him that this is the price of the gift, every use will damage you mentaly and the universe physicaly, which was your antigravity nosebleed.

JAKE-"So creating those portal thingies harms me? Frick man."

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake says frick man and I am telling him this is the price to destroy a great evil. I am also saying about the great evil that you will be able to see the darkness that surrounds the cult members and want to remove their existance."

JAKE-"Like kill them?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking like kill them and I am saying yes kill them, I am also telling him that this wont be easy."

JAKE-"What do you mean?"

ASTRAL CAT-"Jake is asking what do I mean and I am telling him to go downstairs and begin your hunt."

JAKE-"What do you-"

As soon as I blinked the Astral Cat was gone but I knew he would be back somehow. I walked downstairs and saw my parents... surrounded by darkness...

JAKE-"No... This cant be, I cant do it I just cant!"

But I felt I had to, like it was my... Destiny. I walked up to my parents who were drinking coffee in the living room, but before I could get close to them the darkness in them turned them against me. they broke their coffee cups on the table making sharp brass knuckels with the handle. My dad punched me in the face hitting my eye, I couldnt see out of my left eye. My mom however turned off the lights so I couldnt see them since the room had no windows. they were attacking me from every angle, My blood floating up from my eye socket and on my sides where they cut me. I was done, but if it was a fight they wanted thats what they would get. I focused on the sun opened a portal and flooded the entie room with light. My parents were screaching in pain, it was hard to watch the darkness was burning off of them, had I saved them? I heard a voice in my head, it was Astral Cat.

ASTRAL CAT VOICE-"Jake was wondering if he had saved them, and I am telling him they cant be saved. They just dont have the power of darkness within them anymore, they are still a threat. They must die."

I walked into the kitchen, grabbed our biggest kitchen knife, went back into the living room where my parents were screaming on the floor. I grabbed my mom by the hair and slit her throat, spilling blood onto our carpet. I dropped her onto the ground and walked over to my dad, he tried to reason with me.

DAD-"Hey, uh son. Uh watcha doin with that knife?"

JAKE-"Not something im happy to do."

DAD-"So, um hows about we go get some pizza and forget about all of this huh, like that idea?"

JAKE-"Sorry dad, I probably hate this more than you."

I grabbed him by his shoulder, thrusted the knife into his side and slid it through his stomach spilling his intestines. I let go of his shoulder and said.

JAKE-" Sorry dad, it just had to be done.

I cried, I cried for hours. I didnt know why Destiny wanted me to kill them, "there must be some way to cure them". but then I thought mabey I did good, mabey I helped people. I ended up with I had to do this, there was no getting around it. I walked into town and saw that everyone had the darkness around them. I knew what I had to do. I thought of the surface of the sun again,opened a portal and sucked everyone into the sun the suns light burned the darkness out of them while the vacume of space suffocated them when the darkness was gone, they were incenerated by the 5,778 kelvin heat. I killed everyone in the town. They were all gone, my parents, my friends, and all just to destroy the cult.

In the didtance I saw a helecopter come, I closed my portal and watched as it landed about 100 feet away from me. I saw someone come out of the helecopter, he wasnt surrounded by darkness, he was safe. He walked up to me, I didnt know him so I got ready to make a portal.

MAN-"WOW WOW WOW! hey im not here to hurt you!"

JAKE-"How can I know that?"

MAN-"Ok il start with my name, Im Taylor Watts."

JAKE-"How do I know your not gonna arrest me?"

TAYLOR-"Well there are no witnesses so who is gonna testify?"

JAKE-"So you dont want to take me away?"

TAYLOR-"No I do! but not to prison."



JAKE-"Whats that?"

TAYLOR-"The Human Anomalie Corperation."

JAKE-"Why! Why do you want me?"

TAYLOR-"Come with me and il explain on the chopper ok?"


I had no reason to say no. If he could get me to leave this crappy town, then I would follow him to the end of the earth. I climbed into the helecopter and sat in the seat across from Taylor. We took off.



I looked and saw a pair of headphones, I had seen these in movies. It was used to talk to one another on helecopters because they were loud. I put them on.

JAKE-'Ok, what does the HAC do exactly?"

TAYLOR-"We, i guess you could say, contain humans who suddenly changed to become anomalies.


TAYLOR-"Its not as bad as it sounds, we just study your behavior and stuff so mabey we can find the cause."

JAKE-"Destiny gave me my power."

TAYLOR-"Strange... Jade talks about this Destiny character too. We may need to ask you some questions, if your willing."

JAKE-"Yeah sure il answer questions."

TAYLOR-"Great thanks!"

JAKE-"Who is Jade?"

TAYLOR-"She is our only resident at the HAC at the moment, she arrived about a month ago. You will meet her soon."


TAYLOR-"From what I read your 15 right?"

JAKE-"Yeah, why?"

TAYLOR-"Jade is 15 too, it might be a concistancy. Interesting..."

JAKE-"Heh, its kinda weird..."

