The Dao of Filler
4 Ch 4: Shamelessly Advertising
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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4 Ch 4: Shamelessly Advertising

Welcome back, young daoists! Today we will be touching upon a topic near and dear to every starving daoist's heart. Advertising.

Of course, "shamelessly advertising"? No! You are just providing a source of entertainment for anyone who is interested...

Maybe a young daoist like you has never heard of the term "advertising"? It's a quite simple and easy task, but getting people to actually read your story is something else. Here's a few tips on how to provide a source of entertainment for anyone interested.


Let's say you're on a story like "Transcending The Nine Heavens" and see a few comments enjoying the story. You should comment something like this:

"I like Transcending The Nine Heavens too! The update per week is soo slow though. I'm working on a similar story called "Insert Cool Xianxia Name" with a chapter per (you choose) and it currently has (please don't advertise with 5 chapters). See you later, fellow daoist.

With this comment, you have indirectly said 'Come to my story, add to your library and give me power stones.' without actually saying that! Foolproof technique.

2. Social Media/Discord

If you haven't joined Discord, I recommend you do! You should then join the official Webnovel server and Inkstone Writing server. Using a legendary technique crafted by me, you will be able to get more viewers.

Open Discord > Webnovel > Start Interacting

This one requires a lot of skill, as not every starving daoist can actually communicate well. Fear not! This will hone your skills, give you an idea of what authors and readers are like and open new gateways to creating your own server for your novel.

So basically, don't shamelessly advertise to advertise on Discord! Only do it when the moment is right and casually mention your novel.

TLDR: Don't be so pushy! A man just wants to read..

3. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

This is only for the most desperate and starving daoists. It is seriously not recommended to torture yourself like this unless absolutely necessary. After all, who would want to let the world know they write on Webnovel? Just one look at it gives a 'weaboo' vibe and will scare most narrow-minded people off. But, if you have willingly chose this path, it is expected you know what judgement stems from it.

You should casually mention you write something and have a friend check it out. Make sure you're not writing a scene where the MC gets his head chopped off on the first chapter or that will scare some people away. Here's a good way of saying this to your real life friends:

"I've been thinking of getting into writing, and I'm writing on a website called Webnovel. My story is called 'The Dao of Filler' you should check it out! I think you'll like it."

If you were not profusely sweating while saying that sentence, good on you. Let's just hope your friend won't be absolutely shocked when they read the absurd titles of popular novels and quickly close the tab...

That's all for today's advice! If you need any advice on your cultivation, let me know in the comments below! Of course, remember to give me your power stones.

Remember kids, every word counts...


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