Path To The Top
7 When Two Middle-Aged Man Figh
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Path To The Top
Author :little_box
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7 When Two Middle-Aged Man Figh

"Young master breakfast is ready. "A maid is knocking at Yang Cheng En door calling him to eat. But, there is no reply the maid panicked and knocks even harder because she was afraid her young master runs away from home again.

The maid runs around the house to search for her young master.


A gust of wind, blowing the leaves on the ground in a straight line. Then the wind stopped Yang Cheng En can be seen standing on the courtyard.

"Once more. "Yang Cheng En said in a serious manner and the wind started blowing again.

The maid reached the courtyard but she only sees a blurry human figure appearing and disappearing when she was about to shout for help because she thinks she saw a ghost.

Yang Cheng En shows up in front of her and covers her mouth. "Don't shout, your voice is very sharp and every time you shout my eardrums hurt."

The maid nods her head and Yang Cheng En uncovers her mouth. "Young Master Breakfast is ready. "The maid said meekly.

"Come to my room first I have something to give you. "Yang Cheng En said and led the maid to his room.

Yang Cheng En then walked to his desk and pick up two letters and hand it over to his maid. "Find somebody to deliver these letters to the House of Chen's and the Azure Wolf Sect before noon."

The maid once again nodded her head and ran off the find somebody to deliver the letters.

"Yawn~time for bed. "Yang Cheng En lied on his bed and instantly falls asleep, when he wakes up it is almost noon. He put on his orange robes and walk to the dining room and grab a bun to eat then he left the house in a hurry.

"Late again? "A male youth with blue eyes and long yellow hair in white robes ask the other youth wearing an iron mask with a wolf symbol carved on the mask and his hair tied into a ponytail.

The youth with the mask nodded and the both of them stare at the clock tower in the middle of the plaza.

"Young Master of the Chen's, Young master of the Azure Wolf Sect, pleasure meeting the both of you here."

Another youth accompany by two guards walk towards them.

"Xiao Feng!"The two youth shout in anger.

The youth with blue eyes and yellow hair move towards Xiao Feng while an axe mysteriously appears in his hand and the youth swings it towards Xiao Feng.

Suddenly a punch greeted the axe in mid-air and stopped it."Lan Long! What are you doing?"

Lan Long stopped the blue eyes yellow hair youth from attacking Xiao Feng."It is not worth it, forget about last time."

"This bastard humiliated and kill one of my men how can I the future heir of the Chen family Chen San Ming forgive him? "The blue eyes yellow hair youth shouted angrily.

"Sorry, I'm late! "Yang Cheng En runs towards the youths while waving his hand to them.

"Xiao Feng Zi this isn't over yet! "Chen San Ming looks towards the youth while pointing his finger at him.

"Xiao Feng stared at Chen San Ming with a murderous gaze and said in a cold tone. "Call me that again and this time I will kill more than your men, Dog of Spring City."

Xiao Feng turns around and looks at Yang Cheng En and ordered his guards to attack him.

"KILL!" the two guard's chants while rushing at Yang Cheng En.


One of the guards was sent flying by Lan Long and the other guard loses one of his arms to Chen San Ming axe.

Xiao Feng walks slowly while walking towards Yang Cheng En while clapping his hands. "As expected from the two of the greatest talents in spring city."

When Xiao Feng is standing face to face with Yang Cheng En he kicks him in the stomach and said in a sarcastic tone. "Too bad they like to be friends with a lazy pig who sleeps all day."

"Yang Cheng En keep on sleeping while I reach Greater heights when you inherit spring I will take it away from you. "Xiao Feng smirks while looking down at Yang Cheng En who was on the ground.

"Xiao Feng you better not be too arrogant this is Spring City, not Blue Ice City you can't do anything you want here or we will send you back crawling to where you came from."Chen San Ming said angrily to Xiao Feng but Xiao Feng ignores him and takes something out of his robe.

"Upon the orders of my father the city lord of Blue Ice City Xiao Dian I, Xiao Feng come to Spring City by the orders of the city lord to discuss a deal between the two cities and is deemed to be an important guest by the city lord of Spring City." Xiao Feng smirked to the other youths.

"Send me back crawling now if you dare. "Xiao Feng then turns around and leaves them standing there in anger.

