The Han Sisters
3 The Three Sisters
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The Han Sisters
Author :iamkateroux
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3 The Three Sisters

The three royal sisters causing the headache of the new emperor are now sitting together in the Leisurely Cloud Pavillion.

Surrounded by blooming begonias, these royal ladies didn't show any trace of agitation or panic on their faces. However, you can feel the air of sadness surrounding them.

When they received the news that their royal mother has chosen to follow their royal father, their hearts were filled with grief. Their royal father and mother have always doted on them. Knowing that they are now gone forever is a hard pill to swallow.

They actually know that their royal father will die without realizing his dream of ruling the land as the sole monarch. Aside from the fact that they believe such a feat is impossible to accomplish, they also understand that waging wars against enemy nations is the least desirable option a ruler can take. Not only is that path to greatness bathed in blood, but it also doesn't take the lives of the commoners into consideration. The three sisters know that in the end, their father will be declared the loser in this game of power.

While they more or less predicted that their father and mother won't have a good end, they are unable to predict what their royal uncle, the new emperor, will do with them.

The eldest of the three sisters waved her hands to signal the eunuchs and palace maids to withdraw. The three sisters need time to think for themselves. Without hesitation, the servants followed their master's order.

Only when the servants withdrew that the three discussed the most important topic of the day: their marriage to a foreign kingdom!

"I think it's good that we are getting married in the same place.", the youngest sister tried to make the atmosphere lighter for her older sisters.

The second eldest sister released a heavy sigh.

"I didn't think we'd end up getting married off to another kingdom."

Indeed, all the things they imagined didn't come close to what their royal uncle had thought up. Some of the ideas that popped into their heads only include things like getting married off to a noble with the least status in the noble's circle or be stripped of their princess title and be conferred as commoners. They didn't imagine that their royal uncle would want them to be marriage tributes. After all, that would mean that either one or all three of them will enter the enemy emperor's harem.

Doesn't their royal uncle fear that they would receive the favor of another kingdom's emperor and brew a revenge plot?

Regardless of what their royal uncle has truly thought about this situation, they had no choice but to obey the Emperor's Edict.

However, with the three sisters' personality, it would be a miracle if things go as what their royal uncle has decided on.

For example, the eldest sister Qian Yu is someone who can be considered as the boyish beauty. She would rather learn martial arts than play the qin. Of course, she can still exude that royal lady air if needed. As for the second princess Lou Yi, she can be described as the cold beauty. She is a bit calculating and very cautious, especially when dealing with people of royalty and nobility. She's very smart too. When it comes to the youngest Rou Xi, although timid with people she meets for the first time and airheaded, she can be very petty. Of course, before her petty side emerges, you must first exhaust all of her patience. Once you reach her bottom line, she can be really vengeful.

If you ask these three sisters to go off and marry into another kingdom, who would say that things will fare well?

Lou Yi tapped on the floor. There are three problems that they have to ponder as they are about to be married off.

1. They don't want to share the same husband so the three of them being married to the emperor is not an option.

One of the things that the three sisters shared is the dislike for the polygamous system of their era. It may be something that has arisen from their past encounter. Since they cannot change this policy, they should at least avoid a situation where the three of them are entangled in a polygamous relationship.

2. If they don't marry the emperor, they should have at least a bit of a control of who they marry.

Again, it may be because of their past but they feel indignant of the fact that their marriage can be decided by other people. It can be a bit of consolation for them if they at least have a certain level of control when it comes to their marriage. If they can't get away from getting married, they should at least decide on eho to marry as consolation.

3. Who will marry the emperor?

They are marriage tributes, right? Then, there will surely be one of them who will need to marry the emperor. That's tough!

Running away won't solve their problem and they might even end up causing trouble with the people left behind. Thus, it is inevitable to be married off.

A glint of slyness flickered in Lou Yi's eyes. Definitely, she will cook up something that would ensure she and her sisters don't get the short end of the stick. Luckily, still has enough time to make a plan and carry out the preparations.


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