Pursuit of the Truth
148 Within Sigh
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Pursuit of the Truth
Author :Er Gen
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148 Within Sigh


He Feng’s sharp voice resounded in Su Ming’s head with disbelief.

Su Ming did not make a sound. He continued closing in on the man in red robes. He had already seen the red stone in his right hand and the person’s body fading out rapidly, even the cold smirk on his lips.

3,000 feet, 2,700 feet, 2,400 feet… the moment there was only 2,000 feet between them, half of the man’s body had faded away, and he had become so indistinct that there was just a moment before he would disappear completely under the bright red light. Su Ming then lifted his head and a chilliness entered his eyes.

He was never weak-hearted towards those who wanted to kill him. This was what the elder had taught him—he must kill all of those who posed a danger to him. If a beast showed its fangs and threatened him, then it must pay the price!

When there was only 2,000 feet between them, the mark of the small sword at the center of Su Ming’s brows activated and turned into a ray of virescent light that could not be seen clearly with the naked eye. With a sharp whistling sound, it charged towards the man in red robes.

The man was already almost completely transparent. The red light was flashing brightly as it enveloped his body. Disdain appeared in his eyes, and he closed them. In his mind, when he reopened his eyes, he would not see the man who killed Lin Dong, but the people of his tribe.

Yet at the very instant he closed his eyes, a shudder racked through his body. He opened his eyes quickly to see a small virescent sword closed in on him, cutting across his transparent body.

A sharp and pained scream ran through the air, and the man’s body was split in half. His upper was transported out of the place under the flashing red light, but his lower body was sliced in half by the small virescent sword, forcefully made to stay here.

Blood splattered everywhere. Half of the body of the man in red robes fell to the ground.

The red light gradually faded away and the surroundings returned to normal. The only proof of what had just happened was the body sliced in half lying on the ground.

Su Ming came forward and swept his gaze across the body.

"He Feng, what did you say?"

There was a hint of fatigue on Su Ming’s face. The power of the small virescent sword was too great, and the price to use it was just as great. Su Ming had almost used up a seventh of the spirit power stored within the path of blood when he activated the sword.

Yet Su Ming could feel that the spiritual aura that could be absorbed in this place was much thicker compared to the world outside, which allowed him to recover much more quickly. It made his desire to see Han Mountain’s ancestor even stronger.

"Master, the man in red robes just now was a tribe member from Lake of Colors. He’s definitely not a guest. I don’t know what was that stone he held just now, but it’s definitely used for relocation!

"The markings carved onto the stone should be… a Relocation Rune! It’s just like how you were sent in with the power of the statue of the God of Berserkers. But Tranquil East Tribe needs the help of the statue, and they must use the Relocation Rune in the tunnel. It’s a forced relocation.

"But the person from Lake of Colors was different. He held a smaller Relocation Rune in his hand, and with that, he can use that stone to relocate himself anytime he wanted. He would be able to reappear in a few set locations in Lake of Colors Tribe!

"This… this proves that Lake of Colors Tribe has discovered the essence of relocation!"

He Feng had already calmed down and was analyzing the situation in detail for Su Ming.

"Not even Han Mountain Tribe had been able to fully understand the framework of the Relocation Rune left by the ancestor. We could only use what was left behind and could not make new ones…

"Lake of Colors Tribe took away a jade scroll. There are some Arts my ancestor used in there. It also has some records regarding the changes and placements of the Relocation Rune…

"Lake of Colors Tribe must have obtained a great breakthrough in their research!

"Master, this trip is dangerous! The guests from Tranquil East Tribe did not come as promised; something must have happened to them when they were here. You mustn’t go! Dong Fang Hua and the man named Chen must have fallen into their trap since they left as well!"

As He Feng continued with his analysis, his words came out faster and faster.

Su Ming fell into momentary silence before he suddenly spoke. "You once said that when the people of the three tribes come here, they will face a great pressure because they are the slave tribes of Han Mountain…"

A thought arose in He Feng’s mind and he immediately said, "Master, I understand what you mean. Lake of Colors Tribe must have an incredibly wild ambition this time. They must have sent a lot of people from their tribe. Besides their guests, most of them are definitely the people of their tribe. I may have never seen the man in red robes, but I could feel that the limitation on him wasn’t great…

"If that’s the case, could it be that Lake of Colors Tribe has found a way to counter the limit?"

"It should be a temporary resistance."

Su Ming’s eyes fell on the broken corpse of the man in red robes. The corpse was gradually withering away with cracking sounds. The bones were being crushed in a strange fashion, more of the cracks appearing as time passed. As the body withered, wisps of black mist spread out.

"This time, Lake of Colors Tribe will definitely take great action… They might really have enough power this time to open the path to my ancestor’s tomb that they’ve never managed to crack before, and all right under Tranquil East Tribe and Puqiang Tribe’s eyes." He Feng mumbled.

He Feng must have thought of something, since he immediately said,"The situation in Han Mountain City is about to change… Master, we have to stop this!" Yet the moment the words left his mouth, he regretted them.

