Spider Prince
3 Chapter 3: Meant To Be 3
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Spider Prince
Author :Green_Heart
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3 Chapter 3: Meant To Be 3

I ate a big, delicous meal with her. She didn't seem hungry though as she didn't eat a single thing, watching me eat with a slight smile on her face.

Right now I sat in a chair at the table she had led me to to eat at. The dishes were washed and put away by her servants and now her gentle expression was replaced by a serious one.

She closed her eyes then opened them again. Her soft lips recited the words, "What do you think of the possibility of you being the reincarnation of the legendary Spider Prince?" I considered. "20% at most, I think." She glared at me after she heard those words but sighed.

"Considering the tattoo on your face, I'm sure the chance is higher than that, Li." Earlier on before I had breakfast, I had looked in the mirror. On my left cheek, a black tattoo of a spider, which was very lifelike, showed. My unnatural red eyes matched, and so did the black hair. I think I look quite handsome. The tattoo was quite out of nowhere though.

I looked at her, wishing for her to continue talking before I started thinking of something else and getting distracted. Much to my wishes, she spoke. "It is almost identical to the Spider Prince's..." Something flashed in her eyes. "Nevermind that, currently your not even qualified to be my servant with your strength. Your as small as an ant, and even a puny maid could probably beat you to death. We have to up your strength." Her serious eyes glowed as she folded her hands.

"I suppose I will have to ask Father for his opinion. Stay here. If you move from this spot, I'll punish you. Even though I only met you yesterday, because of the chance of you being the Spider Prince's reincarnation, I still need you." Her mouth had turned into a frown ever since she mentioned the word 'Father.' It was as if a father was not someone who was meant to be something of admiration, or just dear love, to a daughter. Alas, some families have certain problems not to be mentioned.

I'm confused though, unable to process what's happening. Randomly caring about me, and even having to go to her father simply to accept a worthless servant like me... Is something like that truly necessary? My curiosity piqued, I followed her as quietly as I could. She didn't seem to notice me as she continued walking.

Soon, she arrived at the door of one of the rooms. The doors to the room were big and marked with some royal weird stuff symbols and patterns. It nearly fried my eyes. At the very top of the door, a sign read, 'His Majesty's Throne Room'.

'His Majesty?? She didn't say she was in the royal family, as if she would even tell a stranger in the first place." I thought, but quickly eliminated any sign of other intentions from her actions. She seemed like a girl who simply wanted to repay and help the one who had (probably) saved her life. Aye, that's so clichè I'm choking on my own blood. I didn't save her life though. Hmm...

Her cold voice interrupted. Right now, it had an extra layer of iciness that made me shiver in fright. "Imperial Father, I request your presence." A few seconds later, a similarly cold male voice sounded. The man seemed to be in his 50s just from his voice, and he didn't seem to feel anything for the sudden visit his daughter had presented him. "Come in."

The doors opened to reveal two guards opening the doors, and 2 other guards standing behind those guards. Probably for extra protection, I guess. After she entered the room, they didn't bother to close the door. Is that because their sure no one else is around, or do they just not care? I wonder which one it is.

Shi Man quickly got onto her knees. "Imperial Father, I ask your permission regarding taking in a servant." An old man who was surrounded by bodyguards raised his eyebrows in a domineering manner, saying each word in a clear and careful manner as if the person in front of him was not his daughter but an idiot, "What level?"

Hearing his words, she swallowed. "E-eight." She mumbled. The old man instantly flew into a rage, slamming his hand on his throne. "A mere level eight? You dare mention such trash to me, especially regarding such a person become one of your servants? Even if you do not marry someone with more importance compared with your sister's future husband, you must not fall that far behind in servants! How dare you!"

She raised her head, an angry expression showing. However, she quickly lowered her head and changed her expression. "Imperial Father, I beg of you! Please let me have him as my servant!" Perhaps if she had not wanted to do this simply because of such a simple matter like a kiss, this wouldn't have happened. No one will believe this would happen over a kiss.

A hurl of flames was sent in the girl's way. She braced herself, awaiting the pain, not even having the pride to dodge it. One of the guards, though, had other thoughts. They ran in front her and blocked most of the flames with a magic shield. The rest of the flames hit harshly at their body, leaving a scorching red injury on their body and causing them to cough up blood.

I had long since started clenching my fists. How could this happen? She had just met me yet she was already making so many sacrifices, getting bullied and nearly injured by her father.

Illogical. Tears ran down my face. Then I remembered her peculiar tone when she asked if I was the reincarnation of the Spider Prince. Her eyes had filled with such sadness and a feeling of her remembering something from long ago. Could it be...?


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