The Dao of Filler
10 Ch: 10 Beauties and their BEAUTY
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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10 Ch: 10 Beauties and their BEAUTY

Beauties everywhere, but is that really realistic? In some stories it would be more shocking to see an ugly person rather than a beauty! Even me, a masterful senior of shamelessness, has never seen such an increase in beauties! If anything, they're more normal people than beauties...

Like, would you really meet a beauty in the slums? Why aren't they a hidden expert waiting for you to lower your guard?!

Some of these could be improved and turned into unsuspecting stories like:

"Zhong Jie was fooling around with his buddies at the Otherworldly Paradise brothel. They were still young, so they could only look at the mature, succulent beauties. With his head held low, Zhong Jie decided to call it a night and head back home.

-Slums, 8:01pm-

Zhong Jie was about to turn the corner when a girl caught his eye. The girl had mud over her face and tattered clothes, but Zhong Jie could sense something more from her. Zhong Jie fixed himself up quickly and went over to chat with her.

'What are you doing here this late at night?' questioned Zhong Jie. The girl only looked up at him. Sensing his malicious intentions, she suddenly pulled out a sword and struck at Zhong Jie!

She coldly and mercilessly responded saying, 'Only killing trash like you.'"

That was a surprise! It's new, it's fresh, it's great! And best of all, the advice and ideas were provided for free! By me!

Now you may be wondering, but Patriach, how do you come up with original ideas? How can I improve my characters?!

Instead of:

"Panini Singh was a dashing man. With caramel colored skin and a perfect jawline, he tamed many ice-cold beauties."

It should be:

"Panini Singh was an honest, hard-working man. Panini had caramel colored skin and a great jawline. Many girls fell for him, but he only had one person in his heart."

It shouldn't be about how good-looking he is! Readers should be able to make an image in their head and stick with it.

I believe that many authors fall to this misconception that their characters must be perfect with no flaws! They must always have a perfect jawline, perfect body, perfect everything!

The beauty thing in novels is so overworked that I would like a simple, plain person as the MC. Maybe an honest, but sometimes silly, farmer would be a good MC every now and then.

I'm sorry I didn't release for a little while! I'll try my hardest to get back on track.

Remember kids, every word counts.


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