Pursuit of the Truth
81 Madness without Regret!
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Pursuit of the Truth
Author :Er Gen
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81 Madness without Regret!

"I want to go back! I want to go… I want to go…" Su Ming cried. Fueled by the strongest bout of madness he had ever had within the sixteen years of his life, he continued ramming into the door.

Nonetheless, the seal remained unchanging. Su Ming continued until the skin on his knuckles was torn and bleeding, until his voice was so completely hoarse it would pull at the heartstrings of anyone who would hear him, until he coughed out a huge mouthful of fresh blood and his body trembled. He slid down and knelt down by the door.

There were numerous bloody fist marks on the door…

"I want to go back… I want to go back… Elder, I want to go back to the tribe. Even if I die, I want to die in the tribe. I’m only becoming stronger and am developing myself to become a powerful Berserker so that I can protect and fight for the tribe… Elder, why? Why?" Su Ming cried. His heart was in pain. That sort of pain made him feel as if he was about to die.

When he thought of the danger looming over the tribe, of the elder’s weakened state, and of all the familiar faces within the tribe, Su Ming let out a roar from the very depths of his soul!

"Even if I die, I still have to go back!" There was utter desperation in Su Ming’s eyes. He panted harshly and took a few steps backwards.

"If I can’t break through the elder’s seal now, then I’ll have to do everything I can to raise my level!" Su Ming was in a frenzy. Yet if anyone was in his position, they would do the same thing.

His face was ghastly pale, eyes bloodshot, and his face filled with madness. There was only one thought in his head. He had to do everything without care of consequences and break out of this place!

Even if he would be gravely injured because of this, he did not care. As of then, all he cared about was the elder and the tribe. Even if he died, he had to die while fighting for the tribe.

"I must become stronger. I have to break out of this place!" Su Ming growled and took a few steps back before he turned around abruptly. He glared at the Cloud Gauze Grass he’d bought earlier with the intention of using it for the quenching of herbs, and at the other herbs he’d bought back as well.

All these herbs were prepared for the quenching of herbs. Su Ming knew clearly that even if he crushed them into liquid and drank it, he could not take too much in one go. A Berserker who did that would cause grave harm to his own body. After all, steady and gradual growth was required in practicing in the Ways of the Berserker.

Yet Su Ming did not care about that. If he could even throw away his own life, then there was no way he would care about such injuries. No matter how great the injuries were, he would never regret it!

He would never regret it!

Su Ming sat down cross-legged, his eyes remaining bloodshot. He took the bag containing the Cloud Gauze Grass. There was no time for him to crush the herbs. The tribe being in danger, the elder being weakened, and everything else made him sink into a state of desperation that was deeper than anything he’d ever felt before.

His eyes were bloodshot as he grabbed numerous Cloud Gauze Grass and placed them in his mouth, chewing furiously until the juice was squeezed out, then spitting out the residue. The juice was bitter, but compared to the bitterness Su Ming felt in his heart, it was nothing.

He chewed and swallowed again, and once he was done, Su Ming took a large amount of Cloud Gauze Grass again and placed them in his mouth, swallowing their juices furiously. Gradually, his body began to tremble. It was as if there was a fire burning within his body, causing it to be drenched in sweat. All the blood veins that had manifested appeared on his body.

The 160 blood veins let out a red glow, enveloping the entire house in the light, causing the place to look as if it had just turned into a blood red hell. There was a shocking look of determination and madness on Su Ming, who was surrounded by the blood red light.

10, 30, 50… until Su Ming swallowed the juices from all the hundred leaves he had in the bag. Once he spat out the residue, a sharp pain arose in his body. The pain came from his stomach. He knew that this was the consequence of taking in too much Cloud Gauze Grass. If he continued doing so, then the pain would only become more severe, and the pain would eventually spread through his entire body.

Yet at the same time, he felt the fire burning in his body become stronger, the blood veins also seemed to be showing signs of increasing. Once he had that feeling, Su Ming did not hesitate and took out another bag of Cloud Gauze Grass.

Time passed by bit by bit, and soon, an hour passed by. During this hour, Su Ming swallowed the juice from 700 Cloud Gauze Grass. This would have been something incomprehensible and difficult to imagine for other people, but Su Ming had really done it.

He continued shaking. Sharp pain spread through his entire body. There was also a dull pain in his chest. He had yet to digest all the juice in his body, but he still had a lot of herbs to spare. Still, he felt as if he could no longer swallow another drop. Su Ming also felt like he was about to vomit, but he growled and bore through it.

The burning sensation in his body reached its peak as if about to erupt within him. Su Ming quickly raised his right hand and pounded against his chest.