Su Ming left the place and went towards the corpse of the old man in black robes. Once he got closer, he fumbled through the body and found a few items, which he put away in his storage bag. He did not bother with He Feng.

"Master, I…"

When He Feng saw Su Ming’s actions, the thoughts in his heart grew lively.

"I won’t stop Lake of Colors Tribe, nor do I have the ability to do so."

Su Ming stood beside the corpse of the old man in black robes and spread out the Branding Art in an area of 1,000 feet before walking into the distance.

"But Master, if Lake of Colors Tribe opens the tomb of the ancestor, they will become the masters of Han Mountain City, and your safety will be affected, also…"

Su Ming looked around silently. The hidden grounds underneath Han Mountain City seemed to be formed naturally. It was dark all around them, and there were multiple barren hills that rose up from the ground. There was also fog everywhere, creating a gloomy atmosphere within the silence.

"Besides, it’s unknown why Lake of Colors Tribe wants to enter the tomb of the ancestor. But once they obtain the ancestor’s legacy, their power will definitely increase exponentially. Still, I think those treasures should belong to you. Master, you’ve already obtained the virescent sword and the beast skin. With my help, within a few years, we could enter the ancestor’s tomb alone. I…"

He Feng had no choice. His heart was filled with anxiety, and he could only place his hopes on Su Ming, praying that he could persuade him.

"He Feng, what else are you hiding from me?" Su Ming asked calmly while walking forward.

The moment his words left his mouth, He Feng immediately swallowed his original words.

"Master, I’m not hiding anything from you. I’m worried about the goal of Lake of Colors Tribe. If they obtain the legacy of the ancestor…"

He Feng was just about to explain when he was cut off.

"You don’t know the goal of Lake of Colors Tribe? Are you sure you don’t know the goals of the tribes of Lake of Colors, Puqiang, and Tranquil East?"

Su Ming’s speed was incredibly quick. While speaking, he had already arrived at the top of one of the barren hills. He stood there and felt the melancholy breeze against him as he looked into the distance.

There were a lot of barren hills in this place, and as they rose from the ground, a large number of valleys were also formed. Su Ming saw a plains surrounded by multiple valleys as far as his eyes could see.

The plains were a land filled with sand. There was a sandstorm stirring up that connected the heavens and earth. Deep within the sandstorm, Su Ming could see the vague contours of a gigantic building.

It seemed quite far away, and if he walked there, he would find that the place was located even further away than what it looked like.

At the moment, at the end of where Su Ming could see, he could vaguely glimpse three stone altars nearly 1,000 feet tall, built around the gigantic building deep within the sandstorm.

The three altars were built far apart from each other, and their colors were clearly different from each other as well. They were black, red, and white respectively.

Behind the gigantic building was the red stone altar. Right now, there were dozens of people in red robes sitting on top of the altar. The differences in their status could also be seen by how they seated themselves around each other.

The one sitting at the top of the circle was a young married woman who looked incredibly pretty. Her eyes were closed and her hair danced in the air. There was a red mole at the corner of her lips, causing this woman to have a charming air around her.

If anyone looked at the woman, they would recognize that her face was almost exactly the same as the looming face in the red mist surrounding Lake of Colors Tribe.

This woman was the owner of the voice Su Ming had heard a few years ago in Han Mountain City and whose face he did not manage to see. She was the tribe leader of Lake of Colors Tribe Xuan Lun spoke of – Yan Luan!

Behind Yan Luan were two people. One of them was Yan Fei Zi. This woman was also wearing a red robe at the moment, but there was still a veil covering her face, the icy expression.

Beside her was a man. He did not seem to have reached his thirties and had a dignified air around him. He was built big and tall, and when he occasionally looked at Han Fei Zi by his side, a loving look that could not be concealed would appear in his eyes.

These people sat on the altar quietly, as if they were waiting for time to pass by. Yet at that moment, red light suddenly gathered on the altar. When the people looked over, a shrill cry resounded out of nowhere, and as it echoed around the altar, a blurred outline of a person formed.

This person only had his upper body as he quickly materialized from a faded out state. When his body became clear, the person who appeared before the crowd was the man in red robes who was sliced in half by Su Ming.

The man’s face was pale, and when he appeared, he fell to the ground, trembling. There was no trace of his body below the waist. Only half of his body remained, and his life was rapidly disappearing. His mouth was filled with blood. He opened it, as if wanting to say something, but could not make a sound.

His appearance made most of the expressions of the people in Lake of Colors Tribe change, including Han Fei Zi’s.

Yan Luan, the tribe leader of Lake of Colors Tribe, focused her gaze on the man in red robes and pointed towards him. Immediately, a gust of red mist charged forward and crawled in through the man’s ears, eyes, nose, and mouth, causing him to immediately regain some liveliness.

"Tribe leader, Tranquil East Tribe has a new guest. That person killed Lin Dong instantly…"

The man in red robes only managed to utter out a sentence before his face became dark—the blood flowing out of his body instantly gathered together and flew out of the body. It floated in midair for a second, then turned into a figure of a person made of blood.

The features of the man of blood were very clear. It was Su Ming with his mask on.


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