Rise of the Shattering Shield
6 Chapter 6 - First Comba
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Rise of the Shattering Shield
Author :Unknown_Isekai
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6 Chapter 6 - First Comba

As we made our way into the plains we discovered our first enemy. According to the UI, they are called "Treelets" and, as the name suggests, they are small trees with human characteristics like arms and eyes. While not the greatest of foes, we had to start somewhere.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Motada was quick to jump to action. Using his legendary staff, he quickly summoned a fireball and obliterated a tight group of Treelets near instantly.

"Well, I guess you're the Master of Destructive Magic for a reason..." I spoke with admiration. Motada sure did impress.

"Come on guys, let's get grinding!"

Otto shouted and then proceeded to charge the nearby Treelets, demolishing them with the power of his gauntlet. Everyone in the group was throwing spells and devastating every Treelet they could find.

I sprinted towards a lone treelet and began punching it. However, this is when the truth of my mastery truly started to dawn on me. I was taking very little damage from the Treelet and I felt nothing but a slight tingling sensation from any of its attacks, however, I also dealt very little damage in return. After ten minutes the Treelet finally went down, and that was only due to the strength of my gauntlet.

+10 EXP


"Only ten experience points? For all of that?" I spoke with a broken voice.

All that time and I only got fifteen experience points? At this rate, it would take me a day to get to level two! At least I got a new shield from defeating that Treelet. It seems that if I defeat certain enemies I gain different shields, and each shield grants a certain stat boost. I may as well equip it. I glossed over my massive list of shields and selected the Treelet Shield.



"No offensive boost? A ten percent damage resistance boost? I already take no damage from the damn things anyway!"

Upon selecting the treelet shield, my shield's material changed to wood. It also looked like the selected shield affected my gauntlet too. My gauntlet transformed into a wooden version, with leaves branching out.

It looked like things weren't going to get any easier. I fell to my knees and checked my UI. I seemed that the rest of the group were already level two, although thanks to the shared experience and their efficiency in slaying the Treelets, I was halfway there. Motada finished clearing his group of adds and came to check on me. Seeing me in the state I was in, he gave me a pat on the shoulder.

"Don't worry. We'll be with you all the way. Eventually, it'll get easier for you so don't worry about it."

The rest of the group gathered after finishing off the remaining packs of Treelets and were discussing what to do next.

"There seems to be a good weapon and armour vendor in the second level of Melena. How about we go there and spend some of the money the Queen gave us on purchasing better gear? This will especially help Nayasuki." Shirou spoke with his usual monotone voice. This sounded like a good idea. Any benefit I can get my hands on, the better.

"Great idea Shirou! Let's get on our way." Otto seemed excited at the prospects of getting new gear. I wonder if he's excited for the boost in efficiency or the boost in style.

After Shirou's suggestion was agreed upon we headed to the vendor he suggested. After using our maps and asking vendors for his whereabouts we finally managed to find the shop belonging to the "master smith". We entered to find a large, muscular and bombastic black haired man behind the counter ready to greet us.

"Welcome to my shop! If you have any queries regarding weaponry or amour, please ask away!" The Smith shouted out his greeting. He quickly spotted our legendary weapons and jolted with excitement.

"Oh, you are the Masters! Please, if you require anything at all, ask away. It is an honour to serve you." He bowed deeply after expressing his gratitude.

I'm starting to take a liking to this vendor. I could tell that he was a good man and that he'd make a good friend. We continued to browse the shop and examine the wares on offer. The other three decided not to buy anything for now however they decided to examine some weapons and armour for me. Motada then came up to me with what seemed to be an iron sword.

"Take this, Nayasuki, and see if it's to your liking. You'll need a weapon if you want to keep up."

I grabbed the sword and immediately after I did a UI notification popped up.




"What? A ninety-five percent stat decrease?" I shouted out in surprise.

So any offensive weapon I use gets a massive debuff? What is this horrible mechanic? This means that I'll have to stick with dealing damage with my gauntlet to kill any enemies. It seems that levelling myself up would only get harder, good thing I had the shared experience bonus from being in this group.

"We'll buy this weapon just in case. You might need something for self defence, right? Let's continue and focus on getting an armour piece as well." Motada spoke with surprise but still pushed onward, wanting to increase my efficiency in any way possible.

We eventually decided to purchase a light chain mail piece of armour covering my chest and arms. While the iron sword cost 10 Silver Imperial Coins, the chain mail cost eighty Gold Imperial Coins. This high price made me adamantly against the purchase, however, Motada convinced me otherwise.

After the purchase, we realised that it was getting late and decided to head to a nearby inn for food and rest. Motada, however, went off with a black-haired woman while the rest of us sat around and ate. I didn't expect him to bag such a pretty lady so easily, that's for sure. Otto then decided to break me out of my train of thought.

"So, how are you feeling? With your inability to deal damage and all?" Otto asked with a tinge of concern.

"I'm still feeling hopeful. I can't exactly stay down in the dumps on my first day of combat, can I? Besides, I'm certain there's a great path for me, and I'll be sure to reach the end of that path." I replied with a more upbeat voice. I was sure that, no matter the struggles that came my way, that I'd overcome it with the help of these guys.

"That's the spirit, Nayasuki! Here's a drink, on my behalf of course!" Otto energetically handed me a bottle of what seemed to be beer. While I'm not much of a drinker, I couldn't bring myself to deny his generosity.

After some drink, talk and the realisation that Motada wasn't coming back anytime soon, we all decided to head to our rented rooms for some desperately needed rest. Once I entered my room, I left my iron sword next to the door and fell right on my bed, with my fatigue being so great that I couldn't even take off my chain mail.

While the hurdles I experienced today may have seemed near insurmountable, I still had hope that I'd be able to overcome them. I slept with a smile on my face, awaiting the next part of my journey tomorrow.


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