My Love, You Will Never Escape From Me
46 Squad Leader Morpheus
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My Love, You Will Never Escape From Me
Author :Windreader8675
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46 Squad Leader Morpheus

After telling Dilireba about the organization, the family felt a weight had been lifted from their chest. Dilireba also gains knowledge about her dream and the people around her. Really, you don't know everything about the people around you, but what Dilireba knows about the family is enough for her to trust them fully.

"Oh right, what do you think of making Mantou skip grades?"


"I mean, Mantou had been acting like he doesn't know for a while now. Now that I know, Mantou can start skipping grades. Elementary is already too easy for him."

Qi Weilan said, "Mantou is indeed very advanced for his age, but directly skipping through elementary is a bit…"

"I agreed. It would be too high profile for Mantou. Our identity is a bit special, so we should keep low-key. Skipping a grade or two should be fine."

Dilireba nodded.

"Should we directly put him in third grade?"

"Would he be able to mingle in? After all, he is still 5."

"Mantou should be able to, he is tall for his age, and besides, he knows how to protect himself."

"Mhm. I forget that Mantou's acting skills are pretty skills."

Mantou coughed and stared pitifully at Dilireba.

"Reba jiejie! I thought you wouldn't mention it any more!"

Dilireba chuckled.

Qi Weilan suddenly remembered that she forgot to mention something to Dilireba.

"Reba, Jiaozi is also coming to the party."

"Mhm? Jiaozi is also part of the organization? Interesting."

Dilireba let out a smile that's not really a smile.

Yue Yingque shivered a bit and coughed.

"Anyway, there will be a surprise waiting for you at the organization."

"Oh? Is there any one part of the organization that you didn't tell me about."

Dilireba's smiles become a bit wider.

"You'll find out at the reunion party."

"So there really is, eh?"

Qi Weilan coughed and avoided answering the question.

"So, who is it?"

Mantou used this opportunity to keep the surprise and cast out the scapegoat.

"Uncle Lu is also part of the organization."

"Uh-huh. So that he is also part of the organization?"

Yue Yingque shivered again.

[Reba seems a bit off, is it just my imagination? I think she is revealing a hidden part of her… Nah. It's probably just an illusion. En.]

And just like that, Yue Yingque brainwashed himself into thinking that what he felt was just a faint illusion.

Mantou just smirked. An illusion of fox ears and a tail waving around can be seen.

Qi Weilan just sighed and shrugged it off.

At least, the boss is not exposed, or else he would kill us.

'Mantou, good job! Thankfully the boss isn't revealed yet.'


A glint flash by in Mantou's eyes, it vanished as fast as it appeared.

When Lu Han came back home, he was a bit confused. The house was a bit too quiet. There is also a bad premonition. His gut feeling is telling him that he is doomed.

Lu Han shrugged it off, thinking that it was just the work tension that made him a bit jumpier now. He relaxed.

"I'm home."

When he entered the living room, he shivered.

"Second Brother, you're home?"

Dilireba's back was facing towards Lu Han.

"Yes, what are doing standing there?"

Lu Han approached Dilireba.

"Hm? I wonder."

Dilireba faced Lu Han with a smile on her face.

Lu Han retreats out of instinct.

"Hm? Why are you retreating?"

Lu Han can feel his gut feeling screaming.

"Reba? Calm down?"

"I'm very calm, right now."

Lu Han was crying in the heart. [Damn, what did I do wrong this time? I still have work tomorrow!]

Mantou walked into the room. He looked at Lu Han and smiled before turning to leave.

'Good luck getting up tomorrow' is what Mantou's expression is saying

"...Um. Reba, is there perhaps a misunderstanding? Calm down, and let's talk about it, shall we? Gentleman uses their words to fight rather than fists."

"Hm? There is no misunderstanding between us, Squad leader Morpheus. And I'm a woman, not a man."

"Wait, wait!"

Lu Han was busy blocking the attacks, but he knew that Dilireba had discovered his identity.

[How did she find out?! Is it that brat's doing?! Ugh!]

An hour later, Lu Han and Dilireba stood, catching their breath.

"Reba! Come down! Let me explain!"

"Huh. If Land jie and Senior brother didn't tell me about this, are you going to hide this from me forever?"

"It's just not the right time, so I didn't tell you! Calm down!"

"Not the right time?"

"Yes! Yes!"


"Wait! Aren't you stopping?! Why me?!"

"Hm? Why not you? Are you expecting me to take this out on Lan jie and Mantou? Humph."

"Then why not Yue Yingque?!"

"Hm? Aren't you a squad leader? You could take more hits than the rest."

It's true that Lu Han was a squad leader and cannot refute the claim especially when trying to dodge the countless attacks.

He can't fight back or else he could hurt Dilireba. He still has work tomorrow, so he couldn't take the hits and let it be done for. He can only drag the fight out and wait until Dilireba gets tired and calms down.

.This continued for a long time before Dilireba stopped attacking Lu Han.

"Reba, did you calm down now?" Lu Han said cautiously, keeping his distance just in case Dilireba strikes him when he is defenseless.

"Humph! I'll let you off this time."

Lu Han wipes the sweat off his forehead.

Dilireba walked upstairs to take a bath.

She understands that Lu Han was just letting her beat him up that time to vent her anger it was the same this time too. He was always defending, not attacking.

Although it warms her heart that Lu Han doesn't want to hurt, it also makes her angry at the same time since Lu Han wasn't taking the fight very seriously.

The cool water-drenched Dilireba's hair, as she thinks things through. The cool water was not too cold but was cold enough to let her stress out and relax. She let out a breath and wrapped herself in her bathing robes when she finished.

She stares at herself in the mirror, touching her reflection.

[I cannot be soft anymore. There are just too many dangers, if I don't start changing then I wouldn't be able to protect the people I want to protect.]

And that day, Dilireba made a vow to change herself so that she will be able to defend her family just like how they had continued to defend her even if she doesn't know about it.


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