The Dao of Filler
17 Ch 16: Background
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The Dao of Filler
Author :raincloudguy
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17 Ch 16: Background

@@There comes a point in every novel's life that the MC is at odds with a character that has a.. better background than them.

The term background is pretty vague. In most novels it means that the cannon fodder's parents are in some sort of high position. This leads to them growing arrogant and — god forbid — challenging the MC or humiliating him. Then, the MC has a few options to fall back on.

• Call in some support from an overpowered master friend or whatever.

• Grow so strong that even the bosses of the cannon fodder's parents have to respect you.

• Start a blood feud with his family for no reason other than the fact he was arrogant.

Most of the time the MC grows very strong and cultivates for days on end with no sleep or something to defeat this evil cannon fodder.

However, this is a very flawed approach to anyone who is arrogant against you. In real life, none of these would work. There is something called.. the LAW. Also, just in general, you should NOT start a blood feud just because someone was mean to you. By all means, please.

Instead of directly attacking the arrogant young master who opposed you, how about..

• Slowly building a company that purchases/pushes his family's company out of the business game altogether.

• Hire a hacker to hack/hack the arrogant young master's social media and embarrass him. (Don't do this in real life.)

• Or.. not get mad at the rich guy at all? Ignore him..?

If you couldn't tell already, that was me listing unique ways to get rid of that pesky young master without starting the next clan extermination.

This story will be permanently discontinued, but I have an idea to make an even better story that incorporates.. actual story.

The Dao of Filler.. 2

Stay tuned.



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