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Prostitute Online: Cute, Young And Sexy!
Author :kauiya
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1 Yukino 1

A loud ringing sound filled the whole building. Beautiful women not older then the age of 30 immediately ran to an office. The stood in line with their hands behind their back. A large man with a nasty smile stared at each girl. They all said their names one by one as soon as they finished the man quickly picked one.

"How about this girl~" He said with a sick tone. He pointed at a girl with light blue colored hair with black hair trimmed tied In A Ribbon. She has a thin and ill proportioned body with no features and blue eyes of cold light. "She looks like she doesn't make that much noise."

"Yukino, you go with Mr. Asahina." The boss directed. Yukino nodded directing the man to follow her to her room.

"Sir, please don't touch me until we get to my room." She explained but the man continued to grab her ass. Yukino blushed brightly knowing she shouldn't touch the customer. "Pl-please don't-"

The man grabbed her neck, slamming her against a wall. His hands were ready to break her frail neck.

"Shut the fuck up, okay? I don't care for your disobedience."

Yukino then pressed a button around her arm signaling the guards. Of course no one came. No one cares for people like her.

"Yes, sir..."

"Good now you better be able to take my dick or else it'll be the end of you."

"Y-Yes sir..."


"Take it! Take it you dirty whore!!" Asahina yelled as he slammed his dick into Yukino's dirty pussy doggystyle.

"Ah- ah! Ahh~!! Ahhh~!!!" Yukino yelled as she griping the bed sheets that were wet from sweat and cum. She then bit into the sheets trying to silence herself.

Asahina grabbed her small breast and ripped off her black lacy bra. He grabbed the soft breast, holding them tightly. He bit into her neck leaving marks. After he came he pulled out.

Yukino laid on the bed, her eyes were open but emotionless. This was the life she chose.


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