Life As A God
50 Chapter 50: Deal
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Life As A God
Author :AtiriBlackwood
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50 Chapter 50: Deal

"So let's start with something simple," he said, observing the blue-haired teenager was in front of him. He had surely exhausted a few lifetimes worth of bad luck in that one day. Sure he put up a calm facade, but that that moment all he wanted to do was run. His instincts, every fiber of his being, were telling him that she was dangerous. But he couldn't run. A place that kept even her imprisoned would not make it easy for him to escape. The pitch-black chains binding her might have played a part, but he was not going to risk his life(or afterlife) on an attempted escape from whatever this place was. No, he needed information first. And that was something she could provide him.

Not to mention the voice had quieted when he came near her. It even seemed to have a touch of... gratitude?

With so many questions and no answers, there was no way he would abandon a prime source of information no matter how dangerous she seemed.

After thinking it through, he then thought of the question he should ask.

He could not reveal too much information about himself. He condemned himself for revealing his name for the sake of politeness. He couldn't be careless anymore.

She might be like the hooded man and betray him after making him feel safe. So she might lie if he just starts asking important questions. It's best to get her on my side first.

"Do you want to be free?" he asked, eagerly observing her eyes. They were dark blue as if taken from the depths of the ocean.


Water was stunned.

Never had she thought the first question he would ask would be that! Would it not be better to ask her where he was or what he was doing here? At least she could answer the first one.

This creature is so weird, she thought. Why would I not want to get out of here? Who would want to stay imprisoned?

Let's just amuse him for now. She blinked once.

"Then how about we make a deal? You answer my questions truthfully and I will get you out of here," he offered.

The deal seemed fair at first, but Water knew that only Death or one of the High Gods could free her from these chains. Even if she wanted to help her, Death herself was in a prison of her own. Where would she find the chance to get her out? As for the High Gods? They would not bat an eye toward her suffering.

The creature was clearly bluffing.

If it was any other day, she would have declined. But it was not any other day. She wanted to get out. No matter how small the chance was, she would take it.

So she blinked in agreement.


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