The Dao of Filler
2 Ch 2: Cultivating Your Filler
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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2 Ch 2: Cultivating Your Filler

Hello young cultivators! Today I am here to explain how to cultivate filler! It's not great to always have your chapters as filler, believe it or not! Observant readers will quickly notice they are reading a whole bunch of filler. This is a problem, so we'll go over the levels of filler and what levels you should avoid in order to make a successful filler:

Beginner Cultivator

You have just stepped into the world of filler. Most of your paragraphs/sentences are useful to the story, but every once in a while you have some filler.

Intermediate Cultivator

A good majority of your paragraphs/sentences are useful to the story development, but a good majority aren't. It's good to stay on this level and not go any higher. Seriously.

Advanced Cultivator

Only 5% of the chapter is actually relevant. By now most of your readers have probably caught on and are just waiting for the Cultivation Police (Webnovel Staff) to put you on a blacklist. You will probably never get premium at all. But hey, 100 power stones are nice..

Me, a Patriarch in the Dao of Filler sect, would suggest serious practitioners(writers) stay at the golden level of Beginner Cultivator and Intermediate Cultivator. Anything else is way too high and will obviously be known by everyone in the community.

Today I'm feeling generous, so I'll put two chapters into one!

How To Go Premium With Filler

(For Advanced Smart People Only)

Your story is getting quite a bit of attention. Starting to get more views per day, more power stones, more comments... Oh how I wish that would happen to me.

Anyway, going premium with filler is HARD. For people who don't know how to cultivate the filler path. Usually sentences like:

"The author walked elegantly, masterfully, graciously, and make everyone subconsciously lower their heads in awe."

That's a load of filler! It's unacceptable if you want to go premium. Instead, take a more discreet approach.

"The author walked masterfully and was unapproachable. Everyone who saw him subconsciously bowed their heads in awe, fear and reverence."

Now, without having the hassle of:

"elegantly, masterfully, and graciously" you've replaced it with a sentence that looks like it's not filler! It's quite simple to a godly cultivator like me.

The aforementioned tactic could be used in a book that is bought, but it's not recommended unless you're selling to little kids. Even then, maybe their parents will notice and want a refund. That's bad.

What can we take from this, young cultivators?

"Have filler, but have it discreetly. Go premium, but include filler. Edit your chapters or find an editor... lazy authors.."

If you can understand that ancient filler scripture, you no longer have anything to learn...

I'm kidding, you have so much to learn! But understanding that is a step in the right direction. The world of filler is boundless, often finding itself in real world articles, or fan-fictions written at home. Remember kids, every word counts..


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