"HEY, XIAO FENG DO YOU THINKS THAT PIECE OF PAPER APPLIES TO ME?!"Yang Cheng En stands up while shouting at Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng smirked then he turns around to face Yang Cheng En and put up a pitiful face. "Of course, it wouldn't apply to the young master of Spring City, this is your turf but I'm also here on the orders of the city lord does that make me your equal oh great young master ?"

"Tyrant Dragon Soaring Through The Sky" Yang Cheng En dash forward towards Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng draws his sword and prepare to hack down at Yang Cheng En.

"Tyrant Dragon Circling Its Prey. "Yang Cheng En moves behind Xiao Feng and draws his saber and slash at Xiao Feng, but when the saber barely touches Xiao Feng clothes a man wearing glasses with long messy hair shows up out of nowhere and uses a small dagger to block the slash.

"Boy, there are some people who you cannot afford to hurt even a little bit in your life and my young master is one of them. "The man said in a happy tone.

The man then slaps Yang Cheng En faces and kicks him into the air.

When Yang Cheng En landed on to the ground he picks him up and hit his neck.

Then the man punches Yang Cheng En so hard until he goes flying towards a building.

"Cheng En!"Chen San Ming and Lan Long called out.

"Don't worry he won't die as he said this is still his city. "The man smirked while looking at the youths.

When Yang Cheng En was about to crash into the building.

"Tyrant Dragon Soaring Through The Sky. "A man in silver armor grabs him at the last second.

"Kid, you still alive?" the man asks Yang Cheng En.

"You are late again today Tang Le hee..hee."After saying that Yang Cheng En fainted.

"Good at least you are alive if not the next one dead will be me, now let us settle this. "Tang Le put Yang Cheng En down and stared at the man who sends his young master flying.

"Lin Shu, it's been years and you are still a dog for others people from the time at the academy till today you have not changed one bit. "Tang Le said in a cheerful tone.

"But, that isn't the point here just as you said just now there are some people who you cannot afford to hurt even a little bit in your life and my young master is one of them so Lin Shu can I use that sentence or I got to quote you for that? "Tang Le just smiled while his cheerful tone turns sarcastic.

"A babysitter should not say so much."Lin Shu said while preparing to leave with Xiao Feng.

"Tyrant Dragon Soaring Through The Sky. "Tang Le dash towards Lin Shu and Lin Shu countered by pointing his dagger at Tang Le.

"Shadow Separation. "When Tang Le head was about to touch the dagger he disappears and four clones appear in front of Lin Shu.

The first clone then disappear because Tang Le uses it to substitute his body the second, third and fourth clone then attack Lin Shu, two of the clones use a low kick at Lin Shu leg and another one try to punch Lin Shu in the face to distract him.

"This again? "Lin Shu takes a small dagger from his sleeves and stab it into the clone's fists and the clone disappears and then he jumped up to avoid the low kick from the other clones.

Lin Shu then throws a few small knives at Tang Le.


A clone jump in front of Tang Le to block the attack, the clone falls to the ground and spit out black colour blood and then disappears.

Another clone jumps in front of Tang Le and caught the knife but, the knife suddenly explodes in its face and the clone also disappear.

When the final knife almost reaches Tang Le he uses his fingers to grab it."Still using petty tricks huh?"And Tang Le sends the knife flying back at Lin Shun direction.

Lin Shu raises up his leg and stomp on the knife stopping it."Going for the prize before clearing the stage? Try that again and your head will be on the ground."

"Hey, Xiao kid I'm sorry but don't worry he has an antidote. "Tang Le said to Xiao Feng who was standing there in a daze because the knife just now is actually directed at him instead of Lin Shu.

Lin Shu throws down a smoke bomb and disappears from Tang Le sight.

"Shadow Strides. "Lin Shu appears behind Tang Le and swings his dagger at him.


"You still remember my nickname back at the academy right. "Tang Le said while blocking Lin Shu dagger with his sword. "How can I forget Cat Eyes Tang Le?"

"But I'm pretty sure you forgot mine already. "Lin Shu said while jumping backward away."Hee, I do your nickname back then at the academy is none other than the pervert who fails at being a pervert."

"Picking at the girl's bathroom, fail. Stealing girl's underwear, fail. Attempting to touch girl's breast during training, fail. You can't even be a pervert what a failure. Tang Le said while shaking his head.

