The Dao of Filler
12 Ch: 12 Experts are infinite!
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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12 Ch: 12 Experts are infinite!

Hello young daoists! Today we will be talking about how experts are as rare as phoenix feathers, but then become as boundless as the sea.

It seems that every time a young cultivator has cultivated to what seems like the pinnacle of their country, they are always met with new and even stronger cultivators!

This senior daoist feels bad for the cultivators, but feels even worse for the MC! How insane would it drive you to constant cultivate to the pinnacle and then get greeted by stronger people! It would drive me insane...

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, you can read any cultivation/strength based novel for a few hundred chapters and then you'll understand.

While adding stronger characters is a good way to keep the story going, there should also be alternative routes! What about one or two other villains that constantly harass you and your goons so you have to cultivate harder to overtake them? There's a lot more interesting scenarios than just throwing overpowered people at your MC..

This example is a great example!

"Kyo Young-Jae has forged his path through blood, sweat, and tears. It was not easy cultivating to the Grand Formation realm, and it was even harder to have his faction remain as a peak power. Even though he had remained as number 1 of the Frosty Flame City, there were still people he didn't want to cross paths with. After all, when you've cultivated this far, how can you simply let your life be thrown away? Kyo Young-Jae sighed deeply. Kyo Young-Jae would have to clash against another few strong cultivators to remain as number 1 and it wasn't an easy task. Many of the powerful factions behind those people would love to find a reason to start conflict!

Kyo Young-Jae wondered what it would be like if he could settle down and never return to this lifestyle again. He laughed, the Death God and Illuminating Buddha Monastery would never let him do that! That was even counting all the pesky little 'Young Masters' he had offended in his lifetime as well..

Considering his mind-boggling luck, Kyo Young-Jae actually felt like he was supposed to do something more! He had escaped from the cold clutches of death many, many times. If it wasn't that he was being smiled upon by the gods, what else could it be? With new resolve in his heart, Kyo Young-Jae vowed to destroy all his enemies and go live a peaceful life."

That was the end of that! If that was used as the first chapter, you'd have already released a lot of information about the MC. Adding all these little details up can create a good foundation for your story..

Obviously I won't explain that for you, if one does not work hard then how can he get onto the "Featured Original Novels" list?

Off to the next chapter! I'll see you again, young daoists.

Remember kids, every word counts.


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