The Dao of Filler
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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Hello young daoists! This chapter will only be useful for those who write (mildly) adult scenes! But for all those concerned, there will be no VERY suggestive examples in this chapter.

There comes a moment in every starving daoist's life where they want to make a steamy scene...

The thing is, baiting your viewers is actually more enjoyable than writing the scene itself. You get to see everyone's annoyed comments and them wanting more!

A few examples are:

"The author looked at me in deep sorrow and regret. We had shared so many memories together and tried to start a family. But what had changed? I hugged him and cried, tears and snot getting smushed into his hoodie. The author embraced me and we started kissing passionately. Times had changed, internal wars had been fought, but there was one thing I knew. The love me and the author shared was pure."

That's not so much of a steamy scene, but it will keep the readers guessing and wanting more. It also hints at another scene that most likely happened.... NEXT EXAMPLE!

"I looked at Feng Mian and teased, 'Are you sure you want to play this game? The mouse has always been caught by the cat.'

Feng Mian laughed and replied, 'Not all stories are true, young man.'

I took Feng Mian's hand and rushed her over to the hotel room where we would be staying the night. I feel bad for my neighbors."

That was an excellent masterpiece. Simply the pinnacle of filler and shamelessness. Not even letting the readers know what happens next! Quite a genius move to gain those power stones. And finally, to stretch this chapter out to 480+ words, here's one more (beautifully written) example.

"The world suddenly went dark. Zhang Wei was very confused! Was this a dream? Maybe a solar eclipse or something? Interrupting his thoughts, a shockingly bright light went off. Zhang Wei's eyes took a while to adjust to the light, but when he opened his eyes he saw a girl. The girl was about Zhang Wei's age and walked forward to meet him. Unexpectedly, she stopped a few inches away from his face and said, 'Do you want to make a contract with me? The only way to initiate the contract is with a kiss.' Taken aback, Zhang Wei had no time to respond! The girl suddenly kissed him, his first kiss taken away like that!"

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did writing it! It was a blast to "exercise" my brain and write these scenes for young daoists like you. Remember kids, every word counts.

(I'm sorry for the late chapter release! I didn't realize that I didn't upload this one..)


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