The Awakening Unknown
-World Building-
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The Awakening Unknown
Author :1TA
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-World Building-


Abis Uzun 「Main Character」

Anja 「Female Lead」

Mr. Johnson


Soldiers: What in other novels would consider Hunters. After the hellions arrived mankind developed soldiers.


"S" Rank: The most powerful and terrifying ranking of them all.

"A" Rank: The second most powerful ranking.

"B" Rank: Also known as the support rank, usually supports the A and S rank during missions.

"C" Rank: Commonly known as the rank that doesn't grow. Having the inability to grow in power.

"D" Rank: More of a pity ranking, giving to people who are too old or suffering from a bad injury.

"E" Rank: Also known as the unlisted rank, being the second-lowest paid soldiers.

"F" Rank: The weakest ranking.

Nations: World Leaders

Atum- Indra Lopinto

China- Chao Li Wu 「Representative」

Africa- Kadir Zivai 「Representative」

America- Sebastian Water 「Representative」

India- Jui Dhar 「Representative」

Russia- Vaughn Falin 「Representative」

Japan- Watanabe Jun'ichi 「Representative」

Germany- Klaus Dengel 「Representative」

Europe- Arielle Edevane 「Representative」


- Mage Class: A special class made of magicians, wizards, witches. Commonly known as sorcerers and to some godly beings.

- Combatant Class: Also known as the knight class, primarily made of hand to hand combatant.

- Assassin Class: Known for their swift and sneaky movements, assassins are usually used for stealth missions, assassinations, and more.

- Tank Class: A class of human shields, they primarily bring attention to themselves and as human shields.

- Healer Class: The class of healers, this very self-explanatory. They heal anyone in their power level criteria.

- Supporter Class: They specialize in attack or defense buff, this is a Sub-Class for a healer.

- Warrior Class: Known for their ability to grab a sword and dominate the battlefield, their hand to hand combat is significantly boosted for their ability to add magic to their arsenal, this is the Sub-Class to Combatant.


Strength: Lvl 1

Agility: Lvl 1

Intelligence: Lvl 1

Stamina: Lvl 1

Qi Amount: Lvl 1

Qi Control Lvl 1

Title: None

Class: None

Rank: None

Level: 1

Fatigue: 0

Learning: 10

System Control: 1

World Information: 1

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    《The Awakening Unknown》