The Dao of Filler
1 Ch 1: Journey to Perfection
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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1 Ch 1: Journey to Perfection

As an author, you must always be shameless. Take advantage of the sheer cult-like following your readers provide. They will literally always read any new chapter you make, so it doesn't matter if you make 90% of it filler! These next few chapters will be:

-How To Make Filler

-Cultivating Your Filler

-Going Premium With Filler

(Why are these all in different chapters? I think you can figure that out for yourself.)

Let's begin.

How To Make Filler:

Quite an intriguing question. If anything, there are many sources you can learn from. An example would be "The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism"

The story is an average system story that tries to be unique from all these copy and paste stories you'd usually find.

However, a big aspect of the story is, you guessed it... FILLER. If it's not filler, than it's mostly an explanation on a Buddhist scripture that the MC used or is about to use. Completely and utterly shameless if you ask me. It's a perfect starting ground for those who are cultivating the Dao of Filler.

Now.. how do you actually make filler? Well, I'll list some examples below and point out what's actually going on in the mind of the author. Of course, these will all count as part of my word count too. I did write the examples!

"Xia Yin managed to flawlessly and masterfully dodge the arrow that was speeding past him like a thunderbolt in the night sky."

Quite a "descriptive" scene, right? That's because most of it is filler. Your brain is actually trying to make it seem like it's relevant to story, but it's not. The author(me)'s intentions were actually to drag that paragraph out by adding more words and using a metaphor. A spectacular combo. Absolutely stunning! Next filler example.

"Zhuan Xia was utterly flustered and embarrassed! How could someone from the other gender attract her like that? His deep blue eyes, perfectly shaped nose and that unnaturally sharp and even jawline. Just thinking about the author made Zhuan Xia's body go weak."

That was a long paragraph, with a lot of expertly concealed filler! I especially liked the part where she complimented my looks, she really knows how to make a man feel good about himself. The key to having filler in a paragraph like that is

-Always use the character's name!! It will always add 2 words to your word count

-Be a LOT more descriptive. It will still add to your word count and readers will even thank you for putting such a descriptive scene in their minds.

-Add unnecessary sentences like "How could someone from the opposite gender attract her like that.." to make the readers feel like they are in Zhuan Xia's mind, but are actually just reading filler.

That's all for today folks! I'm not actually getting paid to do this, so there will only be 1 chapter per day! I will probably not even go above 600 words! Please... give a starving author suggestions on what I should cover after this first volume of 3 chapters. I'll see ya later, and remember kids... Every word counts!


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