The Dao of Filler
8 Ch: 8 Copy Paste Xianxia
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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8 Ch: 8 Copy Paste Xianxia

Young daoists, today we are going to talk about a serious problem with Webnovel. Good stories are being ruined with this horrible storytelling.

Of course, I am talking about copy paste plots! These are especially rampant in xianxia stories or stories translated from Asia. Of course, some stories put a twist on it and most don't. Examples of this would be:

"Qin Shuren walked into the famous Everlasting Pagoda of Food restaurant and got a waiter to lead him to a table. Today was one of Qin Shuren's lucky days! Qin Shuren finally got enough money from that old man to eat at a good place. Looking at the menu and deciding what to eat, Qin Shuren called over a waiter and humbly asked, 'May I have the Fish Lord speciality?'

'Of course.' The waiter responded with a smile. Qin Shuren patiently waited but suddenly a loud roar came from a few tables over.

'Who took the speciality! Your Father will have to teach them a lesson while Master Yao is away!'"

There's no real meaning to have a conflict over that little thing! If anything, you should make it more exciting and something actually worth fighting over. Here's an example:

"Lang Tai was going to get his younger sister back from the evil Corpse Mountain sect! They were notorious for using young girls and boys as re-animated corpses to fool good people. Lang Tai thought this was disgusting, but it was a dog eat dog world and he wouldn't go out of his way for someone he didn't know. But now, it was different! They were declaring war on him! Lang Tai! The revered cultivator from another realm!

Lang Tai would not let these injustices stand.

As Lang Tai rode his flying sword up to the Corpse Mountain's pocket realm, he felt a very strange force running through the spirit vein of the mountain. Lang Tai was only slightly taken aback though, and quickly regained his confidence. Lang Tai still had the Dao of Glory on his side, and he wouldn't let his dao heart falter.

Lang Tai saw his younger sister up at the very peak of the Corpse Mountain sect's pocket realm entrance. Lang Tai saw an elder leading his younger sister in, and Lang Tai felt his sister had been manipulated! Lang Tai arrived in an instant and..."

Any longer and you'd mistake this story for Lang Tai's. I had a great time writing about Lang Tai though..

Enough with those silly thoughts! Filler is all I need to focus on. Hopefully some authors can learn that fighting "Young Masters" is not original anymore! What about the people who crazily cultivate and consider that as a competition? Or the people who want to be the best in archery, swordsmanship, etc.

There are so many unique characters waiting to be explored, but you still have to go with the same "Young Master" plot! Shame on you.

It's good to be back! Please leave your ideas in the comment section below..

(Seriously! I might not be able to make a chapter a day anymore..)


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