The Dao of Filler
3 Ch 3: Info Dump
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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3 Ch 3: Info Dump

Young daoists, we meet again! On this path of filler, no mistakes can be allowed. Let's get into the chapter.

As a starving young daoist with a burning passion for your novel, you want it to be well understood! However, making creative and unique ways of incorporating information into your story is too hard. You need something that will leave a mark in the readers mind, for good or for worse...

Fear not, there is a solution! Readers dread it like main characters dread the infamous truck-kun.. an info dump! Your inquisitive young mind thinks that this will scare readers away, but it won't! As long as you're not too obvious like:

"James knew about the realms of cultivation! The realms went like this: Qi Cultivator, Foundation Realm, Core Formation, and Nascent Soul! Furthermore, these could be divided into 9 layers with 9 sub layers and even further into even more 9 sub sub layers."

That was too boring! You would be lucky if you even got 1 person to read it. Instead of having a forced introduction, it should come naturally like this:

"James said quickly, 'Of course I know about the realms of cultivation! I'm not that stupid.'

Sarah teased him and smilingly said. 'Then what are they?'

James found himself gulping at her beauty, her smile seemed to have made the world bright up.

After collecting himself, he embarrassedly replied, "The realms of cultivation are Qi Cultivator, Foundation Realm, Core Formation and Nascent Soul."

Now with that paragraph, you have made it noticeably longer, added character dialogue, and even made room for a lot more filler description! It is really simple to take advantage of your readers.

Of course, this will not always help you. Adding character dialogue is convenient, but readers will quickly realize what they are reading. So, here's another example of a good info dump:

"Immeasurable amounts of pain flooded Kawano Fumimaro's nerves. His brain felt like it was about to explode, and his whole soul felt weak and helpless. Kawano Fumimaro regained consciousness, but still felt troubled at the new information before him. Cultivation? He had never heard of that term. Apparently there were different realms and you went in order. They went like this: Qi Cultivator, Foundation Realm, Core Formation, and Nascent Soul."

Now you've introduced a new element for your MC, listed the realms of cultivation so far, and you have great potential to add more filler!! You should expect this type of advice to come to you, but don't worry if it doesn't. I am here, Patriarch of the Dao of Filler sect, and will always help you!

I will be seeing myself out, but don't cry in the absence of my presence. I will come back, and I will share more advice for all aspiring cultivators! Remember kids, every word counts..


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