The Han Sisters
8 Eldest Sister“s Marriage 5
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The Han Sisters
Author :iamkateroux
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8 Eldest Sister“s Marriage 5

Once they've settled the conversation, it was then that Chu Han rose up from his seat and approached Qian Yu on the bed.

Of course, despite offering herself to become this man's wife, Qian Yu felt her heart skip a few beats as she saw the man coming closer.

'So we are now proceeding to the bedroom business, eh?'

Even if she already has vast knowledge on matters of the bedroom, that doesn't lessen the nervousness she felt as this will be her first time with this man.

As soon as Chu Han was near enough, he stretched out his hand to Qian Yu's face, smoothly slid his palm behind her nape, and drew her face closer to his. Tilting his head, he whispered, "Since you have recommended yourself to become my wife, I assume that you have already prepared yourself to climb my bed?"

Qian Yu felt a slight panic and the desire to push the man away. However, she remembered her purpose as well as her resolve to marry this man, so she slowly closed her eyes.

Chu Han looked at the beautiful face that was only a few inches away from him. He could feel her slow breath fanning his face, which added to the increasing air of ambiguity in the room. He slowly roamed his eyes on her facial features, eventually stopping on her slightly parted cherry lips.

He was actually just planning to tease the woman and didn't have any thoughts on consummating their first night. After all, he was still suspicious of this woman's purpose. However, the beauty, with her closed eyes and inviting lips, made it difficult for him to pull away.

'The emperor won't give me this woman if she is dangerous.', a part of his mind reasoned out. 'Moreover, he would have warned me if she is a character to watch out for.'

Chu Han's thumb light traversed their way from her cheek to her bottom lip, slightly applying pressure on it.

"Remember this, princess," Chu Han huskily whispered, "as long as you are not my enemy, you are my wife."

After speaking out those words, Chu Han immediately covered the distance between the two of them, roughly pressing his lips on hers. He started alternately sucking and nibbling on her lips as he slowly pushed her down the bed. He prodded her lips to part enough for him to vigorously invade with his tongue.

The room was quickly enveloped in spring air as the newlywed couple consummated their first night.

'As expected of a general, so vigorous.', Qian Yu sighed to herself as she dazedly allowed her body to relax on the bath. She had spent a couple of hours in the arms of her newly wedded husband. Indeed, the vigor of military men should not be underestimated.

The general only took a bath afterward and had left to go to his study. This is probably his way of saying that he will not be sleeping in Qian Yu's courtyard even if she is his wife.

Qian Yu doesn't really care either way. After all, the people of the manor should not be speaking ill of her as she had already done it with the manor's lord. Moreover, there isn't any concubine who will step over her head. As long as she is careful not to cross the lord's temper himself, she should have a certain degree of freedom to do what she is supposed to do.

Although this is her first night and she had been tossed for several rounds by the general, Qian Yu only felt a little bit tired. Because she regularly trained her body and she's not the fragile type of woman, she still has enough stamina to take a bath, dress up, and walk on her own.

However, instead of wearing clothes suitable for sleeping, Qian Yu donned a black fitting garb. After tightening the black belt around her waist, she stretched out her body to warm up. Looking back at the bed that she had bulked up to make it seem as if a person is sleeping underneath, she nodded.

Instead of going out the door or the window, Qian Yu decided to jump up to the horizontal beams on the ceiling. Going out the door or the windows would be too dangerous for her as she knows for sure that the general has put some secret guards to watch over her movements. Although she doesn't know where these secret guards are, she knows that they wouldn't expect her to not use the door or windows to escape their watch. Moreover, they don't even have a speck of a clue that she knows martial arts. It was one of the secrets that she and her sisters have kept hidden from the world, after all.

Her lithe and dexterous movements made it so that she can move above without alerting people. She also took advantage of the loopholes in the guard shifts to slip through the net. Successfully getting out of the strict security of the Chu manor without anyone noticing is as easy as pie for her.

Once out of the house, she used her martial arts to run through the rooftops. The Chu manor is several blocks away so it took Qian Yu several minutes of running. Upon seeing the manor that is her destination, she sped up.

Arriving, she once again slipped through the guards and arrived at a familiar room unnoticed.

Noticing that the owner of the room had already gone to sleep, Qian Yu approached the bed. She reached out her hands but the person under the quilt suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her over, intending to pin her on the bed.

Qian Yu saw a glint in the dark. Knowing full well of the other party's highly cautious nature, she knows that if she doesn't move now, she'll end up receiving a stab in the neck. She immediately tensed the arm that was grabbed and blocked the wrist holding the knife.

"Second sister, are you trying to murder this eldest sister of yours?", she playfully asked the other person.

The woman snorted before relaxing and pulling the hand holding the knife back. She also released Qian Yu.

Yes, the room she went to is her second sister's room - Lou Yi's.


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