Summer Paradise
2 SParadise 2
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Summer Paradise
Author :goddessss
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2 SParadise 2

"Thank you" I said and made my way out from his car but before I can close it I was startled by my brother, since it was already evening I didn't see him standing there. "Hey bro! Thanks for driving her, come and join us for dinner." he said and smirked at me. I rolled my eyes at him and walk inside. He knew that I still have feelings for Mark and he keeps doing things that made me roll my eyes at him. I really can't understand him, his my brother he should have helped me to distance from Mark but as what you have seen he's making it worst and he's fucking enjoying it. I put my bag on the sofa and went to dinning area. "Hi Mom" I said and kissed her cheek. "Hi Chloe, how's your day?" she asked. "Boring and wasted as always" I replied. My mom chuckled and looked at the two coming. Who else? my evil brother and Mark. Mom gesture her hands to them, tellinh them to sit. They began talking on business things since my mom owned a well-known company here in our city, my brother Stan studies business because he will surely be the heir of the company the same with Mark he's also the future heir of their company. I don"t like business, I have no spirit in it . I would rather stay up all night in hospital rather than staying up with paper works. Anyways, I stayed quiet until I finished my meal. "I'm done. Is it okay to excuse my self?" I asked them. I look at mom and she's hesitant. "Mom, I still have many things to do." I said. "Okay then," she said. I excused my self and lead my way to my room.
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I lay down in bed and punch my face with my pillows. "C'mon Chloe its been ages!" I said to my self. Mark and I doesn't have any relationship but he always makes me feel that I'm special to him and as the time goes on I develop something for him. I was happy with him. I loved him. One statement ruined my world. "I'm treating you as my sister, Chloe."


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