The Awakening Unknown
4 Chapter 4: Raid Begins
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The Awakening Unknown
Author :1TA
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4 Chapter 4: Raid Begins


I could feel my heartthrob instead of beat. The pain and suffering I was experiencing were too much to handle, and I just wanted to die already. The locket I was carrying around shattered into millions of different little pieces. 

With my body tearing itself down, I held his lifeless body in my arms as I watched him die. Telling myself dying was the only way out, I laid him on the ground and picked up the dagger.

 Nothing besides the chilling words "Do it" playing in my mind. Getting louder and louder as I felt my heart giving in, my bloody, torn-up body collapsed.


Getting off of the bus, and finally arriving in front of the gate we were told to patiently wait for the last class to arrive.

"Abis, do see that?" Alec said, tapping my shoulder.

I looked to where he was looking and saw the same old lady from the train, staring at us from across the street.

"No–Nah, no way that's the same lady we saw on the train yesterday," I told him.

"So you do recognize her?" Oma said behind us.

"Huh? Have you seen her before as well?" Alec asked.

"No, but I found it weird that she was staring at us for so long. Ever since we got down here, I noticed her." She said.

"Hey, Abis? Do you think we should go over there and talk to her? She looks like she wants to talk." He said.

I believe that I turned and looked Alec in his green eyes, and then back at that woman. To me, it became apparent as to what was going on, but I'm not too sure about Alec and Oma.

"How the hell does she look like she wants to talk? Did you not even realize? Her entire eye color changed."

Oma turned to us and then pointed in the old ladies direction. "Umm, where did the old lady go?" 

The worried tone in her voice and the sudden disappearance of the old lady somehow frightened me, leading me to ask.

"Were you watching her?"

"Yes, I never took my eyes off of her! She just… suddenly disappeared, into thin air." 

"Well old women don't suddenly disappear into thin air. This is the second time she did this already. ...that means she is most likely a mage-type or not human." Alec said.

"Wait…" He said, trying to finish his thoughts. "If she's a mage type at such an old age, that means she's an important person… right?"

"Explain some more…" Oma said.

"Sigh, the "great dominance war" ended I believe around twenty-seven or so years ago, right? That means if she gained any abilities at her age, she's either filthy rich or participated in a rebellion war against the hellions.

No matter what her role was then. Anyone who participated in that rebellion was treated as heroes. And judging by her appearances, she isn't capable of becoming a soldier now, because her body is too weak to handle the serum." 

"In other words, she's either a legend or a different species altogether," I told Oma. 

"I… see." She said mumbling to herself. "Well, by the way, thanks for letting me stay at your dorm again last night."

"It's fine, you're rather cute when you're sleeping in my bed. Just get up earlier next time." I told her.

In my mind, I thought to myself that it would be much smarter to tell a teacher about what we had just seen. But it's far too late for that. 

Most of the time, telling instructors or raid leaders things just like this you just get ignored since they're so deep into the upcoming battle.

In a gate, it's life or death. So being mentally prepared is the most important thing before entering. 

The next bus arrived, it's been around two to three minutes since we arrived, so we didn't have to wait very long.

"Okay! Does everyone have their armor and helmets on?" Professor Smoker shouted.

Everyone nodded their hands and raised their hands, shouting "Yes!" at the top of their lungs.

"Great! Does everyone have their weapons, flashlights, or crystals?" 

Once again, we all shouted "yes" as loud as we possibly could. Looking at him stand on his pedestal.

"Okay, are you already ready!" He shouted, lifting his golden shield into the air with the lion printed in the middle shining.

The other professor, who I believe his name is Brian, I'm not sure though, opened the gate. By unsealing the gate, and being granted the ability to enter, you need a certain key. 

Without the key, you are unable to unseal the gate you want to enter. To obtain this gate, you make an appointment with the gatekeepers and they'll give it to you.

When it opened, it resembled that of a portal. They say when you get used to the gates they become nothing special. But the first time you ever see it, it's one of the most beautiful things you'll ever see. And that's exactly what I felt. 

We all walked towards the gate, the feeling around the area was chilling nonetheless. Inside was even worse.

