The Awakening Unknown
5 Chapter 5: Where Am I?
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The Awakening Unknown
Author :1TA
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5 Chapter 5: Where Am I?


Due to my allergies, these flowers felt as if they were trying to smother me one by one, taking my breath and clouding my nose. 

My skin became unbearably itchy, and my eyes felt as if they were preparing to burst at any moment. 

Where was I? I couldn't stop wondering about that. The fact that I was powerless to do anything there and that I lost all contact with everyone else,  instilled a dull fear into me.

I walked around; I was scared but felt somewhat safe there. I went through a lot of things in my lifetime, but this was new to me. 

My allergies cleared after moments of walking around and for some odd reason, I felt better than I did before. 

I didn't know rather it was the flowers, or because I was having some mental breakdown. But I felt as relaxed as the "Amun River." 

My mind was clear, yet, felt as if I couldn't think straight. I knew I should've looked for an exit, but instead, I laid down in the flowers and closed my eyes.

When I opened them, nothing changed. Truthfully, I was expecting to wake to something like a goblin or minotaur. But I was alone.

"Sigh…" I let.

I stood back up and looked around. Even though I couldn't shake the feeling of being calm, I knew something was off.

A room filled with Papaveraceae flowers or rather Papaver. Rhoeas can be viewed as a bad sign. 

These flowers for many years have been a symbol of the dead. It's beautiful, vibrant, red color was once used as a symbol of tribute to a dead loved one who passed away in a war. 

It has many reasons for me to fear being around it, and that's why I should hurry and leave this place as quickly as possible. 

The field I was in had walls, but there were no doors nor a ceiling in sight. The room was quite large, so going wall to wall was going to take some time reaching.


"Huh?" I looked down to see that my left foot had clicked some sort of button attached to the ground. 

Beside my right, a hidden door opened. But what I heard beyond scared me shitless. 


Followed by heavy growling and thunderous footsteps approaching me. I backed away after many failed attempts of trying to close the door.


"Where am I?" 

My name is Felix and I am a professor at the University of Atum. Today, I went on a raid accompanying a large group of first-year students and another professor, Smoker.

All I vividly remember was the terrified look on Smokers' face. Although I remember all of that, I can't seem to remember why I joined this raid in the first place. 

And for some really strange reason, I woke to find myself stuck in some metal cage. There was blood everywhere around me. The cage reeked of rotten flesh, and there were very bright lights shining on me. 

In the far distance, I heard the unsettling noise of the students screaming. I could tell they were getting slaughtered by those disgusting creatures and it made my stomach turn at the thought of it. 

Sitting next to me was a diamond-shaped key, I moved to grab it, and that was when I realized I was chained up to the metal bars of the cage.

"This is unusual! You seem to be lost, Felix!" A voice said to me from a distance.

"...who are you?" I asked.

"If you wish to leave that cage with the key. The lock is you!" the voice told me. "However, ..for you, I'll let you go."

The cage then fell apart in front of me. "If I was you, I would run before 'it' comes." 

Suddenly, the same growling I heard moments ago, sounded closer and closer. 

I ran. Trying not to trip on the blood on the floor I grabbed everything close to me before turning into a different room.

I ran into a room. Unlike the others, there was no sign of blood. No flesh, no rotten stench, not even a monster insight.

"You entered the wrong room, Felix." The ominous voice told me. 


It's behind me. I can hear it, but it's not attacking me. Why is it not attacking me? I don't want to go through the process of thinking I survived, just to die. 

When I turn around, he's going to attack me, I'm sure of it!

I turned my head slowly, trying to look at it without moving, and not trying to alarm it. I get a glimpse of fur, which can be a good sign meaning it may be low-ranked. I continue to turn my head… nope! I'm dead. 

When I saw what sort of beast it was, the color I had in my face drained. It was a blood-wolf, ranked A, beast-type. 

To think I ran into an A-Tier beast here of all places, a C-rank gate is absurd. I'm just a sensory type soldier after all. I don't have any abilities to fight this thing. 

It began sniffing me. Blood-Wolves hunt their prey by smell and kill by overpowering and outsmarting them. So not only do I have to face a powerful foe, but he's equally as smart. 

But then a sudden turn of events happened. It left. After sniffing me for what seemed like centuries he just left.

"...huh? Wait a damn minute! Am I not good enough to eat?" I said, shouting at the wolf.

But what hit me harder than the wolf not eating me, was it's obviously annoyed face when looking at me.

"The hell are you getting an attitude for? Are you saying that I'm not good enough to get eaten?"

Oh… it just struck me. This wolf must be a girl… because that attitude is not befitting of an 'alpha male.' head is beginning to ache. Is it the result of angering a 'female' blood wolf?

I started to become unstable on my feet, wobbling. I couldn't see straight and so I decided to lean against the wall. But as soon as I did, it opened revealing an entirely different room.

When I looked down, all of my memories and the reason why I came flooded back into my mind. And in front of me, was the person I was in charge of, Abis. 


"Dammit, the noise is getting closer," I said, shouting at myself pressing the button time and time again.


The doors started closing, "Finally!" I screeched. But alas, I celebrated far too early, and what came running in was nothing other than a blood-wolf. 

It destroyed the doors and walls just to get in here. As metal or concrete is not enough to stop a blood-wolf. 

'Why is an A-Rank beast here?' I thought to myself. 'A high ranking monster like this shouldn't be in a C-rank gate.'

I stood back up after falling to the ground. I looked at the damaged wall and thought about making a run for it. Just to remember that I was in a gate, and several different monsters were lurking around. 

I had no weapon and never obtained any abilities like my other siblings. To go up against such a creature at my level is funny, I would just end up a snack like his other prey. 

It approached me and sniffed me. This was common with the blood-wolves, if they didn't find you to be a threat they'll smell you thoroughly to see if you are worth eating.

And just like that, she walked past me. I could tell it was a female wolf by her size and strength. Male blood-wolves are smaller and more agile than the females, but the females are much bigger than the males and far stronger. 

In other words, you can at least try outrunning a female wolf, but if they catch you, they can crush you in an instant. But even compared to us normal humans, they are ten times faster than us.

They enjoy feasting on ordinary humans such as myself. It's far easier for them, and even an E-ranked soldier is stronger than the average human. 

So to see her pass me was a bit of a shocker. I have heard that if you properly tame a blood-wolf that it wouldn't attack their owner. ...So does it see me as its owner?

I wanted to test it, to see if I could use this wolf as protection against other monsters. And so I sat next to it, preparing myself to talk to her. 



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