TAYLOR-"What is?"

JAKE-"I havent heard from Astral Cat in a bit."

TAYLOR-"Who is Astral Cat?"

JAKE-"Met them yesterday, they helped me LITTERALY unlock my ability. He, along with destiny told me to kill the cult which turned out to be my whole town."

TAYLOR-"Kid there was no cult in your town."


TAYLOR-"No that was the work of someone we have been watching for a bit."

JAKE-"Mabey thats the final candidate! That also means Destiny lied to me again...Heh."

TAYLOR-"How so?"

JAKE-"He said I was Port, someone else was Tiim, and he didnt have a third yet but clearly he did have a third."

TAYLOR-"Well talk later were about a mile out. I hope we can chat more about that 'Destiny' character."

We were in the middle of the woods, I didnt even see a building. As we got closer I saw a clearing where trees were chopped, it made for a good helipad. we landed, I looked around and saw a door with no handle. Taylor put his hand on the door and suddenly the door dissapeared.

TAYLOR-"Follow me."

I followed him down a few flights of stairs, whan we got to the bottom he pulled a key from his pocket and dialed 8008135 on the keypad. The door opened revealing what looked like between a hotel and a science lab.

TAYLOR-"It might get confusing around here but Jade figured it out pretty quick."

JAKE-"This jade... she's an anomalie right?"

TAYLOR-"Thats right."

JAKE-"Whats her anomalie?"

TAYLOR-"She can bend time to her will."

JAKE-"AW DANG IT! She das a cooler power than me."

TAYLOR-"To be fair she still has to walk to and from places, you just have to make a portal and your set!"

JAKE-"Heh good point."

We rounded a corner and came up on a green door with a lable that said JADE\u003c3.


TAYLOR-"Jade, you in there... youve got a new friend to make."

JAKE-"Oh im meeting her NOW ok."

The door opened revealing a green haired girl in a white jumpsuit.

JADE-"Hi im Jade! Whats your name?"

JAKE-"Hi im Jake, nice to meet you!"

JADE-"Sooooo you want a tour guide through the facility?"

JAKE-"Sure that would be great!"

TAYLOR-"Welp! I gotta go, paperwork to fill."

JAKE/JADE-"See ya!"

Jade showed my around the facility I was going to live at for the forseeable furure, speeking of...

JAKE-"so your power is time stuff right?"

JADE-"Yeah why?"

JAKE-"can you see the future?"

JADE-"Yeah, you want to see something?"


Jade grabed each side of my head and suddenly immages flowed into my mind, immages of my and jade fighting this dark figure. she let go of my head and looked at my face.

JADE-"I just realised you havent been through medical have you?!?!"

JAKE-"No why?"

JADE-"Your eye is bleeding beyond repair your bleeding out your sides and your nose, you look so exausted. Here lets go to medical."

We went to medical, they couldnt do anything about my eye but they patched up my side quite nicely. The good thing about me eye being gone is that I get this cool eyepatch, I feel like a pirate!

JADE-"So how did all of this happen?"


JADE-"If you dont want to talk about it thats fine."

JAKE-"No its fine you should know."

JADE-"Ok where did it begin?"

JAKE-"So I have always been a bad sleeper so I would sleep at school instead."

JAKE-"I got in trouble for sleeping at the dinner table."

JADE-"Wait wait, the dinner table?"

JAKE-"Yeah! weird right?"

JADE-"Haha kinda."

JAKE-"So my mom sent me to bed early to get some extra sleep."

JAKE-"Thats when I saw Destiny in my dreams."

JADE-"You saw him too?"

JAKE-"Shh! The next day I fell asleep on the bus and Destiny told me he was sending someone."


JAKE-"The Astral Cat, he is like a being of alternate space."

JAKE-"So they came and they helped my get my powers, I can create portals, and help me use that power."

JADE-"Go on."

JAKE-"Then he told me that I had to kill everyone in this darkness cult thing."


JAKE-"Yeah, and... and..."

JADE-"Are you ok?"

JAKE-"Yeah just my parents were part of it."

JADE-"Damn, Im sorry man..."

JAKE-"Its fine, I killed everyone else in that town by shoving them through a portal to the sun."

JADE-Frickin hell man thats rough."

JAKE-"Yeah thats whenTaylor came and picked me up and brought me here, but on the way he told me there was NO cult in the town but another anomalie they were watching."

JADE-"WAIT- so Destiny LIED TO YOU!"

JAKE-"Yeah he also told us out space names or whatever."

JADE-"Well whats mine?"


JADE-"Tiim? And yours?"


JADE-"Id rather call you Jake if thats ok."

JAKE-"And id rather call you Jade if thats ok."

JAKE/JADE-"Thats fine with me haha."

Staff came and told us that it was like 11:00 at night and I was feeling tired, they showed me to my room and gave me a few sets of HAC uniforms and two sets of HAC pajamas. I got dressed and went to bed.

That was the best sleep I have had in weeks.


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