The once sunny sky was blocked out by rain-filled clouds, the buildings were torn apart, and the entire area reeked of piss and blood. 

It was cold, and there were no monsters in sight. I could see the fear of many students. Their expressions frightened, I could tell many of them wanted to go home. 

But not Alec or Oma. For some strange reason, they were as calm as you could be. I mean, even I was a little scared of just being in here. 


As we walked further, I couldn't help but notice how deserted this place was. There was just something that felt off being here. 

From what I know, this is a C rank gate with monster C or lower residing within it. C rank gates are also known as the "Middle Rank" or "Average Rank" by many. 

Due to it being the only ranking where the gates are not too hard, yet not too easy either. A and S rank being too hard to participate in, yet alone breathing in, and D or lower being far too easy, C rank was the perfect balance to send weaker or less experienced soldiers.

This was seen as perfect for first-year students. We didn't have to worry about our lives, since we had A-ranked soldiers here with us. But we were also able to let loose.

Students were not ranked yet, we didn't get ranked until after we graduated from the university. Once you graduate, they will give a permit and paper worksheet to take up to the registration office.

After that, you show them your paperwork, ID, permit, teacher signature, and then they'll send you to some sort of room. 

People who didn't get into university or simply skipped it are permitted to take a series of tests to get approved as a soldier.  

"Be careful." One of the pro-soldiers told me. "I see a dangerous amount of Goblins nearby."

I looked ahead towards Alec and Oma who were standing behind professor Smoker at the head of the formation.

I was in the back, with two soldiers guarding me. One was able to sense or detect any life nearby, and the other was a mage. They were both A-ranked soldiers, so a gate of this caliber shouldn't pose too much of a fight.

We walked further down the destroyed city and met a large abandoned building. Professor smoker turned towards and lowered his shield to the ground.

"This is where the monsters have been hiding! I don't understand myself, but if we want to complete this raid we will go in to defeat every monster and finish off their boss." 

Professor Smoker looked rather pale announcing our plan. He was a soldier who fought countless battles in his day and even participated in the battle of minerva. 

So to see him so pale somewhat frightened me, all I could think was "what could possibly make the great Smoker get pale in the face?" 

But one thing reassured me that something must've made him pale. I watched him thoroughly and noticed no trembling or irregularities in his breathing.

So I passed it off as the cold and listened to the rest of what he had to say to us.

"I know this is your first raid, but all of you must learn to overcome whatever is holding you back. On my march, we go." He said, turning his back towards us.

"Now, let's go!" he said pushing the doors open. 

Everyone marched in, not breaking formation. Their goal was to kill every monster that we were able to find. 

My goal was to find any and every clue we could get to discover more about the hellions. 

Inside the building was eroded concrete with vines and rotten flesh wrapped all around.

We were able to hear small footsteps in the far distance. When we entered fully, the door behind us closed shut, and torches that ran along the walls lit in harmony. 

We walked farther and farther into the building and saw nothing. But then, as we were ready to rest our feet.

"Stop!" Professor Brian exclaimed. "We are surrounded by at least ten–no fifteen monsters." 

I felt something drip on me, but thought nothing of it. I thought to myself that this building is old and destroyed, so maybe some water was dropping down.

"What?" Professor Smoker yelled. "How come the other sensory type didn't say anything sooner?"

When we all turned to look at him and was horrified to see his headless corpse hanging by a chain and hook through the chest. 

They all screamed and the tank who was assigned to guard me along with the sensory type finally said something.

"What ranking did you say this gate was again?"

"C–c ranked, it's supposed to be a C-ranked gate!" Smoker said, backing away.

"Professor, watch out!" A student yelled.

But it was too late, we watched as they pulled apart his body. Piece by piece, little by little. The tank in charge of me managed to kill the monsters that were ripping smoker apart.

"Goblins? How are goblins able to do this? No, something seems of—" 

Sounds became muttered, and my vision became blurry. It seemed like space and time was becoming restored itself.

When I came to, I was lying down in a room field with Papaveraceae flowers. "Where am I?" were the only thoughts to come to mind.


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    《The Awakening Unknown》