The Dao of Filler
13 Ch 13: Reviews
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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13 Ch 13: Reviews

Welcome back, young daoists. Today we'll be talking about something every author wants.. reviews!

Everyone wants to be praised for their masterpiece of an Internet novel, that's just always how it'll be. To prove my point, I also want a review! Sadly, there has only been one person to review the ancient scripture that is "The Dao of Filler"

To give you a better idea, everyone wants a good review. Nobody wants a review from an angry reader who has only read 30 chapters out of the 200 you published..

There's also the terrible truth that people will give you 5 stars for no reason and 1 star for no reason. The universe works in strange ways...

I'll go over the 3 types of reviews.

Good Review - This is a review that was well thought out and gives criticism on your novel. It's not completely trashing it, but it's definitely not saying it's the next Percy Jackson. [1]

Neutral Review - This review doesn't really give any criticism but more or less talks about their opinion of the story. It's normal to get a lot of these.

Bad Review - This review is not good. It doesn't talk about much of the story, only why they hate it. If your novel blows up, you'll find yourself seeing a lot of these..

As an auth- a young daoist, you must learn to ignore bad reviews and work on improving yourself. Sometimes being shameless will get you nowhere if you don't listen to your faithful readers!

Now, time for examples!

Good Review:

Moddy: Hey I really liked your novel — The Dao of Filler — it gives a brand new perception of the way authors think. However, I would suggest you make the chapters longer! 500 words per chapter? Shameless...

That was a good review! If you don't know who Moddy is, he's a moderator of the Inkstone Discord and one of my friends..

Bad Review:

Moddy: This novel is so trash!!! It doesn't even give any real advice and the way the author thinks is really bad! 0/10 would not read again.

You just read a good review and a bad review. Good reviews are good because they give advice and keep a relatively positive attitude. Bad reviews are bad because they tell you that your novel is horrible but never go into any real detail why.

I hope you learned something from today's chapter! It was pretty easy to write and it's been on my mind for a little while now.

Goodbye young daoists.

Remember kids, every word counts..


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