The Dao of Filler
9 Ch: 9 Harems...
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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9 Ch: 9 Harems...

Hello young daoists! Today we'll be talking about harems.

I don't want to discourage anyone from writing a harem (go ahead!) but I'm going to point out some flaws I think harems have.

1. Listen to the MC and I'll give you candy!

Harems are great and all, but it starts to get annoying when some characters act out of their personality. Let's say that MC has a cold girl in his harem and she won't do anything to endanger her family.... but she gives MC information that damages her family. Maybe not in this exact format but I've seen this happen before. It annoys me to death!!
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2. Harems in general

To me, a daoist who has seen it all, I do not like polygamous relationships. They either feel too forced or the husband in the relationship cannot give equal amounts of love to each girl. Maybe it's my marriage values shining through, but I don't think a man should have more than one lady.

3. No conflict

In only rare cases will you see girls in harems genuinely trying to sabotage each other. Harems should have conflict! A more realistic approach would be that girls in harems secretly fight for the MC's attention. Yet, most of these harems I see are always harmonious and never fight. Weird!

In my opinion, harems are bad. That might not be the case for you though! I'm all for a harem, just please make it interesting once in a while.

Today I made a lot shorter chapter because what else am I supposed to talk about? Harems are just harems, plain and simple. Trust me though, you'll get longer chapters tomorrow!


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