Nine Realms: A Random Encounter With Fate
4 Crap I regret the training arc, oh wait I can skip it.
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Nine Realms: A Random Encounter With Fate
Author :Dewranko
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4 Crap I regret the training arc, oh wait I can skip it.

The sound of arrows thumping into wood in a steady rhythm is heard throughout the woods. The source of this sound is a young teen, looking to be about 15 years of age.

A look of absolute focus is seen in a glint of his eye as he runs through a set path through the woods, continuously and accurately hitting targets with his arrows dead centre each time. That isn't even the most impressive thing, because he is doing so while dodging vines, branches while keeping up his running speed.

As he hits a final target, he leans against a mighty looking oak tree. Over the past 10 years, Valanis has been training non-stop to prepare for the introduction of the system. Throughout his training, he has been mastering aspects of his "9 Arts of Combat" in order to be better prepared for the system. After the first 3 years, he mastered the "Ways of the Weapons"(AN: I changed the name because it's easier to type like this.), with archery taking a month to do so, followed by spear arts, pole arts, then the rest of them.

The next thing he trained was the assassination arts, partly due to the usefulness of having the ability to sneak up on targets while hunting. After training the arts, he followed up on the rest of the 7 Ways one by one based on usefulness, eventually mastering all of them by 14 years of age.

Now, his 16th birthday, the time of the system's introduction, is only tomorrow. With everything related to training over and done with, he decided to take a rest for once. Valanis' body is now lean and fit, probably amongst the top in terms of athleticism and fitness.

When it comes to strength, no excess fats and wasted muscle mass can be seen on his body, sporting an 8-pack to boot. Just imagine him as Bruce Lee if it is too much effort, but with a male korean star's face. His hair is long though, reaching his waist. He could cut it off, but he never bothers and just ties it up in a ponytail instead with some vines laying around.

Moving towards the cave, now sporting several new furnishings, he strode to his bed, which was made of leathers stacked on top of one another. Soon, he drifted off to sleep, awaiting the new day.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, he prepares for the introduction of the system. 'Now that I think about it, this world never really will get VR games, so most of the VR related mechanics and functions. Gods be damned, I have more of an advantage than I thought I did, especially since I know that our initial stats are based on our current fitness level.'

After moving outside, he hopped up onto a tree branch and lay there, waiting for that blue screen to appear.

After waiting until what seemed to be 7 am, that blue screen appeared.

[System Initializing. 0%...20%...47%...86%...100%...]

[System Initialized. Initializing User Status Generation.]

[Initializing Body Scan.]

[User Status Generated...User Body Talent Verified...User Soul Talent Verified...]

[User Status Generation Complete]

[User may think 'Status' to check information.]

I smiled, seeing how similar this was to that game I played so long ago now.


[ <Status>

Name: Valanis McSmith

Hp: 100

Mp: 100

Class: None, Subclass: None

Title: None

Age: 16


-Body: Demigod

-Soul: High God

Soul Worlds: Locked

Status Points:

-Str: 25, -Agi: 25, -Dex: 25, -Con: 25, -Int: 25, -Com: 25, -Wil: 25, -Cha: 25

Talent: <All-Stat Growth (Myth): Grants individual with this talent the ability to grow all stats. +5% Total Stat Point for all Stats per Level Up.>

<Heightened Reflexes (Legendary): Grants individual with this talent reflexes higher than the usual standard. Depends on grade of talent. (Legendary Grade grants a 100% bonus)>

<Strengthened Soul of the Reincarnated (Unique): This talent is due to the reincarnated soul absorbing the entirety of the original soul, essentially doubling the strength of the new soul. Grants bonus comprehension to soul-related skills, increases rate of soul growth, increased resistance to soul-related attacks and debuffs. Only available to reincarnated individuals.>]

'I don't think the potential stat was in any VR game from the previous world, but I guess it has something to do with amount of bonus growth in stats per Level Up.'

Hmm...looks like there's a minimap option too. I mentally commanded it to pop up, and it did.

Displayed on it was the name of the area, "Sky Plains Valley", as well as the map of the area. There seems to be a fog-of-war function that appears to be a part of the minimap, only uncovering bits of the maps that have been explored before or have had information pertaining them obtained.

I can imagine how someone with perfect photographic memory could abuse this and memorize maps of entire regions of the world.

'Well, time to make a move.'

- buffered space mcgee-


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