It was like the fire within his body was kindled with a roar. The moment the blames erupted, blood mist escaped from all the pores of Su Ming’s body. There was a muffled sound from within the mist, and the blood veins on his body increased at that moment!

161st, 162nd, 163rd… and it only stopped when the 167th blood vein manifested on his body.

Su Ming’s face was pale. He stood up and punched the door. His fist connected with a bang, and the door shuddered. Fresh blood trickled down the corner of Su Ming’s lips. He staggered a few steps backward and roared towards the sky.

"Not enough! It’s not enough!" In his frenzy, Su Ming immediately took out another bag of Cloud Gauze Grass. He knew that his body could no longer take in anymore of these herbs, but he still continued to swallow them without hesitation.

700, 800, 900… Green liquid flowed out from the corner of Su Ming’s lips. The pain he felt in his body made all the veins pop out on his body. The pain and burning heat erupted once again as the number of blood veins also increased.

Yet the new blood veins were no longer blood red. They were tainted with blood and looked dull. It was a sign that Su Ming’s reckless actions had caused his body to be gravely wounded.

Yet Su Ming did not care!

The blood veins in his body were increasing at a maddening speed. 168, 169, 170… and it continued until the number reached 173. Su Ming rushed outward and slammed into the door. One punch, two punches, three punches… The door shook furiously, but it remained locked!

"Open!" Su Ming roared. This time, he did not use his fist, but used his head to ram against the door. There was a thunderous roar, and a crack appeared on the door, causing some of the snow on the picture of the statue of the God of Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe to fall as it trembled.

A trickle of blood flowed down from Su Ming’s forehead. A huge amount of red appeared in his eyes. He did not care about the pain. The moment he saw the crack appear on the door, he rammed against it again.

Yet in the end, the door only opened by a small slit. He could not open it any further.

Despair appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He laughed brokenly, grabbing onto all the remaining herb bags, then slamming his hands on them. There was a loud bang, and all the hide bags containing the Cloud Gauze Grass burst open. The Cloud Gauze Grass within were all gathered together by a force and turned into a ball the size of a head. When Su Ming slammed his hands on them once more, the banging sounds erupted again, and all the Cloud Gauze Grass were crushed. A large amount of juice flowed out and turned into sprinkles of green rain, which all went into Su Ming’s mouth when he took in a large breath.

The moment Su Ming took the liquid into his body, a roar reverberated through him. Similar to his madness, the blood veins on his body were increasing at a frenzied pace. 175, 177… and it stopped abruptly when the number reached 189.

There was a sickly red glow around Su Ming’s entire body. He took a step forward and rammed against the door. As the banging sound reverberated around him, the door opened a little more.

More snow fell from the snow made statue of the God of Berserkers from Dark Mountain Tribe. A faint crack even appeared on the statue!

Su Ming’s hands were bloody. The entire door was now dyed with blood. At that moment, Su Ming looked pathetic. It was as if he had turned into another person. There were blood stains on his hair. His face, which had been clean and handsome, was now twisted into a vicious look filled with madness.

"I want to go back to the tribe! I want to fight for the tribe! I want to go back!" Su Ming’s voice had gone completely hoarse. The moment he saw that the door had opened up a little more, he banged his head against the door again!

"I want to go back!"

There was a boom, and Su Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood. Yet he rammed into the door again without any hesitation. As he continued ramming into the door, the door opened up more and more. Cracks also appeared on the statue of the God of Berserkers outside.

It seemed as if he was about to escape from the room.

However, when the crack expanded to the breadth of half a finger, it stopped. Su Ming’s current level of power could only do so much. It would have been fine if that was the case, but the moment it stopped, it started closing up once again!

"Elder!" Su Ming roared in agony. As he watched the door he worked so hard to open closing once again right before his eyes, Su Ming panicked and immediately took out a small bottle. Contained within, there were three drops of Berserker Blood from the Awakened Realm!

Su Ming lifted his head and without hesitation poured the contents of the bottle into his mouth, but only one drop fell. The other two drops seemed to have reached some sort of barrier and could not fall down. Su Ming knew that this was the elder’s protection from him overusing it.

The moment the Berserker Blood fell into his mouth, Su Ming immediately felt as if the blood in his veins started boiling. He opened his mouth and spat out the Berserker Blood. He raised his left hand and pointed at it, and the Berserker Blood immediately burst open, turning into a bundle of mist that entered through his ears, nose, eyes, and mouth as he breathed in.

The moment the mist formed by the Berserker Blood entered Su Ming’s body, his entire body turned red. A vast amount of energy erupted in his body.

At that moment, the blood veins also increased at a tremendous speed on his body!

190, 195, 201, 209… when the number reached 224, black blood trickled from Su Ming’s eyes, ears, nose, and the corners of his lips. Yet his eyes were still burning with madness and persistence.


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