Suddenly small knives are sent flying by Lin Shu and they explode in mid-air. Lin Shu then uses the explosion as a cover to use Shadow Strides and appear behind Lin Shu.

"Number one most shameless person in the academy should not speak so much about others."Lin Shu then slashes at Tang Le head.

Tang Le then disappears when he was slash. "Clone!"Lin Shu then shouted in shock, and then he turns around and saw standing Tang Le behind him placing his sword beside his neck.

"You are not the only one who knows how to use a distraction. "Tang Le said while smiling at Lin Shu.


Lin Shu's dagger points at Tang Le's throat. "Now, what will you do Tang Le?"


The two weapons clash once more; both of them grit their teeth trying to gain an upper hand and then Tang Le's attack pass through and Lin Shu slash at Tang Le armor.

When Tang Le tried to counter he only slashes at Lin Shu's after image never hurting him while his armor is starting to break for the attacks from Lin Shu.

"Tyrant Dragon Biting Beast. "Tang Le slash at Lin Shu once more, and the sword had a gleam of light on it.


The attack did not succeed instead the sword go stuck into the ground.

"One hit and I'm gone too bad it didn't work."Lin Shu smirked while talking to Tang Le.

"I use to always envy your control of zen, the amount of core power you have but now it's not enough against me."

"Hee hee he..Ha.Haa...HAA HAA ARAGHAA the number one student of the Shadow Stalker academy just lost to me, after all these years."Lin Shu laughs crazily

"Heavy Right?"

"You are really old now forgetting one of the most important things an assassin must have, which is speed might as well kill you now so you won't go and tarnish the shadow stalker academy's name." Lin Shu said with a grin.

"HAA HAA HAAA.Yea that really slip my mind, so thanks for reminding me."Tang Le laughs while rubbing his head.


A piece of silver armor drop on to the ground and another one follows suit, in the end, all that's left is a man in his underwear standing on the plaza.

"Lin Shu,I...I can feel it the world is changing."Xiao Feng looked at Lin Shu while almost crying.

The sky around them turns as dark as the night sky, and every at the plaza who was watching the fight fled away, only leaving the youths there.

"Tang Le you crazy bastard you actually use zone? "Lin Shu covers his young master with his body fearing what is going to happen to him.

"No, it is you who make me use this. So old friend you're an arm or your life. "Tang Le said while smiling at Lin Shu while a faint shadow of an Oni(a type of Japanese yokai) appears behind him.



Two arms fall down to the ground while Lin Shu stands there clenching his teeth, while teardrops fall from his eyes.

"As former schoolmates, I will let you live, don't be too sad you did a great job. "Tang Le said while standing behind Lin Shu.

"You...ung Ma...mas...ter, you a...lri...ri.ght?"Lin Shu asked his young master while trying to hide his pain of losing both of his arms.

Beside Xiao Feng's eyes, there are two sword marks, blood is still dripping from there but his eyes are still fine.

"Lin Shu lets leave. "Xiao Feng stands up and walks away while Lin Shu tries to follow him as best as he could.

Tang Le lifts up the unconscious Yang Cheng En and put him on his shoulders.

"You two should also leave. "Tang Le said to Chen San Ming and Lan Long while walking away.

Near Spring City's city gate.

While the pair were walking towards the gate. Xiao Feng stops and turns back to look at Lin Shu who was trying his best to catch up to him.

"I.... I'm Sorry mas...ter ple...ase go on your...self m.e be..hin.d."Lin Shu said while his eyes are tearing up again.

Xiao Feng rips off the sleeves of his robes and helps Lin Shu bandage his wounds, then he supports him while they were walking towards the city gate.

"Thank you. "Xiao Feng said in a hurried manner towards Lin Shu.

"Sniff, sniff, young master I'm so touched I never thought you carried so much about me."Lin Shu said in a joking manner.

"My eyes, thanks for saving them. "Xiao Feng said once more but this time more slowly.

"It's my job if you want to thanks me then give me a raise next month but that Tang Le is just too cruel. "The look on Lin Shu's face is serious this time while talking to his young master.

And just like that, a future legend that will be called the Lord of the Day, Killer of the Night is born.


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